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Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to MadhurasRecipe Marathi Let’s see how to make aluchi vadi today. Let’s make stuffing or pith for aluchi vadi. I had bought 2 bunches of alu. One bunch contained 5 leaves. 2 bunches means 10 leaves. The proportion for this is, mostly for 1 leaf, 1 tbsp besan is required. Accordingly I have taken 10 tbsp besan. To make crispy alu vadi, add 2 tbsp rice flour. Add spices, 1 tsp red chili powder, 1/4 tsp turmeric powder and salt to taste. I don’t add more spices as I don’t like. Mix dry ingredients well. You can add coriander and cumin powder if you like. But mostly I like simple aluchi vadi. I have tamarind-jaggery pulp. I have taken about 2-3 tsp tamarind and jaggery in same proportion. Soak both together or you can boil it in water. When it cools down, mash with hand and make pulp. Add 5-6 tbsp tamarind-jaggery pulp. This gives nice sour and sweet taste to vadi. If alu is itchy, This will decrease it’s itchiness. Mix well. Add a little water at a time and make thick paste. Beat the better really good. Make it thick so as to spread easily. Don’t make too thick or too thin. Beat it nicely to make light. This makes vadi nice and crispy. Keep the batter aside. After buying alu from market, wash it really good and dry before making vadi. While buying, try to buy the ones having black stalk. Cut off the stalk first. To cut it quickly, fold the leaf and cut the stalk as near as possible. Like so. Keep the leaf up side down. Take rolling pin and run it over the leaf. This helps in decreasing the shallowness of the leaves and the leaves become a little flat. I have removed the stalks of all leaves and made them as flat as possible. We get big and small leaves from market. While making vadi begin with biggest leave and use it as base. Add a tbsp batter and spread it really good. Try to spread it fingers. Like so. So that it is evenly spread all over. You can use spoon if you are not comfortable using hand. Take a little smaller leaf than than first. Place it properly and again spread batter on this leaf too. You can use as many leaves as you like and the way you want. As much big vadi you want, use those many leaves. I am using 5 leaves. So that we can make 2 rolls. I have made 5 leaves layer. Fold the lower portion first. Spread batter on folded portion. Then fold the sides and spread batter. Let’s start making roll. We will spread batter on each fold. Mostly I don’t make tight roll. The reason behind it, when we steam the vadi and fry it, I don’t like pressed vadi. It should get layers. One roll is ready. I will make another roll. Roll for alu vadi are already. Let’s see how to steam alu vadi. I use pressure cooker. You can use idly cooker if you want. Remove the whistle and do not remove the ring. Heat up 1″ water at the base. Place a pot with a 1/2″ water in it. Place a dish greased will with oil on it. Place the vadi rolls on it. Place the sealed side down so that these won’t open up. Close the lid and steam without whistle on medium heat for 15 minutes. I have steamed aluchi vadi on medium heat for 15 minutes. These are nicely steamed. I have cooled aluchi vadi. Let’s cut it into pieces. Cut into 1/2″ wide pieces. The more you cut thin vadi the more crunchy it will be. You can see the layers. These are not very tight layers. When we shallow fry in oil, these become crispy. You can make the roll and keep them in a zip lock bag. Keep that bag in freezer. These vadya remain good in freezer for about 2-3 months. Take the bag out 1/2 – 1 hour before making, Bring it to room temperature, shallow fry and eat. When I was in US I used to do like this. As there I used to get many big leaves in a bunch. Than I used to make many vadi and store them in freezer. You can store it in freeze for a week. I have cut the vadya. Let’s fry these. You can shallow or deep fry according to your taste. I am not totally deep frying nor shallow frying in very less oil. Fry until these get nice reddish colour. Or you can have these as it is if you like. I have fried aluchya vadya nicely from both sides. Let’s take these out. Drain the oil really good. These should get nice layers. So that vadya get nicely fried inside too. It doesn’t remain soft or raw inside. These become nice and crunchy from all sides. So I don’t make much tight roll. Make it a little loose. See the layers those have got. These are fried inside out. Do not fry vadya in too high heat. Fry on low to medium heat only. So that these are well fried. Crispy and crunchy aluchya vadya are already. Looking yummy. The missing thing in these is sesame seeds. Genarally, sesame seeds taste awesome on aluchi vadi. As I fried vadya in a little more oil, I didn’t add sesame seeds while frying. You can add sesame seeds if you are shallow frying. But now I have deep fried. Take 1 tsp sesame seeds in a tadka pan and add 1/2 tsp hot oil in it and fry them a little. Add shallow fried sesame seeds on alu vadi. Spread them. I have kept a vadi aside. You can see the layers. It is nicely fried. Aluchya vadya are looking yummy. Do try these crunchy aluchya vadya. If you try these, click a snap. You can share the snap on facebook and send on whatsapp. You can send snaps on my mail id [email protected] You can like, comment and subscribe. If you subscribe, then click on the bell icon next to it. You will get notification of new recipes those I upload on youtube. Thank you very much for watching this recipe. Let’s meet again with such nice recipe. Till then, keep smiling, be happy and keep on eating.

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