गोडा मसाला | काळा मसाला | Goda Masala by MadhurasRecipe | Maharashtrian Kala Masala

गोडा मसाला  | काळा मसाला  | Goda Masala by MadhurasRecipe | Maharashtrian Kala Masala

Hello, I am Madhura and welcome to MadhurasRecipe Marathi Today we are making highly requested recipe that too with mom. There are many requests for summer recipes. I am going to make all summer recipes like kurdai, papad, tandalache papad, goda masala, kanda lasoon masala with mom. Today, let’s see how to make goda masala. Measurements is the most important step in this. So I will show all the spices that we are using in detail. So that you won’t be confused. Let’s see what all steps are involved in making goda masala. I have taken 250 gm coriander seeds. After buying from market, clean coriander seed really good. Remove any dirt or small pebbles if any. Take 10 gm grated dry coconut, 10 gm stone flower, 10 gm bay leaves, 20 gm white sesame seeds, 20 gm poppy seeds, 10 gm black cardamom, 10 gm star anise, 10 gm cassia buds, 10 gm black cumin seeds, 10 gm cinnamon, 10 gm black peppercorns, 10 gm cloves, 10 gm khada hing. You can get Khada hing easily in market. 10 gm mace. If shopkeeper doesn’t understand maypatri, then ask for javitri. It is also known as javitri. For 20 gm coriander seeds, we are using 20 gm sesame seeds, 20 gm poppy seeds. And all remaining spices in ratio of 10 gm. We will roast the spices those we can’t fry. In that there are coriander seeds, coconut, sesame seeds, poppy seeds and black cumin seeds. We will roast these on low flame and will fry remaining spices. To begin with let’s roast the spices. Let’s roast coriander seeds first. Heat up pan on medium heat. Let’s add coriander seeds in it and roast. Roast on low to medium heat. Spices should not be over roasted. Spices release nice flavour when roasted in medium heat. We have roasted coriander seeds evenly on medium heat evenly for 7-8 minutes. Keep stirring continuously while roasting. Or these will be over roasted from one side and will remain raw from other side. So stir continuously. Coriander seeds have released tempting aroma. Let’s take these out and then add next ingredient. I have taken out roasted coriander seeds. Add sesame seeds and roast on medium heat really good. Roast until it gets light golden colour. We have roasted sesame seeds on low to medium heat for about 3-4 minutes. These have got uniform gonden colour. Transfer the roasted sesame seeds into a separate bowl. Do not mix roasted ingredients. Keep them separately. Let’s roast poppy seeds now. Roast poppy seeds on low heat. Clean all the spices after buying from market and remove dirt if any. Roast poppy seeds until these turn nice golden. Poppy seeds have begun to turn nice golden and nice aroma. Poppy seeds are roasted. Take these out. Let’s fry black cumin seeds. Fry on medium heat. Fry until it releases nice aroma. Black cumin seeds are also nicely roasted. Tempting aroma. Take it out. After black cumin seeds, let’s roast coconut. I have grated coconut. Roast coconut until it gets light golden colour. Coconut is also nicely uniformly roasted until light golden colour. It looking nice. Let’s take this out. We have roasted the ingredients those are to be roasted. Let’s fry ths ingredients to be fried. We are frying remaining spices. Heat up oil for frying spices. Add cinnamon. Spices should dip in oil. That much quantity of oil is enough. Do not fry all spices together. Fry each spice separately. Cinnamon is fried. It’s colour is changed. Let’s take it into a dish. After cardemom, let’s fry black cardamom. We have to fry this too. We have fried black cardamom. Let’s take this out. Spices get fried quickly. These don’t take much time. Take care these are not over fried. These should be nicely even fried. Let’s add star anise. We have to fry this too. Star anise is also fried. Take it out. No need to drain all oil. Oil gives nice binding to masala. Add mace or javitri and fry. We have fried cloves too. Let’s take these out. Cloves have puffed up really good. Do it carefully as cloves can pop up on your body. So keep a little away. Let’s add peppercorns. We have fried black peppercorns too. Let’s take these out. Let’s add cassia buds and these are fried too. Let’s take these out. Let’s add asafoetida and fry. You can get asafoetida stones easily in market. Asafoetida has changed it’s colour. It is fried nicely. It has turned whitish and it is puffing up as we are frying. Do not mix asafoetida into spices. Take out asafoetida seaprately into a bowl. As it doesn’t get blended quickly. Let’s add bay leaves into oil. Let’s fry bay leaves too nicely. We have fried bay leaves really good. Let’s take these out into a bowl as we will blend it separately into blender. After bay leaves add stone flower in the end. Stone flower is also nicely fried. Let’s take this also out. All spices are fried and roasted. You can blend this in a special mill for spices known as dankh. But today I am blending this into blender. Mostly I blend goda masala in blender at home. If you are staying out of India, you can use spice blender or coffee grinder. Let’s blend roasted coriander seeds first. We have blended coriander seeds in blender. After blending we have to sieve coriander seeds so that we can separate big pieces of it. We don’t have to sieve other spices. We are sieveing only coriander powder. In the same I will blend and sieve all the coriander seeds. We have blended coriander powder. I have sieved this through sooji sieve. So we got fine powder. Add fried cinnamon, black cardamom, star anise, javitri, cloves, black peppercorns and trifala together into blender pot. Blend this together. Aroma is tempting. Let’s blend this in blender. I have blended fried garam masala first. Add roasted black cumin in it. I crushed fried asafoetida into morter. This helps in blending in blender. I broke asafoetida stone a little. Add this into blender pot and blend it again. I am blending fried spices. If they are not getting blended in blender into fine powder, Then what I do is, I add coarse coriander powder into this. This helps in grinding masala. Let’s blend this again. You can see after adding coarse corinander powder. This is blended into fine powder. Let’s add fried garam masala powder into coriander powder. Mix fried and blended masala with coriander powder. As we blend spices mix with coriander powder. I have mixed masala really good. Colour and aroma is awesome. Let’s add fried stone flower and bay leaves into blender pot and blend it. We have blended stone flower and bay leaves in blender. Let’s mix this with masala again. I have added roasted sesame and poppy seeds into blender pot. Add roasted coconut into it. Let’s blend this into blender. We have blended coconut, sesame and poppy seeds into blender. These have released oil. Let’s mix this with masala. Coconut and sesame seeds are mixed well. We will grind all this masala in blender again to mix roasted and fried ingredients well. And will get mixed well. Let’s grind this in blender again. I have blended all the masala again in blender. Aroma is just awesome and colour is fantastic. It has got nice texture too. Not too coarse and not too fine powder. Looking yummy. You can store goda masala in airtight container. It has shelf life of almost 1 year. This masala doesn’t get spoilt. Mom is telling this can stay good for 2 years too. Do try this masala. You have to like and comment this video and subscribe. You can share madhurasrecipe marathi’s videos on whatsapp. You can forward to your friends. Or you can share on facebook too. So that our Marathi recipes will spread all over the world. All will come to know about them. Thank you very much for watching this recipe. Let’s meet again with such nice recipe. I will be doing next recipe of kanda lasoon masala with mom. Till then, keep smiling, be happy and keep on eating.

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  1. Thank you Madhura Tai
    I was waiting for this recipe for so long !
    Will definitely try!
    Majhi Ai sudha ghari masala banavte pan tu khup tikhat asto
    But I like goda masala in masala bhat and other dishes!!
    Thank you again and Aunty too!!

  2. ताई तुम्ही खोबरे चं आणि कांदाची मसाला दाखवा म्हणजे एक दहा ते बारा दिवस रेफिजरेटर मध्ये ठेवण्यात येईल अस म्हणजे सोपं जावं आम्हाला कोणतेही पातळ भाजी करायला

  3. Hi, nice masala…
    Also prepare pav bhaji , chole, sambar masala…

    Let me know, whether any specific oil is recommended for frying of masala…
    Coz this is also contributing in taste…

  4. Very nice… Khup chan jinas chi nave Aagdi samajnya sarkhe sangati.. Tujhya kadun khup recipe dhekhil shiknya sarkhe ahet… Mala holiday asalya mule tujhya recipes pahun karte daily… Masatt maja yetiy.. Majh nav theval Mr… Ni .ye madhura Aaj kay ahe special… Tqu so much madhura

  5. Hello madhura tai
    Mi ha masala karun baghitla
    Khupach Chan jhala ,thanks for the recipe.ashach Chan recipe amhala dakhvat raha

  6. Chan disto she masalyacha rang on madam amhi khas khas n trifala ghalat nhi n tumhi akach telat banwalet tr amhi prattek weli separate telawar partawato.

  7. Maam mala masala 2te 3 kilo chabanwaycha aahe vashabhara sathi tar plz mala tyache praman saga plz kanda lasun cha,kichan king cha, garam masala plz sanga

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  11. Madam please speak hindi and write hindi
    Because we are indian
    Isme koi sarm ki baat nahi hai hai.

    Aur apki video jyada poplar bhi hoga 🤔❤️❤️❤️think and try

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