9 comments on “1. South Asia Under the Shadow of Nuclear Weapons

  1. This guy is feeding everyone a bunch of lie .. Did anyone else notice that every negative thing us geared toward Pakistan and India is the sweet child..!!

  2. The presenter states that the Bombay attack was state sponsored – may I ask that he qualifies and provides proof that the attack was actually state sponsored instead of terrorist groups ???

  3. First of all this Indian is bullshitting about those taj hotel attacks, Pakistan did not sponsor terrorism of any kind. Second Ajmal kasab was not a Pakistani, in his interviews any Pakistani or Indian or any other person who is familiar with urdu and hindi can tell that man is not a Pakistani. Third, India has provoked many time at LOC and Indian RAW support terrorism in Pakistan province Balochistan, just google it.
    In my opinion this is the fundamental cause of Pakistans bad image in the world is that there are a lot more indian in the western world to spoil the image of Pakistan and less of us to defend ourselves.

  4. This guy has only represented those events and (unestablished) facts which support India. There is a whole bunch of facts from pakistan which had he represented, real face of India would have come forward in front of Audience.

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