34 Countries in Europe Make This Nightmare a Reality

34 Countries in Europe Make This Nightmare a Reality

You need a new passport. Did you play with dolls as a child? We will need to see official certification of mental illness. Tell me about your sexual experiences. What arouses you? Confirmation of marital status? Divorce… Granted. We’ll also need proof of sterilisation. You will need to sign this. Count down from ten… Divorce Nine Mental illness 8 Lie back please. Seven. Sterilisation. Six Five Four Three Two One

19 comments on “34 Countries in Europe Make This Nightmare a Reality

  1. Wow, great video! It transports the depressing situation for transgender people in many countries very accurately. Thank you for making and sharing it!

  2. что то я суть проблемы не понял… кто кого к чему принуждает и для чего… невнятный ролик

  3. Great video, thanks for producing this! Some associates and I recently set up an NGO that advocates for trans* gender variant visibility and participation in Malta. You can find us at facebook.com/GenderLiberationNGO – we would welcome your support – and that means YOU, whoever you are, wherever you are, and however you define yourself and your gender, because we're all in this together. If one of us is forced to endure the kind of barbaric treatment represented in this video, then none of us is truly free.

  4. "You don't have the right to have a name;
    You don't have the right to have an legal identity recognized by the state and/or the private sector whatsoever;
    You don't have the right to married who you love;
    You don't have the right to have children, biological or by adoption;
    You don't have the right to have autonomy about your own body, mind, emotions, psychological conditions or identity (in a more metaphysical way) whatsoever;
    You are considered incapable, mentally disturbed, a "mistake" (that should be eliminated or fixed) by the medicine, and by the law;

    You are completely in the hands of others who are not like you, who don't understand you or what you go thru every single day of your life, who don't have to carry the weight or prejudice and bigotry that you carry, but THEY are the ones with legal status to decide for you what supposedly (according with THEIR standards) is the best for your life…

    You accept their conditions, humiliate yourself, suit your self, mutilate yourself, nullify yourself, everything just to be able to get the most basic rights that everyone around you already have without doing anything.

    And never forget, don't demonstrate any sadness, anxiety or ingratitude!

    Be happy! (you should!) After all, if you do everything as they say, they will let you "have what you want".
    (Even if you have never chosen)

    Be Thankful, they say…
    You complain too much, they tell…
    Everything will be all right, they repeat…

    Yet, they "ARE", and you just "IDENTIFY AS…"

    Meanwhile, you survive, (not live) of the leftovers that fell from the table called "civil rights" waiting for they good will towards you…"

  5. That true video on the inhuman bureaucratic steps to be (eventually) being recognized in your own gender doesn't show all the sexual & physical violences you can face during the transition 'coz of length, price and administrative complications of getting your new papers but also medical support of quality.

  6. This is shocking and disturbing… I thought I had to deal with some serious sh!t here in the United States, but wow… At least my doctor and counselors are friendly, and legal recognition never took more than the doctor's signature on a form stating that I was receiving clinical treatment as a patient.

  7. What an amazing video! So moving, powerful and informative. Thank you so much for everything you are doing!!!!

  8. As a trans person I want to say thank you ! But I still think that the thing that is most hurtful for transpeople is the behaviour of the "normal" people. When I was still in the "closet" I heard hundreds of hatefilled comments (even from people who were close to me) about "fags" and I just sat there quietly and smiled.

  9. It would be completely irresponsible to give trans people the right to adoption or the right to have children, when you take into account that gender dysphoria is a mental illness and one that does not come alone. Many people erroneously claim that because same-sex partners can have children, trans couples should have that privilege as well. These are two completely separate issues; the effects of same-sex parenting have been researched and deemed safe for the children, the latter has not been and most likely never will be either.

    Also, other people shouldn't have to pay for your cosmetic surgery.

  10. Boycott the countries involved ( spend your holidays and your money in countries that don't discriminate) as well as name and shame on social media.
    I support human right which is what this issue is about.

  11. Allright bouta blow your minds. If you have XX chromosomes, you are a female. Okay and wait this shit gets crazy. If you have XY chromosomes, you ready?, YOU ARE A MALE. Sorry for being a massive racist sexist bigot ;( hope I dont hurt somebodies feelings with this revelation.

  12. Good. I understand many transgender people are just normal guys and girls who don't feel comfortable in there own body but research indicates that a huge percentage are mentally ill.
    It's naïve to want to ignore that fact.

    Also, Getting questioned and stared at in public isn't a 'nightmare'. Any average person goes through similar things for a number of reasons.

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