39hrs Season ONE – EPISODE 2 – presented by Travel Manitoba

39hrs Season ONE – EPISODE 2 – presented by Travel Manitoba

Alright, let’s go catch some of them big mommas!
This is 39 hours spanning from early Saturday morning until late Sunday night on the last
weekend of May. Three teams spread over thousands of miles
are competing to catch the biggest fish of as many different species as they can.
Team Shimano is Paul Castellano and Taro Murata. Team Manitoba is Aaron Wiebe and Manny Milas.
Team Saskatchewan is Adam Konrad and Sean Konrad.
One point is available for the longest legal fish of any species over 12 inches.
Each point is worth a dozen Shimano rod and reel combos for kids fishing initiatives of
that teams’ choice.

100 comments on “39hrs Season ONE – EPISODE 2 – presented by Travel Manitoba

  1. Awesome Videos Aaron!!! Cant wait to see more of these in the upcoming weeks and in the future!!! Everyone LOVES the competition fishing videos :p

  2. This has to be one of the best fishing shows I have ever watched! We done… HERE's a LONGGGG SLOW CLLLAAAPPP! Well Done.

  3. LOVE this series – great production value, good fun and slid fishing info. I'm gonna be in Winnipeg for some epic flying this summer Aaron – Would love a Collab if you're ok with taking me fishing, and flying upside down. (not at the same time 🙂

  4. Hey Aaron. You know you gave up a species without knowing it right? 3:38 is a silver redhorse (Moxostoma anisurum), and the fish on the left at 13:37 is a white sucker (Catostomus commersonii). There are many redhorse and sucker species in Manitoba that can vary greatly in size.

  5. All these huge fish and different species you guys catch over in Manitoba makes me wish I lived there instead of by Regina Saskatchewan where all you can get is perch, walleye, and pike ha ha.

  6. Loved how chill Team Shimano was with that dude low key spot burning. Took the opportunity to even plug the cross tail, good stuff! This series is the ish.

  7. Quite honestly, this quickly became my favorite fishing series of all time. It's a really great concept. Would love to see it expanded with more provinces in the future. Give the east coast some love next time! Awesome work guys.

  8. Taro needs to just STFU already. Stop talking and fish!

    Why must Manny, when he sets the hook, why must he hold his rod 12' in the air? That is annoying…

    Over all great series!

  9. wish their was more youtube videos like the ones these guys make, not only are the full of excitement and are very interesting to watch but they also show and teach anglers of all ages what they need to do to catch fish. I'm a younger guy and fish everyday on the river, you don't know how many times I've used the techniques I've learned in these videos and produced good fish afterwards. Keep up the great work.

  10. This is the best fishing show I've ever seen, very creative, and never boring. They make fishing for anything so interesting. Plus this really high-lights the world class fishing opportunities we have in Canada

  11. You guys have taken my fishing game to a whole other level ! Thanks for the edutainment as KRS-1 would say you're "#1" please if you're ever in the over pressured Lake Simcoe area hit me up, I'll show you some hot spots !!

  12. why didnt you guys count different sucker species? you had two different species in this video alone. easy points in my book

  13. when I was very young my uncle took me fishing and he stood in the water with a pole with a wire and a loop sunglasses and sling them suckers on the bank lolhahaha 😄🎣

  14. I grew up in Ontario not knowing that manitoba is such a great place to fish thanks Aaron and travel manitoba

  15. Team Manitoba fucked up with that second sucker. The first fish was a redhorse and the second was a white sucker when the guy caught two on the same rig before they left the spot 🙁 wouldve been two species.

  16. I just realized this now and when Manny got that rockbass and sucker on the pickerel rig that sucker was a white sucker and his sucker he caught earlier is a Redhorse but they didn’t register the white sucker which was obviously over 12”. Team Manitoba should’ve won lol😂 but they fucked up

  17. Aaron webibe can u tell me where u guys go for the sucker fish and walleye in the river what place and location

  18. as someone who fishes on lake ontario alot they didnt lose a chinook on the one rod it was a steelhead cause thats what they do there they jump like crazy

  19. You can tell the saskat guys are from saskatchewan just by looking at their faces. Not in a bad sense, they just look like they were bred in prairies. Entertaining vid once more teams!

  20. Come on YouTube! Why you recommending this to me when I’m waiting for Episode 2 of the second season. I was so excited….

  21. So I'm watching this excited to see Manny back and wondering what happened to Jay, didnt think too much off it, then we get to Aaron and manny using a pickeral rig to catch suckers on the river and I'm thinking, they fished that river in the first season, again thinking well they caught good suckers there last time around so why not do it again? It's only when the catch the walleye that I think what's the chances! That happened last time!….. Yeah took me a while to realise this isnt episode two of the new season of 39 hours lol

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