A Recap of President Nelson’s Southeast Asia Ministry

A Recap of President Nelson’s Southeast Asia Ministry

[SINGING] Russell M. Nelson,
President of The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-day Saints, embarked on his fifth
world ministry tour in the past year and a half. This time the special
witness of Jesus Christ made his way to Southeast Asia,
where he visited four nations that collectively, 35,000
Latter-day Saints, a relatively small number, call home. Even if one person
had come, I think it would have been worth it. Hello. Nice to meet you. President Nelson
and his wife, Wendy, along with Apostle D. Todd
Christofferson and his wife, Katherine, made
their first stops in Hanoi and Ho Chi
Minh City, Vietnam, where most are first-generation
Latter-day Saints. Young adults represent three
out of every four Church members in the country. [SPEAKING VIETNAMESE] I feel I am looking at a
large group of pioneers. The Church is young here. It’s young in terms of
its years of presence, it’s young in terms of the
median age of its members, but it’s vibrant. We can bring that
connection, that God lives, that He communicates
with His leaders, Jesus is the Christ. It’s already, even
though it’s small, making a huge impact on
the spirit of the country. [MUSIC PLAYING] The global faith leaders
continue to minister as the Savior would in
Phnom Penh, Cambodia. While there, President
Nelson delighted hundreds of Church
members when he unveiled an artist’s
rendering of what will become one of the
Church’s most sacred centers, a place where Cambodians
can gather to strengthen their relationship with Jesus
Christ, the Phnom Penh Cambodia Temple. Let’s have the picture. [SPEAKING KHMER] [AHHS] Isn’t that beautiful? Next, in the island
nation of Singapore, the prophet of Jesus
Christ’s Church met with multigenerational
Latter-day Saint families at the Bukit Timah
Singapore Stake Center. OK, you kids all
go to the meeting. [LAUGHTER] The first thing he said
to my son was I love you, which I was quite surprised
by that, actually. In a devotional transmitted
live to local Singapore congregations and
Malaysia, President Nelson shared Christ-centered
principles to strengthen
future generations. Please help these
precious children to understand that God so
loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son. At the conclusion of the
week-long ministering experience, the senior
leaders made their final stop, where they met with
government leaders and more of Jesus Christ’s
followers in Indonesia. I think it was a particularly
significant message, at this point, to have the
President of the Church come see a relatively small group,
and by his presence say, you matter. You’re in our hearts,
you’re in our minds, you’re in our prayers. The Lord is mindful of you. We’re mindful of you. [SINGING]

11 comments on “A Recap of President Nelson’s Southeast Asia Ministry

  1. Is not this wonderful. Seeing our brother’s and sisters of this part of the World, meeting with our Church President.🙏🇦🇺👍

  2. How wonderful that technology and travel now allows for greater outreach to the world to preach the good word of the Savior…

  3. I love our Prophet and that he travels so extensively as the prophet to the world! I think he looks YOUNG, not old at all! What an amazing man and representative of the Lord Jesus Christ. Our sweet 'adopted' daughter is Indonesian and I would love to have her know the message of the gospel even though she is very happy worshipping in her Muslim faith.

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