ADVENTURE Journey to the Center of Asia!

ADVENTURE Journey to the Center of Asia!

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  1. Hey guys, I hope you enjoyed this vlog from out here at the center of Asia! Don't forget to give the video a thumbs up (I really appreciate that!) and provide any thoughts or feedback in the comments below. I'm working to improve these videos each week, and your feedback is extremely useful.

    Also, if you'll be traveling to Xinjiang, don't forget to download a free planning chapter of my FarWestChina Xinjiang travel guide here:

  2. What an interesting vlog describing the centre of Asia, pointless or not. It is all about the journey and never the destination

  3. Dude. Awesome cinematography! Loved the way you told a story with this video. Great hook at the start and how you told us what your goal for the day was. Subtitles are great. 😀 I appreciate that. I'm a nerd when it comes to film making so I love this a lot. Not a typical vlog. Very inspirational. Hope you like my video when you come around to it. How long does it take you to edit by the way? This is some great editing. Very educational and awesome drone shots of the center of Asia. This video was goals man. Subbed!

  4. Center of Asia, middle of nowhere, and more like a truck stop. Thanks for saving me a trip. Your videos are nevertheless very well produced, with excellent narration and you have good screen presence.

  5. Great video! You've been in China for a long time, haven't you? Surprised with your Chinese! That's quiet a story! Never heard of that point in Central Asia, just visited Middle of the World in Ecuador. Good luck with your discoveries!

  6. This is a brilliant look at China. Something about the culture is so sweet and romantic and so directed to the future!

  7. Definately more about the journey than the destination, especially in Xinjiang. Thanks for sharing! I especially loved the drone shots.

  8. I'm always impressed by your Chinese. the Center is a bit underwhelming. Wonder if someday it'll live up to the vision. Anyway, great drone shots, esp at the part where the centerpoint is. Very informative video.

  9. Thanks Josh, for a great video. I voted the Centre of Asia monument in 2013 and would definitely recommended visit. I seem to remember some fine old statues on the approach road too.
    As an impartial observer, I would definitely recommend a visit to Xinjiang; I've been a couple of times and think it is a wonderful place, with interesting and diverse cities, beautiful scenery – mountains, lakes, desert and like the lady in the video, everyone is friendly and helpful. To be honest, this goes for the whole of China.

  10. One day they'll develop there and people will look back on this video to see what it used to be like and that lady's shop will be a landmark 😀

  11. I get nervous whenever you look at the camera while driving.

    Interesting bit of geography / history. And crazy the size of that monument in the middle of nowhere.

  12. This is really cool. I loved the journey to the centre of the earth movie. Loved watching you find the centre of Asia

  13. It's quite an epic structure and is surprising that you had the whole place to yourself. I guess once they finish developing it more visitors will come.
    Also, be careful vlogging and driving. Make sure you keep those eyes on the road 😉

  14. Never heard about this! So interesting and cool! And i am totally agree with you: is just all about exploring no matter what is the destination!!

  15. Josh, Chinese scientists located the Center of Asia in China more accurate in 1992 than those the Russian scientists in Russia, in 1968.

  16. I would imagine that you will use a GPS device and google earth.. and sleep in a tent then, at night, watch the stars….

  17. I don't think there is boring journey in general.
    only a stupid murican pig will try to persuade himselfe and others by lying.

  18. Man!! I feel your quest my friend! To be honest, we were very impress to hear you speak chinese. bravo!! So that's the centre of Asia? LOL MAN!! Yeah, the journey is better than the destination hahaha !!

  19. Josh, wonderful, nice little story about……. nothing (LOL)! But I enjoy it. A big compliment for the drone footage in this video too! Bye, Eef

  20. Hi Josh
    I've seen a few videos about martial arts (qigong, tai chi chuan) practised in Xinjiang. Can you do a docu on them, one of these days?

  21. It's all about the journey! Can't wait to get there. . .Neil & I figure that every day will be a new adventure, so we are mostly planning to EXPERIENCE whatever transpires, and not try to frantically photograph & document everything. Love the videos!

  22. Loving your energy and enthusiasm! It'll be interesting to see what the center of asia looks like in a few years and see if the commercial development takes off there.

  23. Beautiful shots, great music, and your sense of adventure makes me want to get out and explore. It's good to kow there are undiscovered places still – even if they are only undiscovered by me 😊

  24. Oh, when the lady talks, I missed the accent !!! I'm wondering for the first-time visitor to Xinjiang, is that as hard to understand as I talked to a Texan for the first time, hahaha : )

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