All arrivals from Europe to be tested for COVID-19 from Sunday

All arrivals from Europe to be tested for COVID-19 from Sunday

With an uptick in the number of imported COVID-19
cases from Europe, South Korea will strengthen testing on everyone arriving from that region
starting tomorrow. But the country has yet to review testing
for those coming in from North America. Our Kim Jae-hee has the details. Starting Sunday, South Korea will strengthen
COVID-19 testing on all arrivals from European nations. “Due to the recent surge in the number of
COVID-19 cases in Europe, and an increase in cases among arrivals,… as we have previously
announced,… starting March 22nd, the government will heighten screening measures such as conducting
COVID-19 tests on all arrivals from Europe.” All European arrivals will have to fill out
a health questionnaire and go through body temperature checks. As an extra precaution, even those with no
symptoms will be put in isolation for 24 hours while they wait for test results. The government has prepared temporary shelters
that can hold a total of around one thousand people. Around 220 personnel, including 52 medical
staff, will be dispatched to the shelters. All South Korean nationals and foreigners
with domestic residence who test negative will be obligated to stay in self-isolation
for 2 weeks, and will be monitored twice a day by health officials. If a person breaks the self-isolation rule
regardless of nationality they will be fined up to some 2-thousand-4-hundred U.S. dollars. However, the government has yet to consider
conducting tests on those coming in from North America. Despite a recent spike in COVID-19 cases in
North America, the government said the danger is not as serious as Europe. Meanwhile, out of 80 people who arrived at
Incheon International Airport on Thursday on a chartered plane from Iran,… one person
has tested positive for COVID-19. The confirmed patient has been transferred
to a state-designated hospital in Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do Province. The other 79 evacuees are to be quarantined
for two weeks at the KOICA training center, also in Seongnam. Kim Jae-hee, Arirang News.

16 comments on “All arrivals from Europe to be tested for COVID-19 from Sunday

  1. May I ask your channel, Not to report on China's numbers of 'The Devil Virus' in that country as they are false and misleading. They give a false hope to other countries and nations. Your help is very much appreciated. Thank you👽

  2. Travellers who are not feeling well are very socially irresponsible. They should be charged, fined and jailed and make to pay for all expenses incurred.

  3. All countries should ban international travels at least ban the foreigners. While China hits a Coronavirus milestone: no new local infections for 3 days, the imported cases is surging. We don't welcome foreigners to visit China for now, neither those overseas Chinese.

  4. Only SK and China can have the capability to test and isolate ALL arrivals from specific continents! Take note rest of the world.

  5. I think its to late when those who get on a flight to anywhere and land for those countries who take necessary tests already !

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