American activist Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of European ethnic societies

American activist Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of European ethnic societies

I think there’s a resurgence of antisemitism because at this point in time Europe has not yet learned how to be multicultural. And I think we’re going to be part of the throes of that, of that transformation, which must take place. Europe is not gonna be the monolithic, um, uhm, societies they once were in the last century. Jews are gonna be at the center of that. It’s a huge transformation for Europe to make. They are now going into a multicultural mode, and Jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, without that transformation, Europe will not survive.

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  1. There will be no multicultural transformation if Muslims are allowed to immigrate to Europe. It will become an monolithic Islamic culture, slowly at first but more rapidly as their numbers increase. There is no multicultural Islamic state. It's contradictory, an oxymoron. It is the goal of Islam to create a world wide Muslim Caliphate. You will either become a Muslim or you will submit to the rule of Islam. Either way, multiculturalism will disappear.

    Islam isn't just a religion. It's also a political ideology with the tenets of Islam as the law of the state. Once established around the world, all restrictions on Islamic influence from the outside will be gone. This Jewish woman isn't going to like what Islam will have in store for the Jews.

  2. It must have been so difficult for her, being so plain, no I am being too kind to her, let's be honest she is down right ugly, it must have been difficult for her, being so ugly, to arrive in a country with so many beautiful blond blue eyed girls, with such a beautiful culture and society, this is what motivates Barbra Lerner spectre hatred and jealousy, a seething mess of loathing, she really belongs in a mental hospital.

  3. I totally agree with Barbara Lerner.
    But I think USA should be majority Hispanic.
    Whites are exterminating themselves anyway.
    White women are having brown babies…..
    There's nothing white men can do but just be racist and whine like little bitches while there daughters are choking on black cum.

  4. (Kent duque was killed in a plane, there the world gone to shit). Churchill JEW, Stallin and da bolche JEW, Eisenhower JEW, Truman JEW, guess who created the wars and problems in the world.

  5. Who brought in the Islamist destroyers to Sweden?? The CHRISTIAN PM of Sweden, CHRISTIAN Politicians running Sweden, and the CHRISTIAN voters who put in all the Swedish politicians for the last 25 years. There are 9 million Christian voters in Sweden and 15k Jews. Stop blaming some fool old hag w a 1 min video.

  6. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their actions.…2 Corinthians 11:14

  7. Why flooding immigrants to Europe? Not in Afica, Israel, Saudi Arabia, China, Japan?? The Kalergi Coudenhove plan! . Goal: Miscegenation. Creating a new race. A Eurasian Negroid race. A slave race! Plan supporters and being awarded for participating in this plan: Angela Merkel, Herman van Rompuy, Sarkozy, Junker.

  8. I'm a Jew and i think that she is completely crazy. There are stupid leftists in every community and in the Jewish also. I'm happy that idiots like her are minority in ours.

  9. What in hell is the matter with these people?!?!?! Oh wait…I remember…she's another Zionist shill fruit loop.

    And wow, it's only whites that need to be 'multi-cultural' and ACCEPT AND PAY FOR, SUBSIDIZE, SUPPORT FOR THE ENTIRETY OF THEIR MISERABLE WORTHLESS LIVES the third-world troglodytes that destroy everything they breathe on.

    Right….why in hell should Europeans or Americans or Australians or South African whites, or any other whites have to be 'multi-cultural'? Why should we have to tolerate the barbaric, disgusting, troglodytic behaviors of the third-world thugs in our countries? In our cities, neighborhoods, schools, hospitals ? Every last one of these third-world troglodytes should be shipped back to their country of origin and the American or European politicians and academicians working on behalf of the Globalist Elites strung up and flailed alive. Enough is enough.

    Here's an idea to address idiot Barbara: ship idiot Barbara to Africa or the Middle East and let her enjoy her multiculturalist inclinations up close and personal–and make sure that her American citizenship is stripped so that she cannot come back.

  10. ….and by the way…if you want to see what awaits Europe and America if it's allowed to continue….

    Prepare to be horrified and disgusted.

  11. kommt nach Europa, kommt ihr verfluchte ju..den, aber alle, dann seid ihr alle schön auf eine einem Haufen. die Geschichte mag sich wiederholen…… nicht wahr?…

  12. She should be dumped in the middle of Aghanistan. Western countries were just fine with limited well vetted immigration but the mass import of low skilled uneducated mostly male battalions will destroy Europe. Not to mention the religion of convert or die.

  13. For the sake of clarification, can someone tell me what problems this woman, and others who are pushing this agenda, is anticipating if people do not partake is this forced multiculturalism-interbreeding plan?? I am totally confused. And please don't just spout semitism, the motivation seems much more complex so I would appreciate a well thought out response. Thx.

  14. A glimpse into what is really going on in Europe with migrants being brought to Europe by NGO's to destroy the fabric of Europe, and that silly cow thinks we should have all accepted our lot by now, and tells us all that Jews are at the forefront of the destruction of European Culture and Nations??? We already suspected and now we know!

  15. Thanks Babs, this is all we need during the revival of anti-Semitism these last years: A fucking Leftist, racist Baby Boomer, a bigoted cunt who denies the Armenian Genocide and gets funded by the Swedish (who else) government, and unluckily happens to be Jewish!

    Her theories should be discarded immediately by any sane, healthy minded individual; she's not a spokesperson for the general Jewish population.

    For anyone's information: Almost every Jew who is aware of who Barbara Spectre is, finds her absolutely vile!

  16. I just read this post about the Christchurch shootings. Very interesting, I must say.

    No one who watched that video more than once can possibly believe that the entire shooting was not a complete farce… and much of it was likely computer-generated BS.

    Examples of the BS, you ask?

    *A camera is in the car, directly over the driver's head, high up near the headliner, so one has to assume it is on his head (helmet camera or a GoPro, perhaps) since it moves with him. However, when he turns to get a selfie, there is nothing on his head. Where is he camera?

    *He gets out of the car with rifle in hand, but it just goes away somewhere as he grabs another rifle from the back. Where did he put the first rifle?

    *His car music followed him into the church, even during the shooting. The car was not parked that close.

    *He shoots several people and then he runs down the hall, passing the bodies, but also passing by a rifle magazine that was already dropped on the floor, even though he hadn't been up that far yet. He retrieved it a bit later and reloaded his rifle.

    *He reaches the end of the hall, enters into the large room and shoots a few shots mostly straight ahead but somewhat to the left. He then opens fire on the group in the right side of the room. However, the camera pans to the left side and there is a huge group of dead people piled up in the corner in the left hand side of the room, but no shots have even been fired over there.

    *He runs out the church door to go to his car and grab another rifle. He passes two bodies in the doorway, even though there was only one body there when he entered.

    *He runs to the empty street and for some odd reason, shoots a bunch of bullets at nothing. as the spent shells eject, they just disappear (evaporate) into thin air.

    *He grabs a different rifle from the back of his car, runs a different (longer) route back into the church. As he enters, he passes one body in the hallway that had been wearing red socks, but now was wearing blue ones.

    *He goes back into the large room and shoots away at the bodies. However, there are no apparent bullet holes, blood splatter on the white walls, or holes in the clothing, even those shot at near point-blank range.

    *As he runs out the church door, through a small gap in the fence, he spots a pedestrian walking and shoots her. He then continues to his car. The woman is laying in the street directly in front of his car. She is screaming for help and he shoots her twice in the back of the head (the only episode in this entire video that looks realistic). As he gets into his car, right on cue, a song begins, ""I am the God of Hell Fire…". He puts the car into gear and runs over the dead woman, but the car doesn't even bounce… not at all.

    *As he is driving away, once again, camera directly above him, he has 3 shotguns laying on the other front seat. He picks one up and three separate times, shoots his windshield at very close range. But the glass stays intact… not even a crack (there is a sticker in the upper corner so we know that glass was in there, and was not shot out). He turns and shoots out the passenger front window and in that case, the glass does shatter. I assume that the shots at the window were blanks and he may have loaded a real shell to shoot the side window.

    *And away he goes into the sunset…. meanwhile some people actually believe this crap really happened 🙁

  17. I have a feeling this lame bitch is not going to survive, I hope a multicultural Nazi Moslem ends it for her and soon.

  18. There is a higher percentage of Swedes to non-Swedes in Sweden than there is of Jews to non-Jews in Israel. Of those Jews in Israel, over half are from Arab or North African countries. In other words, European Jews are a minority in Israel already. Spectre is a wrongheaded jerk, but is by no means fulfilling any "Jewish agenda" or "Greater Israel" plan. Sorry, Jewbaiting conspiracists; you can take off your Alcoa millinery now.

  19. Begone demon! You will not destroy our lands. Europe will live on. We have seen your devilish plans from a mile away. We are rising!

  20. What a horrible, evil woman! Who pays for her salary? She is lying, too, because she knows perfectly well that "multiculturalism", "tolerance" and "diversity" all mean just one and same =:Europe's quick islamization. 
    There is a 100% demographically proven population swap taking place, which fulfills the UN definition of the GREATEST GENOCIDE IN HISTORY !!!There are also UN resolutions about protecting cultures. The very diversified and rich cultures of Europe are systematically being destroyed by the fake "multiculturalism". This is promoted by the globalistic totally undemocratic fascist EU and the corrupt UN. Several intelligence services predict serious civil wars in the next years in Europe. That is "multiculture" for You! The fascist EU is bringing into Europe as its ally the huge army of fascist islam in order to destroy the democratic free and culture rich nation states of Europe, which USED to be the best countries in the world, but now soon to be Eurabia-slum that cannot compete, and brings economic ruin, too. "Refugees"live and breed on European taxpayers money, until they are the majority and sharia and islam take over. Europeans even finance their own conquest! WAKE UP – only ordinary Europeans can still stop this – your corrupt Judas- politicians have already sold you!
    No more silence – no more cowardly "politically correct" lies, in open and public discussion should be demanded (and by signing a document accordingly) that all muslims planning to stay give up their at least 25 direct orders to kill by "Allah", etc., etc.,and agree to live by the standards of constitution and demographic principles of Europe.

  21. Barabra Lerner Spectre; SPECTRE: English spelling,
    a visible incorporeal spirit, especially one ofa terrifying nature; ghost; phantom; apparition,
    object or source of terror or dread: the specter of disease or famine.

  22. The Jews are the leading role alright, just like in the past centuries! Nothing new here. Multicultural Europe already existed before the invasion, it was never monolithic. I'd even add this is precisely why there were so many wars… Let's hope at least hearing what she has to say will open the eyes of some really naive people who still haven't understood what's going on.

  23. it seems that you jews haven't really learned anything. 109 countries, and still trying to do the same shit.

  24. Semitic deception in all its repulsive glory. You can see the “duping smile” on her lying rat face when she says that it “must take place”. This rodent deserves to be gassed along with the rest of her tribe.

  25. What was the larger context of this discussion? I've only even seen this little blurb. Not that this Pr0tocols of Zie-on shit is ever excusable but still

  26. Europe will not survive? EUROPE HAS SURVIVED FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS.
    They survived the BLACK DEATH which wiped out more than HALF OF THE POPULATION.

  27. Way to go parasitic Barbara Spectre!
    Your Sweedistani utopia is now a reality, rapeviolent attacks,murders and no ho zones!
    A real successful nation.Bravo

  28. Her words with a twist so the red pilling process is easier, just read: I think there is a resurgence in anti-European sentiment because in this day in age Israel hasn't yet learned how to be multicultural which must take place, since Israel is not going to be this monolithic society as it once were and I think Europeans will be at the center of that, which is a huge transformation Israel is going to make and Europeans will be resented because of our leading role, but without that leading role, Israel will not survive.

  29. I accept real pious Jewish people as they are so i think they should accept us Europeans as we are and leave us alone as we would do with then otherwise this will never work.
    Only people eith some kind of pathalogy tries to be above others. That is not to be a faithful servant of God thst is to be called ÖVERSITTERI and belive they are God and thast is something Swedes never will accept in any mortal human being by any other swede nor of any other ethnicities! It is called to have decent empathic compassionted understanding and common moral sence by the grace of the laws of thy Lord the Father.
    I bevare me of mortals in flesh costumes of middle earth telling me what to do and when, i only obey our lord Yah! (Which should be your Father too Barbra spectre if you are a pious Jewish woman of Abraham. Because i never heard about any Jews that is acting like heathen atheists in our bible texts but they maybe exists too these days!?) Thank you for me!

  30. Europe is entitled to dwindle on its own volition… because it will no longer be Europe with forced migration…

  31. The Vermin doing what have done best for 3000 years. There is a reason EVERYONE has a problem with them. No other people has EVERYONE dislike them, and there is good reason for this.

  32. The proof is right here and yet White people refuse to believe and will label us as "Right wing conspiracy theorists"

    They must learn to be multicultural or they must all go to their beloved stolen homeland.

  34. Whites: "Jews will not replace us!"

    Jews: "We are going to be part of the throws of that transformation which much take place. Europe is not going to be the monolithic societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that."

    Man, all these right wing SJW's and their conspiracy theories. Sit down and let us replace you evil white supremacists.

  35. Sweden is cucked… which rhymes with fucked… and they are …

    Henrik Palmgren 🐗 🇸🇪 🇺🇸

    21h21 hours ago
    Barbara Spectre in 2018 received The Swedish King’s Medal for her "outstanding contribution for Jewish culture in Sweden and beyond" at the Royal Palace in Stockholm

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    Reply 16 Retweet 68 Like 141

  36. Europe needs to learn? Didn't Evelyn de Rothschild say something similiar about the Americans during the banking crisis? Its funny how much stuff they can fuck up when left to their own devices with endless amounts of money.. its funny… isn't it?

  37. Traitors to Western civilization MUST be sentenced to hard-labor camps for life terms. Diversity and multiculturalism are weapons used by those who want to destroy Western civilization. Know your enemies, patriots. They want to destroy you and all that you hold dear!!!!

  38. This is exactly what you can expect coming out of a mentally deranged individual's feedinghole. And, to add insult to injury, the same mentally deranged and deluded individuals posits they are ''god's chosen people,'' – when any human being with a fully functioning brain knows without a shadow of a doubt – that ''god's'' doesn't exist (other than as figments of the imagination of deranged individual's brains). [That which can be ''asserted'' without evidence, can be completely dismissed without evidence!]
    The greatest clear and present threat of total destruction and lasting peace among our species on this small planet in the vastness of cosmos, is contained in _one single word: jews . . . . . .

  39. She makes the assertion that Europe MUST BECOME MULTICULTURAL to SURVIVE, but then neglects to ever provide any actual supporting statements to advance her original argument. There are a number of logical fallacies present in her dialogue, however I'm too poorly educated and too lazy to identify them by name.

  40. You've got to hand it to them. They've got this 'antisemitism' off to a fine art. They'll be calling God antisemitic next. Of course, they don't worship the same God that Christians do. Their holy book, The Talmud, tells Jews to hate us with a passion, to treat us like animals, and that we (the herd) were created to serve the Jews. Yes, you've got to hand it to them for their nerve. Still, mustn't be antisemitic. Mustn't be judgemental. Mustn't be racist. Mustn't be Islamophobic. Mustn't be intolerant. Mustn't be homophobic. Mustn't be sexist . . . all the things that the Jews are not and we are.

  41. BITCH !

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