Asia Rising: The Next Generation Of Hip Hop | Full Movie | Red Bull Music

Asia Rising: The Next Generation Of Hip Hop | Full Movie | Red Bull Music

100 comments on “Asia Rising: The Next Generation Of Hip Hop | Full Movie | Red Bull Music

  1. I never knew about Suboi until after watching this and I was surprised to see a Vietnamese rapper for the first time. She is an amazing rapper and I'm happy to be a new fan now! I also love Awich, she is an amazing role model for women and a strong person for what she went through. It's great to see more smaller Asian artists get recognition, this was a beautifully crafted project. Mad respect to everyone involved in creating this documentary.

  2. 88Rising should take a look at Manila Grey, they can represent the Philippines in the west if you give them a chance.

  3. I feel so sad about the awich story part… It's break my heart to heard it…. But seeing strong woman and her daughter smiling, it's makes me so happy…

  4. I always love Asian Rappers, it started with Mike Shinoda (half Japanese) from LP. And now, i am really in love with Rich Brian. Love The Sailor sm. Keep inspiring, 88rising !!

  5. What I like from rapper's is they are not just singing or randomly say a word, but they have shot out the problem around their life to be listened by the other.

  6. 88 Rising needs to have Filipino rappers in their label 😩 Rap & Hip-hop sub-culture has a long history in the Philippines

  7. 🇮🇩💙🇨🇳💙🇯🇵💙🇮🇩💙🇨🇳💙🇯🇵

  8. Awesome documentary..
    @88rising you can see PLT from from Korea, they are awesome, they produce their own songs too.

  9. They werent rappers from Famous entertainment companies in asia. They are Famous because their own talent and music.
    Work Hard and Party Hard

  10. hopefully eventually they'll add more south, west, and north asians, like it would be really cool to see indian or mongolian or bangladeshi artists, etc! then maybe one day americans will stop perceiving "asian" as east asian.

  11. Glad to see quality coverage on some of the Asian cultures. This is one of the greatest videos ive ever seen. Asian people don’t get enough recognition for what they do. Respect for all the artist that put their talent on the map from so many counties all around Asia. Proud to be Viet 🔥🔥🔥

  12. First off great documentary. I’m glad Asians are getting their due respect in the Hip Hop rap game now because I’ve known for years many Asians who have had a hand in all aspects of our culture. This is exactly why we can’t follow trends set by these corporate entities because we end up missing out on people who have talent and skill because they aren’t played on radio or backed by big marketing campaigns. Big ups to my Asian brothers out there and believe me, we need you to help keep this hip hop culture alive. The fight is real out here.

  13. Oh btw to RedBull. I don’t know who runs or owns your company but I love what you guys do exposing lesser known sports and events on your channel. It’s easy to take the mainstream approach but you guys take as many chances as the athletes and artist that you feature on here. I love that kind of mindset and apparently so do a lot of others judging by these comments. Thank you and please keep it up!

  14. I’m black and I’m from the hood and I’ve been to prison …I have no problem with Asians using the word niggas …So if your Asian,Vietnamese, Chinese and your reading this …all I have to say right now is WHATS UP MY NIGGAZ. 🤟🏾✌🏿✊🏽👊🏾


  15. We supposed to have one rapper from 🇲🇾 in the next documentary.

    I might be that person but now I gotta work on English.

    Stick around so when I be come like Rich Brian you’ll know it.

  16. I love to see our asian countries banding together to create such a vast path into a whole new culture that is somewhat not accepted with other races. I'm glad that 88Rising and especially Rich Brian and Keith Ape created a permanent path for Asia to be introduced into Hip-Hop. Amazing documentary that has been made here, I appreciate that us asians are being recognized in this amazing culture!

  17. i went to thailand,indonesia,philippines and japan. the local sound can represent their own music.. but they put some mainstream one to represent the country with american culture with it.

  18. As I get older I'm realizing how interesting the United States is. And I was born and live here Lol. Looking from the outside-in is shocking sometimes

  19. I hope billie eilish and brian could collab together, they both would connect well since they are both home schooled, both awesome youths to the music industry .

  20. どこに出しても恥ずかしくないでしょ🇯🇵

  21. So dumb Asians been caught up, since the late 90s early 00s no one talks about the OGz in the game SnackyChan, Tasha, Drunken Tigers, etc cause the internet was nowhere as big as it is now smh.

  22. lolololol what? you're the ones pushing the boundaries? are you sure young bucks?? you sure? you know who JIN is? you know what GOT RICE is? you know what asian gangster rap in the 90's be like? you what? you a creating asian culture? what? really?

    or did you do no research and jsut think you kids are paving a new path of asian rap thats never been done before? LOL

  23. Damn! That Awich story really make me teary! Really strong woman! 🙇‍♂️

    Hopefully more Asian artist rising up in the States and worldwide, especially from Indonesia.

    Mad props to Rich Brian and NIKI!
    🇮🇩 represented!! 🤟🙌👏

  24. Wrong translation at 15:14
    Higher brothers said they got very impressive by Lil Wayne as well as the song Basketball by Lil Bow Wow.

  25. sooo much appreciated to see a collectively motherfucking talented group being out there .and it does kinda change the way we asians being perceived.shout out to 88rising salute

  26. I love seen "US Asians" get together like this and build a crazy empire and putting us on the map especially in HIPHOP/Music culture.. I learned alot by watching this not.
    The most important is.. it doesn't matter if your Chinese, Japanese, Colombian, Hmong…Etc etc ..We're all Asians, if we excel and motivate one another the accomplishment and dreams would be endless…

  27. ok, but when everyone was talking serious about Brian being the most popular asian rapper in america…👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
    and then it cuts to a clip of him using a filter and quoting mark zuckerberg🤡

  28. This video is so great!!! If you even have upload it in facebook!! I would love to share it asap!!! Cause i think, many people out there need to see this!!!

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