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  2. People say that Asia is stuck up and flexes all the time, but she should have won. Asia is a trained gymnast, she held her own and had the upper hand.

  3. I’m just being honest (This is my opinion!)Asia is so annoying she’s acting like she’s 30 and twerking all the time when she’s a little seven year old kid that just need to stop! (Don’t send me hate >:( )

  4. Why people still upload these things it’s in the past

    Edit) Abby is still the same person, grumpy and though , but kinda nice

  5. I agree I think I just should have one too but Amanda was a little bit more good and Asia is giving a little team or doggy ears like a puppy

  6. First off I don’t know anything about the show so don’t judge.

    Secondly how can you tell someone if their good or not and they couldn’t imagine you doing it. So how can you criticize someone without a background in dance. And if she it doesn’t show. And the 7 year old miss Asia should of won

  7. The little girl and her mom there bragging about the ballots being like and the girl let's talk she's on a movie on Netflix

  8. The comment that I just posted that was just an accident but the 7-year old that her mom there bragging that's all I got to say

  9. You would think that seeing every dancer fall would make Abby say, “Maybe you can’t learn such advanced skills on a balance beam in 20 minutes.” I think that the girls did extremely well after being given such an unrealistic challenge.

  10. is it me or does this lady sadistic? I mean 20 minutes FOR THE FOUR OF THEM is nearly not enough time, especially that three of them are not trained in gymnastics

  11. Abby to Asia: “I can’t do all the steps but I’m going to be cute.”
    Asia: does all the steps perfectly and stayed in the slip position the longest.

    me: huh..??

  12. I want Abby to get her fat self on the beam lift up her leg and go into a split without falling and then she can criticize others about how they do it when she can’t do it herself.🤭🤷🏽‍♀️

  13. Guys. Asia fell just like everyone else. She doesn’t deserve it more because you like her. Amanda handled the fall with grace. Asia looked awkward.

  14. omg i’m kinda sick of abby always bad mouthing children when she doesn’t even understand what they were trying to do asia should have won tbh

  15. It’s really weird to watch people so comfortable with dance when I’m not, be so uncomfortable with beam when I am so comfortable.

  16. Asia think she’s the best which according to my The calculations she is just jealous that’s why she makes fun of everybody else Oop wait till she meet my cousin

  17. God I hate Asia cause all she does is go the other girls can't do this and can't do that like they haven't tried the balance beam before JESUS

  18. Madison: I need to work really hard to get to Amanda’s ballet level.

    Also Madison: Completely steals Amanda’s ending but does it way worse

  19. K but honestly, for being a trained gymnast, Asia is t e r r i b l e.
    Also, as a gymnastics coach I feel like Brianne is a lot better.

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