BMW Business CD Radio frequency region area change

BMW Business CD Radio frequency region area change

Hey, what’s up guys. Today we are in BMW E87 with the BMW Business CD radio and I’m going to show you how to
change the region settings for the unit. So if you have your car bought
secondhand from a different region or you just moved to another region and you
want your radio to work on the correct frequencies for the place that
you are living right now there’s a way to change the region in BMW units. So what I’m going to do is turn on the radio and go to the manual mode and as
you can see I have a 0.1MHz steps and the range ends at 108 I believe.
Let’s check it. Because my radio units is set to Europe. OK, and the
range is 87.5, and the max frequency is 108MHz. So what we are going to do is try to change it to a different region. Turn on your radio
and press and hold the M button as soon as it turns on. Wait five seconds and we should get the hidden menu. Okay, we have the serial number. Right now use the plus
button to browse and we have different settings and tests. And we have the “Area Europe” over here. With this button we can change it to USA, OCE? OCE – I believe that’s Australia. Okay. Europe, USA and OCE. So we can go to USA. (is there’s anything more here?) Okay, so let’s turn it off, turn it back
on, go to manual mode and as you can see we have a point two steps and the radio is right now working in the USA region mode. OK, right now I’m going back to Europe
setting but basically this is only to do: Turn on the radio, press and hold the M
button, browse through the hidden menu till you find the area setting, and
change it to your area, turn it off, turn it back on, and that’s it. OK, thank you for watching, give me thumbs up if this video helped you, check my other
tutorials for BMW and other cars, subscribe for future videos and see you

4 comments on “BMW Business CD Radio frequency region area change

  1. hi plzzz help me sir my aux stop workin even in the poste radio when i use the bottom switch to cd or radio only this not to aux help like alys u do and thnx a lot

  2. My radio changed region after i got my car repaired i think , all frequencies are wrong and there is no longwave radio anymore , medium wave has 10khz stepping

  3. What’s on Oceania region? AM : 531 – 1701 kHz? Or just up to 1602 or 1620 kHz in 9 kHz steps and FM tuning steps 0.05 or 0.1 MHz (87.5-108 MHz)?

    If any BMW from Mainland US shipped into Guam and Saipan, you must change to Oceania or Europe. Guam uses 9 kHz broadcast on AM instead of 10 kHz, but located in Oceania.

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