Brexit: Why “Vote Leave” will make Europe safer | IN 60 SECONDS

Brexit: Why “Vote Leave” will make Europe safer | IN 60 SECONDS

The problem with the European Union today
is that they’re trying to dissolve the “nation-state” and have a Europe of bureaucrats. That kind of approach is wrong for the United
States domestically. It’s wrong for the people of Europe. And there may be plenty of people around the
world that would like to see Europe come apart because they misunderstand what the nature
of collective defense is. A “Europe of nations” as Charles de Gaulle
used to put it would suit the United States just fine. I think that the current refugee and terrorism
crises in Europe demonstrate more convincingly than any argument can that European institutions
are simply not sufficient to protect the people of the continent. Security in Europe does not depend on the
European Union— it depends on the NATO alliance. And NATO has one thing that the European Union
will never have and that’s the United States. That’s what people should focus on. When Britain leaves and becomes a stronger
partner in NATO again, everybody will be better off.

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  1. A weak fragmented europe suits USA enterprizes…who would have guessed.
    A strong EU that goes after USA's megacorps and punishes them doesn't suit America.

  2. What's the argument against bureaucrats other than "it's wrong cause Putin"? Why does european security somehow exclude other forms of security in Great Britain? How is Britain supposed to become a stronger partner in NATO by leaving?

    While yes, terrorism exists in Europe and you'll have a few deaths every year because of it, is it really a crisis? We had a spike of terrorism related deaths due to the Paris incident of 2015 which brought the body count to around 150. Comparatively road fatalities in the EU were at 26k in 2014 and I don't hear anyone calling that a crisis. Don't be afraid of stuff that is very unlikely to affect you.

    This video makes it seem like Britain is desperately trying to fight terrorism, but it can't because big brother EU is keeping the country from implementing safety measures. I also don't really get why America somehow will mitigate the "crisis".

  3. @Amercian Enterprise Institute Can you do a video on Turkey, what with the Buying oil from Islamic Sate and admiring Nazi Germany etc? Unless you've already done one…

  4. worse than the other video. europe has a terror problem so NATO and the US will help?? what? Hey bolton the worse terrorist attack ever happened in the US, I think nato has nothing to do with keeping europe safe from muslim extremists

  5. That was a load of crap also. NATO won't solve the refugee crisis, only national governments with national boundaries and NON FREE MOVEMENT will solve it. FFS the EU wants to bring more shitty countries into the EU including Islamic Turkey. That is where infinite terror will come from, Turkey will destroy Europe through its porous borders and its corruption, millions of jihadists coming to Europe.

  6. Why "Vote Leave" will make Europe safer…these and many more questions NOT ANSWERED in 60 Seconds.
    You can be very much against any part of the EU, but if you gonna have a title like that you better make an argument instead of saying "USA….NATO….EUROPE OF NATIONS!!!!!!" How does being in the EU prevent a nation from being an active NATO member? How will a Brexit make Europe safer? (I'm not arguing that it will hurt safety, but why safer?)

  7. the EU will keep expanding forever and 1,5 billion muslims pretty soon live inside its borders so christians are moving out lol

  8. Both NATO and The union are shams. Just another layer of government and bureaucracy to control and hinder individual countries.

  9. Obama likes to threaten doesn't he, you hit the nail on the head. not only will the uk be safer it'll also have more money to spend on the military ,health services and education. few years out of the eu and what they save would buy a decent sized fleet of aircraft carriers,two super carriers is a start but no where near enough..need at least half the number the usa has

  10. this dude misunderstood something. if the american led "west" is really about to contain russia further, such strategy will just cause counter measures by russia. a balance of power is vital for any independent, sovereign great power. same mistakes before ww1 shouldnt be made again, though the fight for ukraine and its geopolitical and economical importance just proves the opposite direction. the EU leaders and especially america should be fucking serious about their next steps, does they want peace for the citizens of europe or are they going all-in for the final battle with russia? if the latter is the case, europe is fucking doomed -.-

  11. John Bolton is a vile scumbag who should be hanged for his crimes. Fucking vile scum. Also understand why he wants Britain out- to become completely subservient to American power.

  12. Summary of this video

    Bureaucracy sucks
    EU wants to create big super state
    Putin wants Europe to split apart (contradictory points?)
    Migrants exist
    Some people are mad
    Nato exists
    U.S protects everything
    Britain can be a better U.S lapdog now

    Thanks buddy for that insightful collection of ramblings.

  13. I only clicked on this because the title alone discredited the whole thing. "Let's talk global politics in 60 seconds! Plenty of time to mention that the USA is the best!"

    As long as no one gets reeled in, this was actually quite funny.

  14. Terrorist attacks already take place on the continent and in the UK. There's no reason to think that leaving the EU will make things any better for the UK in terms of terrorist attacks. In fact, owing to the fact that the UK is leaving some of the security elements of the EU, it seems that it will be worse equipped to prevent terrorist attacks because there won't be the same level of information sharing. The target of the terrorists isn't the EU…it's the west in general. This video makes no sense whatsoever.

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