16 comments on “California National Guard Put On Alert, Officials Count Hospital Beds

  1. Are you gonna do anything with the homeless people that are out on the street I think going to be tested they find a place for the homeless

  2. Please make sure the California National Guard will get all protective gear like MASKS, GLOVES, GOOGLES, HAZMAT SUIT, PURELL, ALCOHOL, CLOROX, ETC

  3. Gov Newsom says be prepared for schools to remain closed until September. Yikes. That has to be tough on families with kids. Hoping for the best.

  4. How is this going to work? Gyms, Restaurants, Bars etc are closed. The Workers have no pay check but don’t worry no evictions allowed. So whose paying the Landlord to keep the Gas, Water, Electricity and Morgage bills to the bank paid? Can’t be evicted but what about the Car Payments etc?

    How can a Capitalist Country work like that? So there is the Socialist State with the already militarized Police. No problem except the leaders want Radical Depopulation Agenda for the last 50 years. Doesn’t look good for the peons.

  5. The illegals will be just fine through all of this. Funding to take care of them will continue. Also for the homeless, which includes many illegals. The legal citizens will have to tough it out the best they can

  6. They don't want any people on the streets when its dark out that's when they will start knocking off the homeless people makes it harder to see what they are doing unless you got night vision wake up people to what's going on

  7. Hahahah to all the u.s. soldiers out there that are invading Our Land seriously think twice before you start attacking your fellow American have some conscience and you know for a fact we do not need no help with food or items we could do it ourselves you guys should only be deployed if there is a war the American people are not your enemy I repeat not your enemy

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