Canada US Europe Tour: August-Dec 2018

Canada US Europe Tour: August-Dec 2018

Hi everyone, I thought I would take three minutes to let you know where I’m going to be speaking publicly in Canada the United States and Europe now and until the end of 2018. I’ve been touring for about three months discussing the issues of meaning and responsibility raised in my books, 12 rules for life, and maps of meaning. My wife Tammy and I have already been in 60 cities and I’ve spoken to about 200,000 people. Here are the Canadian, American, and European cities I will be traveling to over the next five months Calgary, Friday, July 27th. Edmonton, Saturday, July 28th. Winnipeg, Sunday, July 29th. Regina, Tuesday, August 14th. Saskatoon, Wednesday, August 15th. Rochester, Wednesday, September 5th. Westbury, Thursday, September 6th. Wallingford, Friday, September 7th. Baltimore, Sunday, September 9th. Durham, Monday, September 10th. Miami, Thursday, September 13th. Orlando, Friday, September 14th. St.Petersburg, Saturday, September 15th. Jacksonville, Sunday, September 16th. Cincinnati, Tuesday, September 18th. Cleveland, Wednesday September 19th. Grand Rapids, Thursday, September 20th. Des Moines, Tuesday, October 2nd St. Louis, Wednesday, October 3rd. Kansas City, Thursday, October 4th. Denver, Sunday, October 7th. Colorado Springs, Monday, October 8th. San Antonio, Wednesday, October 10th. Irving, Thursday, October 11th. Honolulu, Wednesday, November 21st. Los Angeles, Saturday, December 1st. Back in Canada. Calgary, Thursday, December 4th. Vancouver, Wednesday, December 5th. Then, it’s off to Europe. Dublin, Sunday, October 21st. Oslo, Tuesday, October 23rd. Manchester, Thursday, October 25th. Oxford, Friday, October 26th. Glasgow, Saturday, October 27th. Edinburgh, Sunday, October 28th. Amsterdam, Tuesday, October 30th. Cambridge, Thursday, November 1st. Helsinki, Sunday, November 4th. Stockholm, Monday, November 5th. And Birmingham, Wednesday, November 7th. We will be adding some more cities to the European leg of this tour, they will be announced soon. And also, we are going to Australia in February, and then back to Europe in April of 2019. Those dates will be announced in the relatively near future. It’s been really something to tour around like this and these events have been extremely positive. So if you are inclined to come out and hear me lecture you’d be more than welcome. Thank you very much. Bye bye.

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  1. It is not whether you win or lose…FOR GAMES … the struggle to win must be fully developed and bounded by ethical conduct and they must come into conflict with one another to optimize experience. Dominance in numbers of games won once secured and maintained must give way to team development and individual development of lagging team members. Always prepare to face a team full of star players (bitter lesson well learned circa 1972 Canada Russia) … FOR WAR … minimize evil but win the war if possible. It is better to win even if it turns out individuals cannot recover from the evil they entertained or were subjected to. It is for your descendants. Better they live under western individualism even if you must perish or live a hobbled life. Even hobbled you are expected to not actively entertain and actualize your malevolence. It is your duty to carry it within and minimize evil.

  2. I don’t know if you don’t have a lot of Danish fans, but I was a bit disappointed to hear that you aren’t coming. I guess Denmark is pretty small so I can’t blame you. I hope we will be blessed with your presence some other time, or that we are lucky enough to get you this time as one of the later announced locations. Have a great tour sir 🙂

  3. I think living in Montreal really traumatized Dr Peterson. Oh well, maybe I can vacation in Europe this winter and finally see him in person.

  4. Thank you for coming to Honolulu Dr. Peterson. I got my tickets. I hope you will have some extra days to perhaps visit one of the neighbor islands to relax. Please let me know if you need any information about Hawaii.

  5. I think I may be encountering what you call "the shadow" in my dream. the reason I say this is because it is genuinely terrifying and sometimes startles me awake. do you have any tips on how I can make this stop?
    UPDATE: i did a little light research on the shadow and dreams and im in shock and im scared because it is so accurate the way it describes this thing in my dreams. once it comes in my dreams it comes after me and i run from it because its presence feels so demonic. but i when i run from it, it possesses me and i let it get more powerful in me until the fear jolts me awake. i suppose im going to have to learn to stop running from it. fml

  6. Sold out in Finland, Sweden, and Norway, there is hope! congratulations!
    Spain, France, Greece and Germany are crucial. Maybe the next time.

  7. Hello Mr. Peterson, please add some German cities to your European tour as Germany is the sickest one of the European Countries at the moment and it is desperate to get its remedy.

  8. See you in Helsinki Mr. Peterson. I got some real powerful Psycho-Physiological puzzles that have been haunting mankind since Adam and Eve that you would be really interested in delving your genius into.

  9. Everything is too far away :/ hopefuly I will be able to make it atleast to the Amsterdam. Really want to hear you live. (Czech Republic fan here)

  10. Why never Germany? What is a student to do, who can hardly afford travelling to Netherlands? 🙁
    And Berlin needs a JBP-event 😀

  11. I hope the hurricanes hold off. bad times to go to Florida! Also, rip my state…if i had a car I could get to ohio or michigan :). Welp, stay healthy and good luck.

  12. wish you came to Czech Rep. or Germany, can't afford to visit other places. I bought your book today. Looking forward to reading it.

  13. Jordan Peterson gets the gold award for speaking out, showing up, public presence, persuasive argument, humble charm and indomitable resolve…

  14. Please consider make an analyse on the man who stabbed our president in brasil. There are vídeos of him on custody. His name is Adelio

  15. Professor, will you be telling us the venue and how to register here at Edinburgh University? Let us know if you need volunteers to help to share fliers.

  16. Hi Jordan. If you visit Spain his year, it would be very very interesting to have a chat or a meeting with "UTBH (Un tio blanco hetero)". This guy is taking a lot of relevance in our country and in social media due to his ideas about the gender ideology and feminism dogma. We will be very excited if both of you discuss about this topics. Thank you so much for your videos, books and ideas.

  17. New Zealand is already priming the collective mind to throw you out before you arrive. Hope you don't end up like Molyneux and Southern

  18. Ooooohhhhhh please come to Croatiaa please I get so sad when I think that probably I wont ever see you in person…or atleast come to north Italy (it is not that far) or something like that so I can come.

  19. No Berlin, Germany, sadly. This place is in great need for some good thoughts that are outside of multi-culturalism and left-wing identity politics. I hope he will come here one day.

  20. Oslo , capitale de la Norvège ,ne fait pas partie de la communauté européenne ( voir drapeau). Ils ont cette chance comme bientôt les britanniques et un jour j'espère les français .Merci .

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