Chernobyl (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

Chernobyl (2019) | Official Trailer | HBO

All of the good we did…
it doesn’t matter.What does matter is that
to them, justice was done.
See, a just world…is a sane world.There was nothing sane
about Chernobyl.
I’m pleased to report
that the situation in Chernobyl
is stable.
In terms of radiation… I’m told it’s the equivalent
of a chest X-ray. No! Chernobyl is on fire.And every atom of uranium
is like a bullet…
penetrating everything
in its path.
-Metal, concrete, flesh.
Now, Chernobyl holds
over three trillion
of these bullets.(STATIC FEEDBACK)Some of them will not stop
firing for 50,000 years.
Tell me how to put it out. You are dealing with somethingthat has never occurred
on this planet before.
OVER PA) Cut the phone lines. Contain
the spread of misinformation. -(PA CONTINUES)
to our boys?
The pain is unimaginable.
-(STATIC FEEDBACK)In three days to three weeks,
you’re dead.
You can see him,
but you cannot touch him.Do you understand?-(PA CONTINUES)
-(STATIC FEEDBACK) What happened on the night
of the accident? MAN:
You think the right question
will give you the truth?
There is no truth. -(PATIENT SCREAMING)
-LEGASOV:What happened then…(STATIC FEEDBACK)…what happened after…-(GUNSHOT)
-…all of it…
All of it…-(PA CONTINUES)

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  1. So when are we going to get one of these series based on the disaster in the Pacific? Most notably the Marshall Islands and what was done to it's people?

  2. This series was amazing, loved it. Very moving, gave me a better understanding of what happened. I was disappointed to find out it was not fully accurate at times.

  3. This show gave me so much gratitude for the heroes who gave up their lives and health to cleaning up the Chernobyl aftermath.

  4. I watched the first episode last night and for some reason it scared me so much that I almost had a panic attack so I stopped watching. Knowing that the whole thing is real is just terrifying AND IT WAS ONLY 30 YEARS AGO THAT IT HAPPENED.
    I finished it today and this series is absolutely amazing.

  5. Sherbina" I'm inconsequential man Valery, that's all I ever was"

    Legasov " You are the one who mattered most"

    Taken from the most poignant scene of the miniseries.

  6. Came for a rant that none of the actors in this got an emmy even though they are superb. Stellan Skarsgård was fuckin robbed. Everyone can fuck themselves.

  7. Is it something wrong with me after I watched this at the premiere I started to cough really hard and I can't stop. Is something wrong with me???

  8. Those people who lost their lives saved 300 million soviet lives and thus it is why the dream still lives in us it s why we love and cherish every stereotype of us it maybe in all of us but mostly because we still have the dream since half a million saved it with the cost of their lives

  9. That's why there will be no such a big progress as we dream about and see in sci-fi movies.
    Because to make a progress we need to deal with such a complex things and we can't. We can't understand them, we can't handle them and we can't control them.
    Everytime humanity discovers something that can change our world for better forever, we misuse it.

    God gave humanity fire and it made a fire guns.
    God gave humanity medicines and it learned how to make drugs from them.
    God gave humanity nuclear power and it killed thousands people with it.

    Not typhoons, not fires, and not earthquakes, but we are the main disaster and the ones ruining everything on our way.

  10. The explosion happened when i was 4 My mother died because of radioactive waves She was a doctor My father was the evacuation bus driver but he survived

  11. Под сильным впечатлением, после просмотра. Потрясающе и гениально. Спасибо всем!

  12. This series is total bullshit. It has little to do with reality. it is just another interpretation by an american of what happened. as americans have a distorted idea about the USSR and russians in general it is reflected in each one of its episodes with ridiculous and outrageous scenes. One could call this a total work of fiction.

  13. Download my Minecraft map called S.T.A.L.K.E.R: CALL OF CHERNOBYL NOW!!!!!!! Go on whatever site you want, I don't care, just download it already!

  14. Scherbina: The doctor says the radiation levels aren't high enough to evacuate Pripyat.
    Sweden detects radiation, Germany won't let kids play outside.
    Scherbina: Well crap… time to evac…

  15. By highest estimates 4,000 people died. This is 20 times less than annual overdose death in United States. The trigger for a primitive mind is not a number of death but its density

  16. Honestly speaken, this show was a great Masterpiece
    Really enjoyed the show
    The only thing I didnt like was that it was just a miniseries

  17. This is the most terrible accident that was on the territory of Ukraine …The worstest it is fucking aggresion on Crimea and Donbass

  18. One of the most terrifying shows I ever watched. And it did it without cheap jump scares, paranormal shit or science fiction, just pure reality.

  19. I was just watching the first episode, and I'm wondering why the hell do so many characters have an English accent? It reminds me of the old world war 2 movies where all the Nazis had English accents. What gives, man? This was a Russian tragedy, and adversity in which the Russian people lived and died through. Casting Brits kind of cheapens the bravery of the innocent civilians, workers and responders of Chernobyl.

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