China holds national ceremony to mourn victims of 1937 Nanjing Massacre

China holds national ceremony to mourn victims of 1937 Nanjing Massacre

over in China thousands of government
and military officials as well as members of the public attended the 6th
national morale ceremony to mourn the 300,000 victims of the Nanjing Massacre
by Japanese invaders in 1937 on Friday in Changsha province honor guards
presented 8 large wreaths to a memorial altar while teenage representatives read
out a declaration of peace followed by citizen representatives striking the
bell of peace while kun Ming a member of the political bureau of the Communist
Party said the Chinese people keep the history firmly in mind and never forget
the past but cherished pieced and building a brighter future

5 comments on “China holds national ceremony to mourn victims of 1937 Nanjing Massacre

  1. And another ceremony to celebrate the end of rule of incompetent and cowardly emperor. If chinese people revolted against a failing gov and reformed the system decades ago, they would have a much better chance of fending off the Japanese.

  2. The population of Nanking just before the Japanese occupation was about 200,000. Abou a week before the Japanese attack on Nanking, on November 28,1937, the head of the Police Department of Nanking, Mr. Wan, announced at a press conference for foreigners, "About 200,000 people still live here in Nanking." Five days after the Japanese occupation, on December 18, 1937, the International Committee for the Nanking Safety Zone, which was a group of Westerners remaining in Nanking, announced that the population of the city was about 200,000. Later, on December, the Foreigners Association in Nanking referred to 200,000 as the population of Nanking.

    How could the Japanese kill 300,000 citizens in a city that held only 200,000 people?

  3. When the Japanese troops entered Nanking on Dec 13, 1937, more than 100 press reporters and photographers entered together with them. The press corps was not only from Japan, but also from European and American press organizations, including Reuters and AP. However, none of the press corps reported the occurrence of a massacre of 300,000 people. Paramount News (American newsreels) made films reporting the Japanese occupation in Nanking, but did not report the occurrence of a massacre. The British newspaper North China Daily News, which was published in China in English on December 24, 1937, eleven days after the Japanese occupation of Nanking, carried a photo taken in Nanking by their photographer. The photo was entitled "Japanese distribute gifts in Nanking." In the photo are Japanese soldiers distributing gifts, and Chinese adults and children receiving the gifts and rejoicing. Is this the scene of a massacre?

  4. I wonder when Korean are going to reflect on their war crimes in WW2.  Austria admitted they sided with Germany and apologized to the neighbors.  Korean sided with Japan and committed many of the atrocitities but they hided their wrongdoings from its textbook and pretended as if they were Jews.
    ''Korean soldiers were far more cruel than the Japanese.''   American and British POWs.

    Korean didn't learn from their atrocitities in WW2 and repeated more atrocitities during Korean war and Vietnam war, raping and killing million of civilians.
    Korea has never apologized to comfort women and Vietnamese Lai Dai Han victims. What a hypocrite country.

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