43 comments on “Christian Picciolini: “Life After Hate” | Talks at Google

  1. Human gnome project is a sobering factual story of our perants and theres and theres so on for 50,000 years brothers and sisters.😍😘😁

  2. Skinhead / AryanBrotherhood is called Hollywood Nazism/ Fake Nationalism and about crime and drugs. William Pierce hated them, David Duke and Donald trump are against crime and drugs.

  3. I am Mexican, i have lived my entire life in Mexico… When i heard in the news about charlottesville it seemed so sureal, i mean these are ideologies that the entire world condemn, or so i thought so… i am baffled at this coment section… I thought nazis were a thing of the past, a stupid mistake made by a part of humanity, as many other horrible mistakes made by men through out history… This man, is a hero.

  4. @betterthenjesus3so true, he not only harasses young girls but boys too. he treated my family and he never changed, He is a racist, just because my family was latino he said he could deport us. I still dont understand why he can get away with this. this man is sick, and disgusting, I wish people can see who he really is, I saw him in person and he called my name and I never even met him.

  5. It's wonderful that he's speaking at Google, because they're the ones that can systematically change things in terms of how we consume internet content

  6. This guy was never a white nationalist. He has no following, he's just totally pumped up by institutional media. He's a total astroturf fabrication.

  7. "It was always about blaming somebody else for the problems that existed in your life, verses taking accountability for those problems, and blaming somebody else because it was very easy to blame 'the other.'" White nationalism, summed up.

  8. Didn't Dillon Roof get his information from Amrem? Which is 100% accurate information. I didnt have any problem with anything this guy said until that point. Either he's lying or misinformed, most likely the latter. Unless he's talking about other sites that I'm unaware of.

  9. listen to what he is saying run for your life; sound the retreat   There's no real difference between 'white nationalism' and 'alt-right …www.businessinsider.com/why-no-difference-alt-right-white-nationalism-white-supre…CachedAug 23, 2017 – Former neo-Nazi: Here's why there's no real difference between 'alt-right,' 'white nationalism,' and 'white supremacy' … Many white nationalists and members of the "alt-right" argue they aren't racist. … Richard Spencer, one of the leaders of the so-called alt-right and white …

  10. Understand that the Jewish groups that run ADL, SPLC, Google (Bnai Brith) are the worlds premier International Organized Crime Ring which it is well documented, killed tens of millions of Christians in the last century, mainly in Russia. Piccolinni was never a true patriot…he was just a drug addicted loser…now he serves International Jewish Organized Crime in their efforts to eradicate the free speech of anyone who will expose their criminal operations

  11. Christian Picciolini went from being a racist idiot to an anti-White idiot. Congratulations. There is no such thing as "white privilege' and anyone peddling white guilt is genuine bigot.

  12. How I got out? No difference from aging gang member , terrorist, race baiting pastors, dead beat dad, or reformed junk. You didn't have an epiphany , you age out the fuckin dumbness and now found angle to get paid. No difference from Muslim brotherhood giving lectures on religion of peace and al Sharpton getting paid 2 back a political campaign for votes. This lad partied with other idiots that thought tough guy dumb shits could solve worlds problems , no difference between antifa and other young adults. Someday we all have 2 grow up and be responsible for our own actions and hold others accountable for theirs, without the excuses and Victimhood mentality.

  13. he is projecting his own inner demons. he is now racist towards white people. He swung the other way to try and self-correct. But he swung too far and missed the middle.
    news flash dude. I did not commit racism or slavery or any of that shit. And no one should feel guilt for something ancestors did. I never did, and no one should.

  14. Oh Ochi chorniye, He is a Roma chav, lost in His way. Little dog is His name, music is His game. That's a Gypsy face there i see. What crazy bulls**t is this. How did He look in the mirror & see white supremacy? He is lost, His identity must have been in denial by His parents. A ridiculous Man through no fault of His own.

  15. For those who were inspired by this video—don't read the comments. The comment section of any video with a subject like this is a toxic slurry of white supremacism.

  16. said in the ted talk that 'the gay couple loved their son as much as i loved mine.' in other words.. standing up for homosexuality. um.. he might not be a white supremacist anymore.. but.. homosexuality is still evil.

  17. You are Italian from the old country. Why couldn't you have join the Mob like any other self respecting Italian with free time on their hands would.

  18. This guy’s a joke….if you honestly don’t believe there is a war being waged against Whites you’re a complete idiot & ashamed of being White.

  19. Picciolini is such a Larping Hollywood Nazi FaBBot! He is so guilt ridden because he joined a retarded neo-nazi clan when he was 14. He never understood what he was doing and he still has his head up his ass.

    Nothing about this video was inspiring or enlightening, he has just switched his LARP. Now he just larps as an anti-nazi. It's like when an alcoholic becomes radically religious, sure they're not drinking anymore but they're an annoying preachy dipshit who thinks they know it all & believes anyone who isn't ideologically on par with them is a racist, sexist, homophobic neon-nazi.😂

  20. I happened to stumble upon Christian Picciolini today when I was looking at TED talks, and it was exactly what I needed to hear. I have been racist for at least 15 years, maybe 20. And I watched his 20-min. talk on TEDx on how he was a neo-Nazi and how he got out. I really liked him, and so began researching his videos. Coming across this one, I'm only halfway through it, and have been bawling the entire time.

  21. He s a fraud he was tryjng to set me up with a judge in brisbane … i now no.he has a wife a gf and he was rootin me
    … darren tolley/jason king are two other names he goes by …never in million years would i of thought he was such a piece of shit …he s militry .. dont think for a second he s not involved here in the underworld .. he was trying to put me under terroism law shit for climate change justice martin was the judge who s a cop and militry police he blocked me when i questioned him about the judge and then i found this shit …

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