corona update 5 – How to get back to Europe?

corona update 5 – How to get back to Europe?

hello! yes, everything ok. what about you? considered the situation: good we can stay in the hotel for a while did you hear anything of.. what airline do you fly with? we fly with TUI no, we heard nothing, we can’t reach them.. nothing hi hello! did you also go for a walk? we are just booking our trip pointing to our boat 🙂 its a single trip to Belgium it takes 3 months for you to arrive it goes 10 km an our ey 🙂 (5,5 mph) i don’t have “sea legs” o then its going to be a tough time al the Dutchies and Germans are picked up by TUI but since the Germans left we did not see anybody anymore from TUI The Germans left, and we are still here just like during the war it gets clear who are the most important the Belgiums are Negligible do you know what they think? the Belgiums make a plan ah.. so its a compliment actually? when nobody else does it, you have to doe it yourself we are going for a walk we’ll see each other later when you are in for a talk, you are welcome for sure, then we will knock on the boat you’re offering big help 🙂 they can borrow our tent, and talk with us 🙂

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  1. Het teak dek nooit schrobben met een harde borstel: daarmee haal je het spinthout weg. (spinthout = zachte delen van het hout) Veel water, spons. Eventueel af een toe een scotch brite pad gebruiken.

  2. En terugvaren naar Kreta of Cyprus is geen optie op dit moment? Wellicht vanuit daar makkelijker terug komen.

  3. I would not travel by plane now. Or any public transportation. Ideal situation to get infected. When you get Home, can you self isolate for two weeks? You can not go to mom and dad or grand pa and grand ma for quite some time. or call them to pick you up. I know a lot of people do what they want, but you shouldn't leave the house except for work and groceries. No gatherings, no church, no visiting friends with more then 3 people and keep 1.5 meters apart while visiting. I would not go home. Al the world is the same. Self isolate on the boat is the best you can do. Or go to sea for a long time.

  4. Hey guys! It's Catherine (from the conference on the Next Wave) I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble finding flights back. Let me know if you need someone to look for flights for you or if I can help in any way. I have a lot of free time now. Praying for you guys 🙂

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