Coronavirus: Growing Concern U.S. Not Far From Scale Of Pandemic In Europe | NBC Nightly News

Coronavirus: Growing Concern U.S. Not Far From Scale Of Pandemic In Europe | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Much of the world isn’t prepared for what is coming. From the tenfold rise in unrest, disaster, famine, and plague, to the foretold peace deals and Third Temple plans in Jerusalem, something huge is on its way. 📖🕰

    Friends, please, be sure to help prepare with the in-depth playlists that I have made for you to gain a much clearer understanding of all the pinpoint accurate codes that have led us to this point. There is so much to know and so little time- and the time is now. Godspeed friends, I love you all very much! 📖🕰

  2. What's frustrating is amid all this people arent taking things seriously and not preparing themselves for a shutdown and martial law on there front doors

  3. In the beginning, U.S did such a great job at cutting anyone coming from china wuhan area where virus is said to have originated so that they could at least delay the arrival of wuhan virus for a period of time while other countries such as japan or South Korea if not canada right away started to see the number of infected go up since other countries did nothing about chienese tourists coming in at least at the beginning stage unlike U.S.

    It was also wise to impose travel ban on all Europe as soon as 'WHO' officially announced that epic center of virus shifted from china to whole europe nations except if government had 100% made sure that all Americans can come back home from europe any time in the year, there would have been no cluster of passengers in the U.S airport who mistook U.S ban on whole europe for ban on Americans, which led to Americans coming back home all at once in a hurry panickly when they didnt really have to.
    U.S is also the one of the few countries to actively and quickly test the real effect of corona virus vaccine on actual human being with the intent to save citizen, the moment U.S realized epidemic can get worse while other nations are busy playing blame-game like in iran with no actual attempt to see how vaccine works on human.

    By employing the drive- through style testing, the time spent to test people for coronavirus is being reduced quite extensively at that, meaning the less it takes, the more can get tested, which also helps government officials to wrap the head around where exactly hot- spot is except we dont have sufficient amount of kit for testing yet.

    Unlike south korea, at least U.S did not send off or export mask, sanitazier if not biosafetysuit to other countries that is desperately needed during coronavirus spread by putting limit to the numbers of masks, respiratory equip that gets exported and also by saying No to mainland chienese trying to buy off as many 3M masks as possible for the sake of trying the best to offer every U.S citizen at least one N95 mask if not more.
    One thing that is alarming and disappointing is that kit for getting people tested for the coronavirus is not being distributed as well as it should be due to the lack of equip ,but there is nothing government can do but to just try to produce more because this problem of lack of equip only shows how reliant U.S med- supply- chain has become on mainland china over the past 10 years. Had U.S grown less reliant on china for actually producing test kit for virus, there would have been no need to worry about how to manufacture massive amounts of test kit within U.S soil now.

    But more importantly, had chinese did not invent in a lab or did not get contaminated with coronavirus from consuming animals that is illegal to catch, there would have been no need to close schools or companies or a need to exercise social distancing which is the most effective way to end this at this point. Yet dont let this simple fact turn into a hate-crime committed against asian amercian just based on their ethnicity.

    What happens if china threaten to cease manufacturing anti-biotics to U.S just like they did last time? Or have they already?

    Please Clean tip of the fingers with warm water and soap while avoiding group of more than five and try to help the one already vulnerable and isolated or lonely by supplying them with basic utilities using delivery service. Try to look after each other and make sure to boost up your immune system in that as long as you have strong immune system, there is close to zero chance of virus deteriorating your health badly even after you catch it.

    Keep up the great work. Way to go!

  4. Reports of 20-30 yo patients with no underlyin conditions described as ‘perfectly healthy’ …now in ICU in critical condition! Folks do your social distance, n follow the guidelines from CDC n the Gov, it might just save y’alls lives!!!

  5. You said the same crap about South Korea, now no news, why? Because the problem was solved in a few weeks, and this will be a memory in a few weeks.

  6. Hey NBC. Since you refuse to say “China Coronavirus” we are calling it what it really is per verifiable data shows the Democrats Coronavirus Socialist Socialism🇨🇳 are responsible for killing men, women and children worldwide, NOT OUR FREE MARKET CAPITALISM IN OUR REPUBLIC. Tack a wack at Bill Clinton’s NAFTA and Obama’s failed trade policies, huge personal and corporate tax increases, huge debt producing inefficient Federal Government growth all destroying thousands of revenue producing free market jobs and businesses in USA. Book in progress!

  7. Funny how the whole world is at war
    And not one bullet or bomb has yet to be used
    Maybe we will stop fighting each other in the future and join hands in the battle for humanity and the planet
    We can only live in hope

  8. We аre dооmed. The cоrоnаvirus is the first rider оf Apоcаlypse.

    The Revelаtiоn 6:2" I lооked, аnd there befоre me wаs а white hоrse! Its rider held а bоw, аnd he wаs given а crоwn, аnd he rоde оut аs а cоnquerоr bent оn cоnquest."

    The cоrоnаvirus literаlly meаns the virus with crоwn.

    And the White hоrse is sоmething gives the rider speed mаkes it hаppen quickly. Like аirplаne оr Cruise ship. Check their color. White!

  9. Call this what it is, Wuhan corona virus, stop letting evil China off the hook!!! Stupid hack media puppets!!!

  10. WOW…100 DEAD!!!….Look, 2.8 million people die EVERY year in America alone….47,000 are from suicide EVERY year. The leading cause of death is heart disease which is 650k DEAD every year just in America. But has a fast food restaurant ever been shut down, has mandatory weight loss been put into law…NO…of course not. Even if this virus killed 10,000 Americans…that's small potatoes…wouldn't even make the top 10 causes of death. And our government is going to throw a trillion dollars at this thing…why??? I bet you can figure out the answer to that…what's different about 2020 that would make something like this make sense??? This isn't a random coincidence.

  11. US capitalism’s response to the pandemic: Nothing for health care, unlimited cash for Wall Street

    16 March 2020

    Over the weekend the coronavirus pandemic continued to rise throughout the world’s population, with the number of cases in Italy and the United States doubling and infections reported in 146 countries.

    On Sunday, Italy announced a staggering 3,590 new cases, and 368 new deaths, while the United States added 834 new cases and 12 new deaths. Worldwide, the number of cases hit 170,000, with more than 6,500 deaths.

    Over the weekend, Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, warned that “it’s possible” that millions of people in the United States may die from the pandemic.

    A disaster of unprecedented dimensions is unfolding in the US and all over the world. Precious time and lives are being squandered by the failure of governments to respond to the crisis.

    Throughout Europe and America, the message is the same: the ill are being turned away from hospitals. Testing for the virus—the only way to seriously contain the pandemic—is unavailable for most people who request it, with less than 15,000 tests performed in the United States.

    Countless viral social media statements from around the country document the Catch-22 of doctors and patients pleading for coronavirus testing, only to be told that they cannot be tested because they have not come into contact with anyone who had tested positive.

    Beyond worrying about being infected with the deadly disease, millions of families in the US are worried over how they will take care of their children, with schools closing throughout much of the country, and how they will feed their families with store shelves emptied.

    As the pandemic mounted, two developments over the weekend made clear the real priority of the capitalist class in responding to the crisis.

    On Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi falsely claimed that the House of Representatives had voted for legislation that “secures… two weeks of paid sick leave and paid medical leave for those affected by the virus.”

    In fact, the paltry bill does nothing for 80 percent of workers, exempting both large employers and small companies that claim hardship. Members of Congress argued that allowing paid sick leave would encourage sick employees to stay home—which is precisely the purpose of the program. As a result, workers will be forced to choose between going to work sick and endangering their coworkers or forcing their families to go hungry.

    Nothing will be done for workers threatened by the deadly pandemic. But when it comes to bailing out the banks and propping up share values, there is no limit to the resources the government is willing to mobilize.

    On Sunday US President Donald Trump announced that the Federal Reserve had just slashed interest rates to zero percent, in yet another hand out to the financial oligarchy. “I would think there are a lot of people on Wall Street that are very happy, and I’m very happy,” Trump beamed.

    From the beginning, the Trump administration, speaking for the entire US political establishment, made clear that it sees the pandemic not as a public health crisis, but as a threat to the wealth of the financial oligarchy.

    To that end, the White House and Federal Reserve have made effectively unlimited funds available to Wall Street, while doing nothing to actually combat the disease or provide resources for workers who fall ill.

    In addition to slashing interest rates a full percentage point—faster than it had ever cut rates before—the Federal Reserve also announced that it would restart its quantitative easing program, pumping an additional half-a-trillion dollars into the financial markets.

    The move followed an 0.5 percentage point rate cut earlier in the month, which was followed just 10 days later by an additional infusion of $1.5 trillion into the financial markets on Thursday—a figure two times higher than the original bank bailout implemented in 2008.

    The message to Wall Street was clear: The White House and Federal Reserve will do whatever is necessary to prop up stock values. No matter the cost, investors will be made whole.

    As usual, Trump expressed no sympathy for the 700 people who lost their lives worldwide on Sunday. He did not express sympathy for those suffering from the disease or those who have lost loved ones, and told people desperately seeking to find supplies on picked-over store shelves to “relax.”

    As the World Socialist Web Site argued Friday, the ruling classes are carrying out a policy of “malign neglect” in response to the pandemic:

    On the surface, this response appears to be chaotic, disorganized, and improvised. All of this is true. But out of this chaos a definite policy emerges, which can be defined as malign neglect. That is, governments are making a deliberate decision to minimize their response, to adopt an attitude of indifference to the spread of the virus.

    Over the weekend, the British government made this unspoken policy explicit, with Sir Patrick Vallance, the Johnson government’s chief scientific adviser, declaring: ‘It’s not possible to stop everyone getting it, and it’s also not desirable.”

    This is in line with a growing number of statements in the press advocating the infection of more people, with British Telegraph columnist Jeremy Warner declaring that “COVID-19 might even prove mildly beneficial in the long term by disproportionately culling elderly dependents.”

    On Sunday, William Hanage, a Harvard epidemiology professor, excoriated the British government’s policy, commenting: “Your house is on fire, and the people whom you have trusted with your care are not trying to put it out.”

    But when it comes to the financial crisis sparked by the pandemic, the government is carrying out an unprecedented and massive intervention, putting all of society’s wealth at the disposal of the capitalist class.

    Sunday’s developments make clear the urgent need for workers to intervene politically in the present crisis. The working class must demand that the trillions of dollars being funneled into shoring up the stock markets and banks be used to fund a massive expansion of testing and an unprecedented investment in public health. The necessary resources must be urgently allocated to building hospitals, buying respirators and ensuring medical workers and their support staff are provided with a safe environment.

    The pandemic is exposing capitalism in the eyes of millions of workers and young people as a system whose only aim is to enrich the capitalist minority at the expense of the overwhelming majority.

    Yet in Sunday’s Democratic presidential debate between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden, which was dominated by discussion of the pandemic, neither man said the two words critical to understand the disease and its impact: “capitalism” and “socialism.”

    The fact is that the demand for a serious effort to fight the pandemic is inseparable from the struggle to end the capitalist system and reorganize society on a socialist basis.

    Andre Damon


  12. I’m a simple person but have a great idea, and everyone is welcome to improve on it! Please share and like and send this idea around so it would get to the politician’s ears in Australia and throughout the world. We are not there yet, but when we get there, we should be prepared to implement these (or some of these) ideas.
    Should DEMOCRATIC countries follow China in near-complete lock down of people and economies?
    YES but NO!!! We are prepared to stay indoors but we can slowly go insane if covid19 drags on for months.
    The problem we need to tackle first is the feeling of panic/boredom/isolation/depression when confined, possibly for many weeks to come, only to home and surrounding streets (out only for shop or exercise – only one person per household). This implies halting family and friendship meetings which especially for elderly people is like a death sentence in itself. Second problem is: How do we keep the businesses going?
    STEP 1: THE HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING BASKET. (Please feel free to improve/elaborate this idea).
    Stop all personal shopping but keep the people supplied with everything they need. How?
    Get every household a plastic bucket with lid (25L). Print address and a scan code on it. This will be the ‘shopping basket’ (or rather the ‘SHOPPING BUCKET’ of each household. Twice weekly (perhaps Tuesdays and Fridays) deliveries should be brought and left on every doorstep of those who order supplies. Each ‘household shopping bucket’ should be processed (filled up) by the Shopping Centre (or IGA) where they usually do their food shopping.
    To do this you could turn every Shopping Centre or IGA into Collection Centres. Not only the large food retailers but every small retailer in the Shopping Centre can continue to serve customers VIA THE ‘HOUSEHOLD SHOPPING BUCKET’. Have a dedicated website with all the products offered in that Shopping Centre for people to place their orders online and to pay online.
    Small retailers not affiliated to the Shopping Centres should also be listed in that website, with a link to their dedicated websites.
    Delivery drivers will bring the ‘shopping buckets’ to everyone’s door on Tuesday morning and will pick them up on Wednesday for new orders to be delivered Friday. If no order necessary for Friday put bucket outside on Saturday for next Tuesday’s order.
    When clients receive the bucket they must first put it in the laundry sink and wash it carefully with soap and water. All contents inside must be disinfected before use.
    All deliveries should be free of charge.
    STEP 2: HOLIDAYS AND MEETINGS ALLOWED. (Please feel free to improve/elaborate this idea).
    Fortnightly family holidays and/or meetings with one other family. How?
    Families should be allowed to go for a drive ‘just for fun’ with no stops anywhere, any day of the week, and come back straight home. No getting out of the car. Even if the trip is just half hour or one hour at most for the whole return trip (not longer, because you are not allowed toilet breaks), just the feeling of warmth, sunshine, speed, and looking out the window will keep the people and children satisfied. Also, elderly people who cannot exercise outside will be able to benefit from the comfort of their own cars. Every petrol station can provide people with hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes to make sure no bugs are transmitted from their equipment. Their toilets are also not available during short ‘just for fun’ drives.
    Every second weekend families should be allowed to access a website to choose a place out in nature where they can go for a picnic and outside fun and no interaction with other people is allowed. The government can list the number of people that are allowed on that stretch of beach, or that nature reserve. Toilet breaks and drive-through food should be allowed at special intervals on the way. All these toilets must be well stocked with sanitizer and disinfectant wipes. Also, they should be cleaned more often more thoroughly. Police should patrol all these places and make sure people are where they are supposed to be. Why every second weekend? Because that’s 14 days and if no one in the household got infected in that time then it’s safe to go out as a family for a holiday.
    In households where no-one member is going out of the house to work/hospital/errands/etc (this is our elderly pensioners), there is no risk of infection, because no-one went in-or-out. These should be allowed to meet with one other family who are similarly contained and protected in isolation. These meetings should be allowed fortnightly to make sure no-one has caught the virus in the meantime.

  13. How can you avoid poison being pumped in to the air and why only cases in the big cities being reported but not the small towns this is way to sketchy. Aslong as the national guard doesnt start going door to door we should be ok.

  14. There's currently 7.5 billion people on the planet. If it goes down to half of that, the world will actually be a better place.

  15. Chinese virus outbreak in Jan. Hk, taiwan, Russia, north korea all take action to against china. Western country do nothing and ignore all signal.

  16. America elected a man whose only thought is personal gain. Whose only reason for living is for self promotion and self grandization. This man has no capacity for human empathy or reciprocal emotion. In every breath he takes, every thought he develops is created and arranged in a illusionary and deluded manner. A delusional processes where the needs of his ego and psyche supersede any other entity even his own family! Habitual lying is a character flaw that protects him from experiencing failure and shame. He has learned that failure is not an option. However if people refuse to accept obvious failures they become disconnected from reality.
    This can be a good trait in times of wealth and economic prosperity. This is good when manipulating the market to do what you want. The problem is in a crisis like a pandemic where lives hang in the balance. You have a delusional man, only making self preserving decisions, without any empathy or concern for the nation he controls. You can surely bet every decision he is making is made only after careful consideration is made to how it will make him look.. even if lives are in danger. Every decision he makes or has made, is based on whether or not he will gain or it will make him look bad. This is a recipe for disaster! God help us all!!

  17. Really ridiculous that nobody uses facial masks.
    Using face mask is helpful to protect people from virus. It is important when you talk with others, or in crowds. 
    They don't have to be perfect ones. You could make handmade masks at home, too (there are some youtubes, too).

  18. USA media wants America to get worse than Italy but its not going to happen. Sorry media! Trump kept us safe and isolated from the world. Europe puts the world before Europeans and thats why you got it bad.

  19. Europeans keep voting for leaders who continue to want open borders, globalism and multiculturalism. Well under globalism when one country gets sick we all get sick.

    Down with globalism and the EU who puts Europeans last out of fears of being called racist.

  20. I just lost my 6 figure job, cause of this lie!! 😳 can't even have a sit down at McDonald's cause of this lie!! 😪

  21. Its not the coronavirus driving the crisis, its the over-blown always ridiculous crappy media and state, local and federal politicians driving this so-called crisis. This is NOT a pandemic! its not even a blip on the radar of the scale of actual dangerous viruses and diseases! I HATE what is happening, I'm immune compromised with a serious disease and I HAVE NO FEAR, I was in a church of 2500 RECENTLY and guess what I DIDN'T GET SICK. For crying out loud, everybody get a grip! Making up crap and creating panic is destroying our already extremely fragile financial system. Actual cases are lower that a tenth of a percent and your chances of dying from it are so minuscule that even taking a walk in the park becomes more dangerous. Yeah, what's dangerous is shutting everything down, creating panic and the potential for escalating crime rates because people are being thrown out of work, hoarders are creating shortages of essentials and its quite likely that those things will become self driving creating more chaos. Like I said, GET A GRIP and tell the authorities to go crawl back under their rock so we can stay safe and prosperous. I'd ask the media to crawl under their rock but you can't get an actual virus to do that under any circumstances and the media are certainly a global virus pandemic we all desperately need a vaccine for.

  22. Dear humans, I hope you begin to realize how fast you can be brought down from your egos and, some day, bring you down to yours knees. HE, whom you constantly blaspheme and cast aside, much less believe in, IS Master of all and no one can compare to. Take heed for the hour draws near… The clock is ticking…

  23. Still more people died today of an overdose than the whole death toll of this virus plus the flu put together so tell me wtf really going on???

  24. Looks like walking without good reason is ok for usa? How all amendments? Did China authoritarian regime suddenly became USA too? Why do you follow china before media said it's not democratic now you do not democratic freedom strip rights strip whats going on?

  25. Seriously people!,,Do what your State tells you what to do and , You will be fine!,,,,,God is with you!,, peace out!

  26. I believe there are more good people than bad in this world, I really do. The good people need to realize this and band together, to protect and uplift each other and give rise to our fullest potential.

  27. Hi….

    I am longtime cruiser that has been advocating possible use of cruise ships as emergency Covid triage centers, Covid hospitals, or for supervised quarantine.

    Here is a copy of email sent this AM to Carnival UK.



    Just heard President Trump announce that Carnival will make ships available if needed.

    Thank you….. hope something positive happens in response to your offer.

    Many issues to be resolved, including:

    How to maintain staffing by existing hotel and crew and protect them from virus.

    Possible Hvac system modification to mitigate spread of virus between guest cabins and between other areas of ship, in particular ensuring crew accommodation spaces, galleys, hotel work spaces and hotel access passages are separated from virus areas.

    Temporary infrastructure necessary if icu units created on board. (Suggest decks where majority of accommodations are mini suites or larger could be icu centers where necessary infrastructure (oxygen, vacuum, etc.) can be laid across balconies to access each cabin.

    Methods and protocols to protect Hotel staff assigned to provide services to virus spaces, and lessen their interaction with other persons working and living in virus free areas.

    And, one of the largest hurdles, ensuring as many existing crew and staff are aware that if they stay on to help, they will be well taken care of in both mitigation of their exposure and the best of care available if they contract virus. Perhaps some sort of hazard pay based on their proximity to infected areas or guests.

    BTW: Recently saw video of how one hotel has machine that can be wheeled from room to room that, when activated, scans entire room with powerful UV beam that sanitized entire room and everything in it in very quick order. Might be handy to have a few of those on each ship to help mitigate virus infection (incl noro) in individual cabins and spaces during cruise when needed and speed up sanitizing of entire ship when deemed necessary between cruises.

    The following is a series of comments on YouTube where cruise ship hvac was discussed:

    Can air handlers in cruise ships be easily modified to not mix exhaust air with fresh air being sent to cabins?

    I am asking because I am thinking that recently idled cruise ships can aid COVID-19 outbreak by acting as triage centers for those testing positive for the virus.

    While all those received would already be infected, thinking that portions of ship where medical and essential hotel staff are berthed might be able to be isolated or modified so as not to share hvac with infected cabins.

    Understand that efficiency of hvac system would be affected, but the necessary modifications would be temporary and system restored to efficient operation when cruise ship goes back into service.

    A majority of cabins on cruise ships have balconies and access to fresh air.

    Cruise ships pressed into service would most likely be located in areas of temperate climate.


    Response was given but I am not able to grab the text off of YouTube reply section.
    PDF file of response from Halton Marine representative follows:


    And reply to Halton Marine:

    Good Morning….

    Thank you for your response.

    I imagine some experimentation has taken place tracing how airborne contaminants can travel from one cabin to another in a cruise ship .

    I was looking for some easy way to mitigate mixing of exhaust and fresh air.

    Found a cutaway graphic of air handler and saw that, if accessible, a piece of sheet metal could be set in place to block the passage where air is mixed.

    Also saw the heat exchanger ‘wheel’ as well, but did not realize the implication that viruses could travel from one side to another.

    Perhaps disconnecting motor that turns the wheel might work.

    UV unit seems practical, and perhaps someone could come up with an UV unit that can be designed to be easily inserted into most designs of air handler units or ducting. Perhaps something somewhat ‘over engineered’ that can work with fairly wide range of air passage size and air velocity,

    If something could be designed and produced in short order could help in Covid situation, but also enable cruise ship operators to quickly retrofit their hvac in time for return to service, or soon after, and be able to advertise that fact.

    Recently saw ad where a hotel operator had a device that rolls into a room and some sort of powerful scanning UV light beam sanitized entire room and everything in it in apparently quick order. Perhaps miniature version could be inserted in hole in side of a duct.

    Blocking mixing passages and disabling wheel would be temporary measure only used if ships were used as hospitals or such, sacrificing efficiency for mitigation of airborne virus transmission.

    Stay healthy ……


    Again…. Thank you for generous offer by Carnival to offer assets to help fight COVID-19. Hope the offer bears fruit.

    At the very least tremendous PR being generated by President Trumps announcement for both Carnival and cruise industry in general.

  28. …… And the following to Chris Wong channel:


    Hi Chris…

    I am a frequent cruiser that has been advocating use of Cruise ships in fight of COVID-19.

    President Trump announced this morning that Carnival has made their ships available, if needed, to help fight COVID-19.

    I assume others, including RCI, may soon follow suit.

    I realize that such a move would put existing crew and hotel staff ‘on front lines’ so to speak.

    Need ‘out of box’ ideas by cruise personnel to help mitigate crew and staff exposure to virus that will be present in guest cabin areas and decks.

    Collectively, you guys (hotel staff, ships engineering, ordinary crew, etc.) know, and some quite intimate with, how each of your ships are laid out in terms of access between spaces and decks , hvac systems, plumbing and many other ships systems, that may aid or hinder effort to separate virus spaces from other areas where crew and medical staff would be living and working.

    Ideas needed as to how hotel staff that works closely with infected guests can be separated from others working elsewhere on ship.

    Assume that some hotel staff will be trained in proper use of hazmat gear and PPE, and perhaps be quartered near where they will be working so as to be separated from rest of crew and staff. (In this regard I personally think suite accommodation best since have room for storing and changing into fresh sets of hazmat gear, PPE, etc. and may be a sort of a perk besides.).

    Crew assigned to work in virus areas could be eligible for (additional?) hazard pay..

    Hope you get my drift here.

    Ships crew and staff would be instrumental to success of being able to help cruise industry fight COVID-19.

    Lessons learned while doing this (at govt expense, by the way) may be able to be applied to ships operation when return to cruise service.

    Not to mention that a successful implementation of use of Cruise Ships Fighting Corona will be huge PR value to cruise industry.

    Such PR may also help counter rumors in some circles that cruise ships are nothing but ‘floating Petri dishes’.

    Crew and staff should be given opportunity to leave ship for duration but hopefully most will stay on.

    A positive atmosphere of proactive participation by existing crew and staff in the process of creating and implementing protocol and physical changes (temporary or permanent) to ships systems, etc., is very important at this time.

    At any rate….

    Best regards,
    and stay healthy.

  29. Hi once more….

    Realize that such use of cruise ships may not be straight forward.

    The state of emergency and possible access to funding and resources may enable this out of box idea to find a brand new box.

    If anyone has ideas as to how this may be accomplished in short order please forward your ideas (someplace?).

    Those that have access to social media and can find or create a forum that addresses this matter, then that may become a convenient resource for those in govt and cruise industry to follow.

    If such a venue exists please leave reply.

    Stay well…..

  30. All the media does is produce FEAR!! Always remember FEAR also shuts down your immune system. Let's keep informed but lets also not live in FEAR. Much love to you all. 💯🙏🏼💚✊🏼💫🙌🏼🌎

  31. We will see worse than 🇨🇳 and 🇮🇹 put together, here in the 🇺🇸. Why? We are not used to any restriction, not even toilet paper. You tell someone to isolate for its protection they will sue you for privacy rights. Let's get real. What China did was superior due to them living under control. It will never fly here. It's already too late. Americans can not survive primarily on rice, we need our burgers, soda, junk😁. See you all in the next life.
    First, repent and accept Christ. These are not the China virus but punishment for us legalizing abanomation on marriage laws, abortions, stopping prayer in our school. What happened after all this? School shootings went up what 150%. Let's get real America. Gays know they are living a wrong life style. My prayers for everyone who was hurt by an adult and remains a victim. You can overcome this.
    Pray for Trump to continue restrictions in planned Parenthood. May they all go bankrupt.
    I pray for all Americans. This is more of a diabolic plot than many realize to tank our economy. It's along story but the left want nothing more than to make us slaves? God will not allow it if we all pray and pull together. Peace and love. Don't take offense anyone but the truth is God is in control. He wants none to perish. We have time to repent before he becomes our judge.

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