Cuban Journalism Makes its Regional Debut

Attending the 6th Latin American Forum of Digital Media
and Journalism was like opening a door. At the forum I discovered that journalism
is advancing at a breakneck speed and in Cuba we have no idea of the latest journalism trends. For example, in Cuba we are unaware of discussions about fake news in Latin America and globally, about fact checking, ethical dilemmas in journalism and how media can be financed. I think I’ll bring it all back to Cuba with me and it’ll inspire my journalism. It’ll help me to think about
and imagine journalism in a different way, in a way that always maintains these standards of quality and ethics, so it’s better journalism. The journalism in Cuba’s official media is much closer to the journalism system
or journalistic structure in China or [North] Korea, despite the distance,
but it’s less similar to journalism produced in Latin America. At least journalism in the official media. So I spoke about censorship and journalistic practices. I spoke about the particular situation for Cuban journalists. I spoke about our collaboration with emerging digital media,
the rise of this media, of the journeys that we young Cuban journalists
have to take to become better journalists. Also about our fear and rebellion when we break away from the official media and we think a better journalism exists
and that we can produce it. I believe Cubans can really be encouraged by these debates where they talk about journalism,
and discuss the journalism that’s being produced,
different perspectives on journalism, and enabled to produce better journalism in and about Cuba.

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