Delain European Tour 2011 backstage footage

Delain European Tour 2011 backstage footage

Did we prepare everything well Lenny?
– Yes, we prepared everything very well. Everything’s been finished well in time?
– Yes, everything has been finished well in time. Fortunately. Luckily Maarten is helping you all he can. Yes yes, it’s very nice. Everything is messed up. Lenny, please wave. Can you tell us something about the eggs you had this morning? You and me ate 4 eggs this morning. We took out the yolk. Maybe tonight, or tomorrow, I don’t know, we’re gonna do some experiments. A little bit inspired by Peter North. We saw a inspiring movie yesterday. Martijn, would you like to shed some light on the French-German relations? French-German relations. What could you best compared them with… Let me think here… With shit and flowers. Or with the Baron and Bassie and Adriaan! A very nice comparison. But who is the Baron and who Bassie and Adriaan? Sander Richard Zoer. You come from Nieuwolda. But you have already been living in Utrecht for quite a while.
– That’s right. But now you are in Marseille.
– Yes. What are your first impressions?
– Nothing has been painted here. It’s a poopie city. Paint is coming off the walls. The venue is small. Johanna Charlotte Wessels.
– Yes. From Zwolle. You have been living in Utrecht for quite a
while. But now you are in Marseille. What are your first impressions? You can say it. This will never be on internet. Look, Joyce! God dammit! Westerholt, you say something. I want to talk to you but not in front of the camera. Why don’t you tell the people at home
what happened with the bus this afternoon. Yes, I can do that. This afternoon the bus has come…. .. to a standstill halfway from Barcelona to Madrid. Because there was a defect. We were stuck there for 5 hours. At some point a mechanic crawled into the engine, and
he asked if there had been an explosion. So I didn’t really like that. Then a second mechanic arrived and after a long time
they finally managed to get things working again. They had to work very hard to get everything ready in time for Madrid. But… we’re here! So Timoboy….
– Yes, yes. What did you do last night?
– I slept very well last night. Alright, get out of the way. Because Rainer is coming through. Ehm, be careful not to break stuff. Hurray! That’s it! Don’t stand in the way. No, that was a funny joke!
– But they are clean! Yeah, so? Are you enjoying yourself Martijn?
– I’m enjoying myself and am having a good time. He just keeps on working. What did you do today Sander Richard Zoer from Nieuwolda? I went to a little factory, Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije. Baron, sorry. From Utrecht. For cymbals. Did you make a little trip? Yeah, go out. Something different, for a change. I tried to escape from the window, but it failed. I planned to walk around the building and send you an email. Have a look what to do. Smash through it in one go. That wasn’t so bad. We are waiting for Zoer. Oh. He’s on Facebook I think.
– Oh, yeah. Oh, we should be nervous. Miss Wessels is also Facebooking. Did you take a nice dump? Eh, I did my lipstick. Oh no, ladies don’t take a dump right? Lipstick.

15 comments on “Delain European Tour 2011 backstage footage

  1. Very great gig at Paris and I'm on the video at 8:26 with a friend after the show. Thanks Delain. I hope see you at the next tour

  2. A nice video, me and my friends are in the vid at Manchester with the UK flags, once again Delain you were fantastic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxx 🙂

  3. I do not understand a word of Dutch so thanks for subtitles.
    What a nice video and so full of emotion to see you all.
    Funny obstacle course to reach the Alhambra …
    I am proud to be part of your fans

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