Dems Dial Up Heat In Impeachment Probe As Trump Stonewalls Text Message Evidence | MSNBC

Dems Dial Up Heat In Impeachment Probe As Trump Stonewalls Text Message Evidence | MSNBC

100 comments on “Dems Dial Up Heat In Impeachment Probe As Trump Stonewalls Text Message Evidence | MSNBC

  1. Hi from New Zealand,
    America looks like you'll be going to the voting polls to get him out of office, and even then there's a 50/50 chance you might rid America of the DON 🤣🤣😂😂😂😂

  2. These people are just plain stupid. I am listening to these "expert
    panels" of people on CNN and other networks who can only
    actually blabble without pause and "sound" intelligent. In
    reality they all are arguing moot points and that's exactly what
    Donald Trump wants! When was the last time you heard from the
    presidential candidates? It's like they all disappeared..Trump on the
    other hand is campaigning.."The heights by great men reached and
    kept, were not attained by sudden flight..but they while their
    companions slept were toiling upwards through the night..Donald Trump
    is also ten years ahead of everyone in the USA and basically the
    world..It's hard to better that..

  3. Schiff stop behaving so weak……… we are tired of hearing all your failures……… getting tired of losing…….. DO SOMETHING !!!

  4. Ari team, I have an ask. On your show please encourage any potential whistleblowers to file more complaints highlighting illegal acts to respective Inspector Generals, as it will make the impeachment more efficient and will make it a stronger case for American people on the fence.

  5. Inez Qtaish is not related to anybody in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Venezuela, Africa or any other country, all my so called family is living in the united states.

  6. Donald Trump doesn't understand the difference between himself and the country. He wants to be like Louis XIV, except stupider and uglier.

  7. I just watched the "Statement" by Trump and there was no comment section there, so I'll make my comment here. I want to thank you Predator Trump. I had really great memories from my visit to my Grandfather's farm when I was 5 years old that I've had since I was…5 years old. But no one has ever made me remember so clearly one of the most important life lessons I learned there BETTER than you did. I remember clearly now that I learned that life on the farm is not gender biased. Bullsh*t smells exactly the same as Cowsh*t. P.S. how come those 8 people that came to testify how much they worship you didn't fall on their faces on the ground when you walked in? Could it be because your checks bounced?

  8. until dems grow a pair and start holding these conspirators in contempt and jailing them.. they wont get squat…makes me sick to see these punks refuse to comply, and dems let em get away with it. any regular person who acts this way goes straight to jail, where is manning? ENFORCE YOUR SUBPOENAS YOU SPINELESS GUTLESS CHICKENSHTS. gop MAKING YOU LOOK WEAK AND INCOMPETENT… OH, I FORGOT YOU ARE . bummer

  9. A perfect world would be arresting everyone who has been obstructing justice. +10years
    Regular citizens go to jail for far less of a crime conpared to a national level

  10. We do not have a president. We have a presidential candidate who wants to hold a position but not interested in performing the duties. Between golfing, tweeting, carrying out vendetta on "enemies" and watching FALSE NEWS, he can't get to the real job he was elected to do. America is rotting from the inside out from the chaos and insecurity that is starting to settle on the land.

  11. Innocent people do not act this way. They WANT to testify and prove their innocence. Such lawless crooks in every position desperately trying to shield King Trump.

  12. Republican excuses are mounting:
    There is no problem because there was no pressure.
    There is no problem because there was no quid pro quo.
    There is no problem because there was pressure but pressure and quid pro quo are normal diplomacy.

    There is no problem because Trump was joking.

  13. I do know what Weak Nancy Pelosi is waiting for. EVERYONE Except Weak Nancy Pelosi is asking for Impeachment, and not for an useless "Inquiry"

  14. They aren’t walking away from the Reporters but, FROM ALL OF US, THE AMERICAN PUBLIC WHOM THEY SUPPOSE TO BE REPRESENTING.

  15. Let Congress put one or two to jail among Trump puppets to show detriment to others.Subpoenas anyone subpoens-able pls.

  16. Democrats can Issue a Subpoena to Jesus Christ himself but it serves no purpose or has any relation to impeach anyone or anything especially the President because no vote has been put to the floor which must be done before anyone can even begin a impeachment inquirie. Trump should go ahead and start a Inquiry for Treasonous Acts carried out by past Secretarys of State, Past CIA and FBI director and FBI field agents and Possibly up the The Previous President Obama, Trump could definitely scratch up enough evidence in Republican only Closed hearings to Indict The Hole previous Administration Get Obamacare wiped off the books and put all of them in solitary confinement someone in a Russian Prison.. If Trump followed the same laws and tactics the Democrats are using to carryout another witch hunt everything listed above The Treasonous Acts could be brought before the Republicans they could have the previous Administration convicted and sentenced before Halloween there is no shortage of evidence is there..

  17. White House: "We're innocent. We have nothing to hide. OK. Everyone. Don't testify or hand anything over to the totally legal investigation!"

  18. Joe Biden has a son that has joined Ukraine, which is absolutely positively not connected to Vladimir Putin, who is nibbling at the edges of Ukraine.

  19. In just a few days the defence tactic has gone from: "Trump absolutely didn't pressure anybody! That's a LIE! It never happened!"
    to: "Sure, Trump pressured him, but it's totally OK to do that. Everybody does that!"

    I wonder what the next line of defence will be.

  20. If Trump is innocent then why is he stonewalling congress? If Trump stopped stonewalling and Congress got everything they requested and if he is innocent then the Democrats would look like fools and Trump would be victorious. So Trump stonewalling makes him look very guilty. I don't see why Trump supporters can't see that! Are they that STUPID?

  21. Just like the man said, we need warriors. Honest and just, but determined and resolute warriors. If we fail in this fight, then henceforward we will have not Presidents, but effectively, kings in this country. This is the moment.

  22. conclusions derived by biased interpretation along with ignorance of the law … sounds like people who woke up in an alternate reality. MSNBC … where you think that, when you divide by zero, the answer not computing is someone's fault.

  23. this is laughable … MSNBC the amount of easily obtained information you leave out shows your clear bias. Redefining words for people … your poor viewers think you are a news source instead of a propaganda machine.

  24. I always wondered what a narcissistic psychopath imploding would look like. Now I have a feeling we are all going to find out.

  25. What will the founding fathers think about trump destroying years of toil and wick burning to craft this very beautiful and important document?
    Those who support him shouldn't cry foul when a democratic President take away their guns.
    It is patriotic to Fight for the constitution not tyrannical trump.

  26. And that sleaze bag called Jordan; is he a meth user?
    He looks like one to me. Anyway he will get burnt by trump very soon, then go back to "Crystal Meth" easy.

  27. Listen to this video guys and you decide who were abusing the power.

  28. Let's get rid of this Traitor in the Whitehouse before he raises the white flag. Under Trump and the Republican Leaderships, Putin has risen to become the most powerful man in the world, ISIS is resurging, our allies are being abandoned and insulted, North Korea now has much more legitimacy, China is exposing Trump's weaknesses, and our strongest allies in Europe have been alienated.

  29. There is nothing legal about the letters.
    Real Story below. THE OBAMA KARMA

    Republicans changed the House rules in 2015 when Obama was president and now they hate to follow their own rules in 2019.
    It was okay when they were the majority in the House (to bully Obama) with their new changed house rules but now that the Democrats are the Majorities in the House, the rules aren't okay.

    They are crying/saying that the Democrats must to change the rules that they (the Republicans) changed in 2015 bc it doesnt do them any good, it doesn't benefits them. With the Republicans its all about them and now they think they can tell the Democrats who has the majority in the house what to do.

    It all comes back and bite them in a way they never expected. I call this all THE OBAMA KARMA.

  30. It's simple. Apparently the Republicans want to transform our form of Government with all it's checks and balances to something else. They are pulling a coupe by trying to circumvent the power of Congress ability of oversight. No matter what side you are on ask yourself this question: "Am I really wanting to change our form of Government to a Dictatorship? Or a King, maybe? Monarch?" No American could possibly want this. Yet. Here we are. Republicans should be ashamed of themselves. Both parties have no pride, but to openly call for, (with their silence), a whole new form of Government is beneath ANY AMERICAN. The Rule of LAW people. That's what separates us from any other Nation. We don't have a Dictatorial Government where our leaders are ABOVE THE LAW. Or a Monarchial Kingdom where our leaders don't answer to the Law. They ARE, the Law. We are suppose to have FREEDOM, And DEMOCRACY, where the Rule of Law Presides. Not the Laws of a ruler who's Laws serve only, their self interest. Wake up people.

  31. Every person that is standing in the way of the Democrats that's doing the Impeachment hearings should also be held in content and tried for obstruction of justice in the impeachment hearings into trump and his wrong doing as the president of the United States.

  32. It’s time for the Democrats to put these people in prison for obstruction of justice. They’re used to buying their way out of situations, so fines are pointless unless they’re high 6 figure plus. But locking them up, away from their expensive suits, 1000 thread count sheets, tasty food & quality wines & long golf games etc will actually make them sit up & take notice.

  33. the Pulse Nightclub shooter, his daddy ran for the president of Pakistan ..his daddy sat behind Hillary Clinton in a televised presidential campaign run…Obama tried to give 26 million dollars to Pakistan two hours before he left the White House … the Senate block the Obama administration's request to fund the terrorist country Pakistan

  34. Countries do give and take, but not for personal interests. Trump is not working for us. He is just stealing with all his and his buddies scams. Not to mention giving USA to Russia with a bow on it.

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  36. He is waging war with the Constitution and the rule of law! If Joe citizen defied a subpoena, what would happen to him?


  38. Is all this noise from the white a way to cover the fact that William Barr and Donald Trump murdered Jeffery Epstein because he was about to say something that could put the Trumps and Bares in prison no matter the office they are holding.

  39. All the people the administration has ordered not to appear….what if they did anyway? Would they have the right? What consequences (besides being fired) could they face?

  40. Have you ever seen such a silly face on a world leader, our great president(i use the term very loosely),remenber oh great potus what goes around comes around. YOU'LL get yours God is watchin.!!🏌️‍♂️🍋

  41. A few possibilities: that GOP stooges like Moscow Mitch McConnell were paid big kickbacks for their blind "loyalty" by their Mafia don wanna-be in the Oval Office; or they're being blackmailed over something that could damage them irreparably. Either way, if they persist in protecting Trump in the light of clear evidence of treason, obstruction, and witholding documents from investigators, they should all face charges of collusion and the prospect of jail time, just as Nixon's people did in his era. Most of those still in the Republican party are slimebag crooks by any measure.

  42. you smug bunch of filth you have no right to be serving a kennel certainly not the public of american becoming weakened by this clown and his goons.

  43. Pompeo walking away from a legitimate question from a reporter, and blocking Sondland to testify to Congress, then Trump stating in a Letter to Congress they will not co-operate with the Impeachment Process, given to The House by the Constitution. Obstruction by the White House, State Department, Justice Department, this is what totalitarians do.

  44. The democrats are in trouble because the investigation of democrats in Ukraine! Hillary was up to her eyeballs in putting pressure on Ukraine. To find dirt in Ukraine on Trump and Manofort! Also, Bidden and Pelosi son both got oil and gas deals in Ukraine! It is not illegal to investigate democrat corruption in Ukraine! There are also 2 senators that threatened To suspend support for aid to Ukraine! Democrat corruption!!!

  45. Let’s consider how trump and his gang of attorneys has slowed this down, now they say it’s about the next election.
    You may want another candidate, so get moving republicans. Stop stonewalling.

  46. A person who doesn't shows up to jury duty gets thrown in jail. These thugs holds evidence and refuses to even show up in front of Congress gets a free pass. Where is the rule of law and who will enforce it? Maybe they are all above the law.

  47. ya you'd better sell your lies …. I don't think it's going to work…. you'll be donnie's roomie for the next few yrs …

  48. How stupid are Americans to let this happen in the first place? We need to educate our children better. Why do we even let these idiots vote?

  49. One thing is for Certain; We are learning from Trump; how to get away with it …. Or be Dragged down with Integrity, when he takes the first bite on his 'peach'

  50. Trumps delay and obstruct tactics clearly work, he is still there. Why does Congress not just go ahead and subpoena everyone they need to speak with? This is all a smoke screen these people are in cahoots together.

  51. Some deep muck. Sondland donated $1M to Trump's inauguration. The flux this must generate would make most men blush in shame.

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