Dr. Christopher Sheu, Orthopedics at Skagit Regional Health

I love this area. The Pacific Northwest outdoors, the cohesiveness of the community and the abundance of active, hard-working people that are trying to get better. My patients should expect nothing but the best because my happiness stems from theirs. It fuels my drive to help as many people as I can. Here at Skagit Regional Health, we’ve got a multidisciplinary team from physical and occupational therapists, medical and physician assistants that are all integral to delivering excellent patient care. I love collaborating with my patients to get them back to doing the activities that they truly love and enjoy. My focus is on wellness. It starts with truly understanding and evaluating each patient individually and making a shared decision that will get them back to an active and healthy lifestyle. Personally, I enjoy being outdoors and staying active so working with motivated people to help them get back their healthy and active lifestyles is the why behind what I do. I am Christopher Sheu, MD,
Orthopedics and Sports Medicine.

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