Dr. Julie Maupin, IOTA Foundation | Going the Last Mile

Dr. Julie Maupin, IOTA Foundation | Going the Last Mile

17 comments on “Dr. Julie Maupin, IOTA Foundation | Going the Last Mile

  1. IOTA and it's potential is phenomenal. Get in on it now. I have these tabs open every time I open Chrome: How to Buy IOTA: https://howtobuyiota.co.uk . The Official Subreddit for IOTA : https://reddit.com/r/iota and IOTA Dashboard: https://iota.guide/dashboard. Bookmark those pages.

  2. http://refunite.org/ has given me an idea on how to help end Sex Slavery. Interested? please contact me, we can make a such a difference! [email protected] How about we make the next London IOTA meetup about this? Let's brainstorm, collaborate and 'get shit done'! https://www.meetup.com/IOTA-Beyond-Blockchain-London/

  3. IOTA is hiring wonderwomen, Jesse Babbra: she is like Sheldon's sister but with Sheldon's brain. Dr. Julie Maupin, she is charismatic and she has "Dr" before her name.

  4. I want an IOTA-connected Bittorrent client so that one can get paid for hosting unique content.

    I also wonder if it would be possible to build something like Steemit on the Tangle. That would surely create tons of traffic on the Tangle.

    And then we have projects like Basic Attention Token and Golem that could be done much better on the Tangle. The blockchain people can't compete with free transactions, even if EOS etc are aiming for it.

  5. Loving IOTA! Check my channel to know how to buy IOTA ! So much potential here, Well done guys!

  6. Hello Big Chain DB i am a follower of this great project, but i download a light wallet and a short seed someone stole my 4.9 Gi can you help me to recover and follow the transaction i have the hash and rhe address where the iotas were send, i want to make a donation to the iota foundation if you help me to recover my iotas, i appreciate your support and i believe that this is a great project, thank you for all you give too us and expecting for a response,

  7. Iota is not only other cryptoproject. Iota is one technological revolution. That is the beginning of the future

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