Drinking at the Worst Reviewed Bar in Eastern Europe

Drinking at the Worst Reviewed Bar in Eastern Europe

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  1. omg, the way you read the reviews makes me want to roll out of my sofa from laugHing especially the part about the waitress. LOL

  2. Hey bro not sure you will see my comment. Since i saw you mentionned 'the best beer', well you should try the mauritian beer (Mauritius island, Indian ocean). Phoenix beer, the best in the world. No joke here 😀
    Tourists all over the world simply love our beer. Come check them out, you will love your vacation in Mauritius.

  3. I am from Macedonia and i know Serbian,Croatian,Bosnian… and those three languages are simular to your language so i understand a bit… it's like Russian + Serbian. The funny thing is that AMAZING (in your language) in Serbia means Terrible lol.

  4. That version of Tartar seems strange for sure. You just made a really nice hamburger. The only problem is you forgot to throw it on the grill before eating it. lol

  5. The snack with the raw egg and ground beef once mixed up and put on bread makes me think of cretons on toast in Québec, looks delicious. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Of the beef tartar: the only strange part for a Florida resident like myself is that you mixed the spices and such yourself at the table. Tartar isn't a common thing to order, but is available at select restaurants as a ready-to-eat starter with crusty bread like yours was. Really great server, like you said, telling you to rub the garlic on the crostini. So tasty! Great video!

  7. The point you can be missing is you can speak their language. And somepeople can be racist. I was in a restaurant with my friend in monte negro. A very good restaurant with very delicious food. The waiters were treating customers very goodly like friends asking if the food is good if they want advice etc. But when it come to us they were ignoring us. Their face was getting angry. Answering in a mood they want we just leave. To waiter come to us it takes like 15 min after he recognize we ask for help. It was just terrible for us.

    So there can be difference in treatment to natives and tourists. And the comments were in english not chezch language so i want to visit same restaurant and see how it will be for me

  8. I’m not from Europe I am from Texas and that raw beef and raw egg shit seems VERY SKETCHY!! I would NEVER think that would be safe or even taste good at all!!

  9. Yea I went to Italy as a vegan and in places like Venice, Verona etc it was really hard for me, its easy if i just cook myself & go to the supermarket but everyone I was with wanted to eat out for every meal. There are some vegan / vegetarian places but we only went to standard restaurants, I think I got 3 proper meals that were specific out of 30 and the rest were pasta with sauce and I reckon it was egg pasta most of the time anyway. To make it bad on top, the people I was with out give me a hard time saying I've got a restrictive diet and the waiters would be pissed as well. I just ended up going to the supermarket and buying real nice food and lollies at like 1/3 of the price and rubbed it in =)

  10. Amazing, i really like the way you made this movie, the questions you asked and your overall communication with everybody ! You got a follower 👍👍

  11. Living in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, the Tartar is a very common things in traditional pubs and I absolutely love it!

  12. Listening to other slavic languages always cracks me up. Calling the waiter “uzasni” at the end wouldn’t have gone so well in my country as it means “terrible”. Exactly like the reviews 😀

    In other news, that peppermint liquor you had is quite popular in Bulgaria. We call it “menta” and it goes perfectly with milk …or with “nasko” for that matter 😉

  13. In Poland we call the meat with onion and egg yoild "Tatar", It's quite popular in there. We also add Maggi and Pickles there to upgrade the taste.

  14. Zelena sounds to me exactly like Bulgarian Menta but not as strong (menta is 25% or so). We don't drop it in bear, but we mix it with Menta (another typical Bulgarian drink, taht resembles Greek Uzo). The resulting cocktail is called oblak (translation cloud). Because after drinking it, in the morning your head is cloudy. 😉
    As for the Tartat with the beef… This is exactly the same things we mix in traditional Tatar meatballs. Only difference is we actually cook it like a giant meatball on a grill.

  15. In the USA (at least the part where I'm from) we hardly ever eat raw animal products. With the exception of raw milk sometimes (raised on a farm), I've never intentionally ate raw animal products, especially meat.

  16. From California and that Tatarak looks hella scary but kinda tasty.. in southern California we do lots of stuff with raw food but lime & lemon is always involved

  17. Helo from Slovenia. We also drink this drink with a glass of liquer in a glass of beer. We call this submarine (podmornica in slovenian). Nice chanel.

  18. peppermint liquor exists also in Bulgaria, it is called "menta"…..thanks for your videos! you guys are really funny and cool

  19. I am enjoying a bud light while watching this wishing I was in Czechia with you guys. Too bad I have to be all the way in America.

  20. This is easily my favorite in the series; takes me back to the summer I spent tooling around eastern Europe. Now I kind of want to go back and visit again; definitely try going to this pub!

  21. Mate, here in Australia, we'd have taken that tartare, mixed all the spices and egg with it, shaped it into a pattie, whacked it on a BBQ and thrown the bastard on a burger !! Raw meat ? Bugger that for a joke !! lol

  22. he PPPeter, I live really close to the czech republic, also to austria, both are only approx. 5km away and I have to say, that all the traditions and dishes, like the Zelená (we call it “Pfeffi“).

    You know, it's weirdly awesome, that you earn better here were I live, but hell yeah, cigarettes and all other stuff is like a quarter of the price here. Crossing the státní hranice is always a pity, cause the vietnamese ppl arr putting meth under our cars, so we smuggle it without knowikh what we're delivering.. Nah kidding that stopped for a while.

    And really, the beer is awesome over there, but I have to say, that we a few kilometers away make also delicious beer, sadly the czech can't afford 🙁 Kidding, one beer is possible.^^

    I'm in th czech rep. so, and I enjoy paying for a huge meal with dessert and stuff and two beers, fucki it how much = approx. 8€.

    Bloody hell i love my neighbours

    Sbohem, you filthy gopniks^^

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