DWG’s interview before leaving to Europe: Which group do you want to be in?

Royal Youth has shown their dominance in TCL. They must feel nervous it’s their first international tournament but they will be fine. Q, Which group do you want to be in? In group B, there is Zeros who received attention during MSI. Group D is fine with me, too. TL’s top laner has solid play style. He’s totally different from IG. They have their own style, so it might make unique games if we get into group D. Getting through the play-in is the primary goal. It’s too early to set a higher goal. Coach Kim Jungsoo Worlds is exciting me every time. We’re leaving to Europe earlier than other LCK teams, and it will be helpful for us to have scrims with the teams from other regions and analyze the meta. There are pros and cons, but it isn’t bad because we can have scrims with Europea teams a week earlier. Q, Which group do you want to be in? I don’t mind either way. It will be interesting to be in Group D with IG. Group B doesn’t seem bad either. Both group have the similiar level. I’m dumbfounded because I couldn’t sleep. It made me realize I’m actually going for Worlds as I stepped into the airport. It feels like I’m going on a school trip. I feel excited. I haven’t though about which group I want to be in. It doesn’t matter. I wanna win no matter which team we face. I want to be in Group D. It will be fun to be there. I like ‘Rookie’ from IG, so it will be interesting to face him. It seems easier for us to win if we are in Group B. But no matter which group we get in, we should try hard. It’s my honor to go to Worlds because of the great teammates and coaching staffs. He says great teammates, but it sounds like a lip service. BeryL : He’s got no sincerity there. He’s dumbfounded. It’s Group B that is more winnable and comfortable for us. If we get into Group D, D, one of the three teams(DWG, IG, TL) cannot make it to quarter-finals. It’s not like we aren’t confident, but we want to be in a group that works better for us.

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