European Fast Food Chains We Want In America

All Americans, whether they frequent fast
food chains or not, are familiar with the sea of brightly colored signs advertising
those chains. Burger King, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, you know
the list. But head to Europe, and you’ll find some seriously
amazing fast food chains serving up food that’s unlike anything you’ll get Stateside, and
that should make America sad. Fortunately, sometimes European restaurants
do make the jump across the pond. So let’s check out some of the European fast
food joints that haven’t made it to America yet, but that we hope will soon. Ditsch The only thing that’s possibly more German
than sausages are pretzels, and that’s why we want Ditsch to start opening their German
bakeries in the U.S. Ditsch has been making pretzels since 1919. We’re not just talking Auntie Anne-style pretzels
here: we’re talking the chewy, dark brown, shiny pretzels you think of when you think
of Germany. Varieties include tear and share pretzel rolls,
pizza pretzels, buttered pretzels, pretzels with seeds, and pretzels with ham. Plus, they’ve got sandwiches made with pretzel
dough rolls. Yes, please! Nordsee When it comes to fast fish, America has a
few options: a smattering of Long John Silver’s locations, or a Filet-O-Fish from McDonald’s. That’s a shame, because Germany’s Nordsee
does fish so, so right. Nordsee was founded in 1896, built around
a fleet of fishing trawlers assembled with the goal of getting fresh fish from the ocean
to the table as fast as possible. Nordsee customers have a ton of choices, from
fish filets and sandwiches to bagels with lox, fried calamari, salads with shrimp or
flaked fish, and BBQ lox wraps. They’re also the largest purveyor of sushi
in Germany. That’s how it’s done. Supermac’s Supermac’s is like the Irish version of McDonald’s,
but better. All their meat is Irish-sourced and 100 percent
traceable, and that’s a big deal. They have a lot more than just beef, chicken,
and fish burgers, as you can also order full subs. Now, let’s talk fries, or rather, chips, which
are cut by hand, in-store. Supermac’s chips are known for their garlic
and cheese, curry and cheese, and taco options. And then there’s dessert. There’s a chocolate muffin and ice cream combo,
as well as a sundae called the Swirly, which is a tub of vanilla ice cream topped with
candy. And, let’s be clear, it’s not your American
soft serve. It’s amazing. Poppie’s Fish & Chips When you think British fast food, you probably
think of fish and chips. That’s exactly why Poppie’s Fish & Chips needs
to make the jump into America. It was founded by Pat “Pop” Newland, who started
in the fish and chip business in 1952 when he was 11. Poppie’s also serves calamari rings, scampi,
jellied eel, and fillets of mackerel, sole, plaice, and halibut. The more traditional fish and chips are done
with cod or haddock, and you can get some super-traditional sides, like mushy peas,
pickled onions, pickled eggs, and beans. West Cornwall Pasty Co. For anyone not familiar with pasties, they’re
pockets of thin bread stuffed with all kinds of hot and tasty fillings. They were originally developed in Cornwall
as a full, hand-held meal for the tin miners, and they’ve remained a British favorite. West Cornwall Pasty Co. still makes them the
traditional way, and they even still seal them by hand. They have steak and ale pies, chicken and
mushroom, chicken and chorizo, even Thai curry pies, and vegetarian options. Max More and more Americans are becoming increasingly
aware of what’s in their food, and what that food is doing to the planet. Sweden’s Max is a burger joint that’s already
well ahead of the game. All of Max’s products are completely free
of trans fats, GMOs, antibiotics, and growth hormones, and their Delifresh menu goes even
further. They offer low-carb, low-fat, low-salt, low-GI
options, and they’re serious about their environmental impact, too. They’re the first in the world to produce
climate-positive burgers, which means they have processes in place to offset 110 percent
of their emissions from farm to waste products. A huge part of that offset comes from planting
trees, and in 2013, they planted more than 700,000 of them. We know what you’re asking: Can something
so healthy really taste as good as a Big Mac? Max has taken home top honors for most satisfied
customers in the country for 14 years in a row, and that’s nothing to scoff at. Take note, America, it can be done. “Damn! This has got to be the best [censored] I’ve
ever been to!” FEBO Amsterdam does fast food a little different,
thanks to Netherlands-based FEBO. FEBO is ultra-fast, because you’re ordering,
paying, and getting your already-ready food right from a giant wall. It started in 1960 by combining the idea of
a snack bar and an automat, creating an automated wall of semi-questionable life choices. FEBO is all over the Netherlands now, and
honestly, it needs to be all over the U.S., too. It’s absolutely ideal for grabbing a quick
bite to eat after leaving the bar, and it’s an introvert’s dream, as no human interaction
is required.

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