‘European’ Film Buffs

[Susan] Oh my God, we saw
12 years a slave. [Susan] It’s so powerful.
[Jeff] You like Morton Chambers. [Jeff] Seems like I’ll have to
keep an eye out for that one. [Susan] We’re
cinafiles, ourselves. [Jeff] Huge
movie buffs. Mark Seen anything good lately?
Cherie Oh my God, have
you seen Gravity? [Susan] That one doesn’t ring a
bell Oh, what did we just see [Susan] the other night?
[Jeff] Oh my G. You guys… [Jeff] I can’t get it out
of my head. It was so good. Mark Was it Blue Jasmine?
[] Oh my God, what was that? [Jeff] I’m having the biggest
brain fart. I can’t remember. [Susan] God, it was gorgeous.
Why is the name escaping me? Cherie Who was in it?
Who was in it? [Jeff] There were
2 main actors [Jeff] to start.
This is not a flashy film. This is more
of a conceptual. [Susan] Little
actors get something to really sink
their teeth into. Mark What was it about?
[Susan] What was it about? [Susan] It was about this young
girl. It was the morning of her [Susan] 18th birthday.
[Jeff] She was stunning. [Jeff] Stunning.
[Susan] Just a beautiful girl. [Susan] She had just turned 18
that morning. [Susan] And she was having
a pool birthday party. [Susan] A pool party.
Cherie This doesn’t even
sound familiar. [Jeff] The conflict comes
When the girl realizes. [Jeff] The pools dirty.
[Susan] Oh my God yes. [Susan] And you see everything
through this girl’s perspective. [Susan] My pool is dirty.
It’s my birthday. [Susan] All my girlfriend’s are
coming over. What am I gonna do? [Jeff] And at this point,
you’re upset you know? [Susan] Yes. [Jeff] It’s sad.
It’s a sad movie, until… [Jeff] the pool boy shows up.
Mark Do you remember
“The Director”? [Jeff] No, but it’s funny. You
actually see him. [Jeff] Like he actually pops
in a frame a few times. [Susan] Oh hello, Hollywood
Lingo Man. [Jeff] I’m getting Entertainment
Weekly. [Susan laughs] [Susan] So, la la la and
her pool boy [Susan] and that’s where the
dialogue all but stops. [Jeff] Everything that needs to
be said between Pool boy and [Jeff] little miss snauser
woman, is in their eyes. [Susan] Yes.
That is how instantaneous their
connection is. Cherie We have not
seen this movie. Mark So, anything on my tab.
[Susan] Do you know? [Susan] Everyone else in the
theater was there by themselves. [Susan] That’s how personal
of an experience this is. [Jeff] Yeah, not like
your 12 year old slave. Cherie What about
the name of the movie? [Susan]
12 slaves, baby. [Susan] So, he unhooks her
bikini top. [Susan] And then, oh well, I
should warn you. [Susan] There is nudity in this.
Unhooks her bikini [Susan] And then they just make
love. [Jeff] They make love [Jeff] for the rest of the film. [Jeff] There’s very little
dialogue. Maybe and F word here [Jeff] Or a P word.
Cherie Look, you guys realize, Cherie you were
watching a porn. [Susan] I’m so sorry
to cut you off. [Susan] Just when
you think you know where this
picture is going. [Susan] The party guests arrive.
All of the birthday
girl’s girlfriends [Susan] show up, and they’re
there to help. Seriously. [Susan] Each and every one of
them joins in. And it’s all like [Susan] let me kiss your this.
Let me slap your that. [Jeff] This is Susan’s
favorite part. They have sex with
the pool boy. [Jeff] They have sex
with each other. They have sex
with themselves. [Susan] Yeah, it’s exquisite.
It’s so French. [Susan] God, I can’t believe it
was made in Southern California. Cherie That was not a movie.
[Susan] You’re right, Cherie. [Susan] This was film. This was
cinema. [Cherie] What I was saying is…
[Susan] Good call, Cherie [Jeff] This movie,
it moves people to tears. [Jeff] Everyone must have been
moved to tears because [Jeff] the floor of the theater
was littered. [Jeff] with tissues.
They had dropped it. [Susan] Enough is enough.
Oh God. [Susan] I remember.
Billy Legal Birthday-Butt 17. [Cherie] Yeah.
[Susan] But you don’t have [Susan] to see 1 through 16
to know what’s happening. [Susan] Jeff and I were able to
follow along swimmingly. Mark Sure.
[Susan] We knew exactly [Susan] what was going on.
[Jeff] My penis is starting [Jeff] to tear up again.
Thank you guys so much for lunch [Susan] Oh baby, he’s Italian.
What are you gonna do? Mark and Cher. [Susan thinking]
That’s me thinking about… [Jeff] The worst
times too, you know? [Susan] Me too. I
am so interested. [Susan] Just in people like what
the worst times that people… [Susan] Oh wait. Let’s play
a little game here. [Jeff] Ooo, Yeah. [Susan] If
you like what you just saw [Susan] click the link below
to subscribe. [Jeff] I want you to click it.
[Susan] I want you to click it. [Susan and Jeff together]
Let’s click it together.

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