European Youth Event 2018

European Youth Event 2018

We are at the European Parliament of course,
but this is not a normal plenary session This is the EYE, the European Youth Event 8500 young people here discussing, debating about politics, about Europe, about the future of Europe, about their own future. Europe is something that is very important
to me and so when I heard that you get the opportunity to meet a lot of young Europeans in one of the most important parts for the EU I was up for it. I see so many people around here that are
active and that are active in youth organisations and that want to shape our future together,
so it’s been great. It’s very important that we keep ourselves
involved and that we update ourselves on whats going on, what the new policies are. It’s really difficult to come to a conclusion
together because every country has a different opinion on certain issues and different interests,
and it’s very hard to combine them. I’m happy that these guys are here and that
they are all willing to discuss European issues and to create new European ideas and hopefully
they get the message across to us MEPs. So yesterday there was a panel discussion
and that was really interesting because we could ask direct questions on how will the
future look like? Honestly, I was really impressed by a lot
of the MEPs. You can tell that they are really interested
in the ideas we put forward and that they are happy to share ideas with us.
It’s not just European propaganda for the event you can see that they are committed
to what they do beyond their role as politicians you can tell that they like what do they do
and that they do it for us. I’m here for Battle for Your Vote which is
an event organised by EU40, it’s all ahead of the next elections to get young people
excited about politics. I know one rap battle isn’t going to do that
but it’s been amazing to see 8000 young people who are all engaged and talking about it. People would feel more involved if they go
and vote during the elections, even though the decisions sometimes can feel very far
and distant from regular people. Europe won’t change with older people, it’s up to young people to take over and build what they want I think what is most important to people is
that they see the European Union actually making an impact on their lives, we made great
progress this year with the EU standing up to big corporations, whereas small states
like Austria wouldn’ t have the chance to. I think that’s what is important. In the past, you can have a look through all
kinds of statistics young people were reluctant to take part in these elections, so for us
it would be really important if during the next elections we see that the result is also the result of the decisions taken by the younger generations. The European project is either entering a
new phase or its coming to an end because of countries overtaken by nationalism. I think it’s important for young people to
engage in that because they are the next people that are going to be pushing it forward. and the next fifty years are critical because
we’re not going to be able to beat Skynet if we don’t pull together and the androids
are going to take over and that’s going to be unfortunate in 2069.

3 comments on “European Youth Event 2018

  1. The EU has done a beautiful job in corrupting the young … the cash to the universities and the school propaganda is paying dividends ….. 'The European Youth Event' … That is just scary and sad; echoes of 1933-1945 Germany or the 'All-Union Leninist Young Communist League ' …. utterly brainwashed frenzied kids talking about the 'glorious' future together ….. never mind the disenfranchisement, never mind the ignoring of democracy, never mind the undermining of sovereignty and the death of the right to self governance, never mind the corruption of our own institutions that lead to events such as this ….. 'The European Youth'

    When these kids learn to think for themselves they will be a little ashamed of parroting EU propaganda and aiding antidemocratic corporate forces do precisely what they thought they were fighting against. The Kid from Austria reckons the EU keeps big business under control, that Austria is not capable of doing anything alone or by simple co-operation ….. You have to laugh …

  2. Imagine these kind of events about 100 years ago. Such a progress made, all EU nations should be proud what we all achieved by coming closer.

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