Europe’s Refugee Crisis Explained

Europe’s Refugee Crisis Explained

We don’t control where we’re born, and
wherever that happens to be, is where most of us stay. Our families, our friends, our
spoken language–everything is there. It’s what we know. But this year, more than a million
people from the countries surrounding the European Union have left the lands of their
birth in search of a more peaceful, better life. This is an explanation of the European Migration
Crisis. Europe is used to receiving economically-motivated
migrants. But they’re not used to being overwhelmed by refugees. A refugee is defined as “a person who has
been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.” The brutal civil war against a mad dictator
in Syria has caused over four million people to flee that country. The rise of the Islamic State in Syria and
Iraq is causing millions more to flee. But refugees are also from Libya, Eritrea,
Afghanistan, Nigeria, Sudan, Senegal, and Somalia. The migrants are heading to Europe because
they can live there in peace, their economic prospects are far better, and many of them
have friends or family that have already made the journey and who pull them there like a
magnet. Germany — Europe’s 80-million-man- economic
powerhouse — is the top destination. Sweden accepts the most asylum-seekers per capita.
Some settle in Italy and France. Others would like to continue on to the UK, but it’s
a well-guarded island, which makes the journey more difficult. Syria’s neighbors: Turkey, Jordan, and Lebanon
have over 3.5 million Syrians living there, many in sprawling refugee camps just outside
their borders. Once out of Syria, there are several routes people are taking to get to
Europe. They cross the Mediterranean into Italy and Greece. Some cross the Black Sea
from northern Turkey. Once on the European mainland, the unpassable Alps and more secure
borders funnel the migrants through the Balkans to Hungary. From there, busses and trains
take them to the German border or other parts of the EU. The situation has reached crisis level now,
partially because summertime means the sea and mountains are warm enough to safely cross
and the success stories of refugees now settled in Europe has motivated many more this year
than in years past to finally make the push. But that push has also led to 6,000 people
drowning in the Mediterranean Sea since the start of 2014. A rate of more than 1% of those
who embark on the treacherous journey in unseaworthy boats. These tragedies, images of dead migrants
washing ashore, have gripped the world. Refugees are also victimized by degenerate smugglers,
like when 71 people perished in Hungary after the driver of a tractor-truck left them locked
in his trailer. Germany has said it could take up to a million
asylum seekers this year alone. This isn’t just humane, it’s wise, considering Germany’s
low birth rate, aging population, and shortages of available labor. The UK will allow in 20,000
over five years, while France will accept 12,000 a year for the next two years. Hungary,
on the other hand, has built a 4-meter-high fence along its entire 109 mile border with
Serbia to force the migrants west into Croatia. The U.S. State Department has said it could
accept up to 8,000 Syrian refugees next year, up from the 1,500 total it’s brought in
so far. The U.S. has provided $4 billion in humanitarian aid. The wealthy Persian Gulf states of Saudi Arabia,
the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Bahrain have accepted a grand total of 0 Syrian refugees. Outside The Box
The inability of governments to act effectively to solve the crisis has led to some out-of-the-box
attempts to help, including an American and his Italian wife who now patrol the Mediterranean
helping to rescue distressed migrants in the 136-foot ship they spent $8 million on. After the Icelandic government said the country
of just over 300,000 could only take in about 50 Syrian refugees, Bryndis Bjorgvinsdottir
called out her government to do more and volunteered to house, feed, and clothe a small refugee
family. That inspired more than 10,000 other Icelanders joined her on Facebook to offer
their homes. How do you think the refugee crisis should
be solved? Is your government doing enough? Make sure to like and share this video to
help it spread. And as usual, thank you for watching.

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    Even the ones that ones were refugees are not welcome.
    They have passed through several safe areas before reaching Europe.
    Europe has done more than enough.
    They should stay in their own neighboring countries. End of story.

  2. All the problems of the world need to be dumped in to our white countries because we are just too nice. That is right we just open our arms to all the [email protected]#$%ed up people to the point that we are replaced in our own countries by the worst people of the world. That will help us out by killing the whites off and replacing them with people who have no idea on how to create a country in the first place.

  3. I can't believe that you gave a definition for the term refugee at the start of your video and then failed to explain why they are not refugees. The title should be, Europe's Economic Migrant Crisis Explained In Favour Of The Economic Migrants because if we were talking about Turkey, Greece, or Italy for example which are normally the first countries they reach after Syria then they would be refugees. After that, even with them saying we want Germany, France and UK for their generous benefits it's obvious what they are here for, to take what they haven't built or created. Stop trying to paint things up with your Disneyland idea of the real world.

  4. Europeans, awake! It's time to come back to Jesus Christ. Only strong
    faith may save you all from the defeat and imminent islamic slavery.

  5. JEW WORLD ORDER–Mass miscegenation. All funded by JEW NGOs and assisted by treasonous paid off politicians of the marxist EU


  7. yae I can see that some people are so cruel e.g how can you tell somebody to leave his or her place and move to somewhere else while there are so many dangerous things out there

  8. There is no "Migrant Crisis", there is insane jewish plan for European population replacement and destruction of Christianity!

  9. They have no welcome from me if they live here they work for free and live on he streets and they get no education or healthcare. That's how I feel

  10. The problem with this is that they're mostly young men who are well enough to stay in they're own countries and fight but they're either too cowardly or too much hard work for them or both instead they choose to journey all the way over here and expect us to believe they're genuine immigrants fleeing for they're lives and wen we don't fall for they're lies cos were not as daft as they seem to think that's wen they cause their chaos here cos they some how become braver wen causing riots here unlike they're own lands were they're a bunch of cowards the truth is the majority are from African nations all men all for economic reasons but they don't even come here with the intention of working for the better life they want they expect it to be handed everything for free and this just can't or won't be done we can't keep the rest of the world nor are we obligated too and DEFINATELY owe them nothing

  11. Where are all the jews and Christians? Oh yeah Muslims killing them because there told to by Mohammad and Allah dislikes it but allows it.

  12. Stop calling these invaders refugees, they are invaders and mostly men who seem to think that raping European women is okay with their phoney god.

  13. Kalergi Plan – This is a Zionist plan to cause civil wars across Europe and infest the bloodline for generations to come. Don't believe me? Kalergi was integral figure in the EU and won its first Charlemagne Prize. This is a Zio- war against the western people. Why aren't there open borders in Israel and why does the controlled media support this? We carried out atrocities in the middle east and we are supposed to think that none of them want revenge – Have these vengeful refugees live amongst the politicians and CRIMINALS who started these wars not the western people who didn't want anything to do with them.

  14. My government is doing enough. We have ONG like "Save the Children" going directly to Libia to take them, and illegally transporting them in Sicily, while the media keep lying about the situation. They are supposed to take them to the nearest safe port, which is in Tunisia. But the migrants pay 1500 € each, so they transport them to Sicily. Italian Mafia is getting rich, Palermo has became Beirut. The Mafia stopped importing drugs, cause they make more money with migrants. 80% of them are not refugees. You're spreading false information, using our coscience against us. The reality is that we need to stop this as soon as possible, cause is unacceptable, illegal and dangerous. We need to help the people who's already here and integrate them, but stop this criminal business. I repeat: THEY ARE NOT REFUGEES. Just illegal immigrants. You can verify everything I wrote, please do that, and stop being brainwashed by the politically correctness of the media.

  15. mark my words, these refugees will destroy europe they have already began… you white idiots will be oppressed in your own countries… the more you let them in the more caos will come from it… they are rejecting your culture and will later enforce their's

  16. Let them go black and build their country , fight for their country Freedom and prosperity by working hard If They want to live better . Nothing good comes easy !!!! Nothing comes from nothing !

  17. Yes most of European Men have become politically correct feminized Pussies How can they let Muslims take over a civilized Society who is responsible for most of the Inventions and Innovations in the modern World. How can they take a chance that their Children and Great Grand children be treated humanly and fairly as a minority . Shame on those misguided People , shame on all the Governments

  18. Why is it up to white christian europe to take care of the Muslims? Where is humanity among Muslim nations? is that what Islam is about? Hugary is the only smart country in europe. The rest will regret the problems that many muslims will cause.

  19. When Finland was in war, our veterans fought for the country. No man left, they wanted to save the country. Why aren't the people in these countries fighting? Now over the 100 years of Finland, we have built a working country. Unfortunately, these "refugees" are taking down the country. Our government started to provide free healthcare to people, who are illegally in Finland, and cut the help of the Finnish poor people to zero. Close the borders. Now.

  20. – Jewish Dual-citizen politicians call you racist for not groveling to every Black demand — Netanyahu has just called for blacks in Israel to be sent back to Africa: "We will return south Tel Aviv to the citizens of Israel, they are not refugees, but infiltrators looking for work. If needed, we will legislate an amendment to the law or change the agreements with the African countries, or both."
    Israel offers to pay African migrants to leave, threatens jail

  21. Israel grabbing Syrian land for "greater israel", creating hell on earth while clearing enemy population from around it's borders and —-
    (4) America, the "MASTERBLASTER" from the movie "Thunderdome" a giant moron ridden on and directed by Twisted Jewish Dwarves ……..
    Who PROFITS? Who benefits by clearing enemy populations away from their borders so it can steal land for "greater israel" while genocidally flooding CHRISTianity at the same time.
    Who BRAGS that they are behind this Invasion. NOTE how they call the muslums their ALLIES & BROTHERS What the Jews think of YOU.
    How the JEWS greet "refugees" The Jewish ACLU, ADL, SPLC use our laws to FORCE Invaders in on us but at HOME —

  22. It would be funny to hear your interpretation of what a jihadist training camp is in the USA. It's hilarious how naive you are!

  23. Why don't you roll out the red carpet for the jihadists who are walking across the borders to join one of the many jihadists training camps located in the USA? I can just picture you frolicking with a basket of fruit and nuts.

  24. The Daily Conversation is FAKE NEWS! The refugees don't have the financial means to pay for the travel abroad. Hello, this is sponsored by "big money."

  25. Most of these are young males,not refugees but migrants from countries not at war,send them back europes got enough,germany isnt taking them all its sending them around europe to places like hungary who did not invite them so let merkel keep them

  26. morrons liek this is why sweden and europe is turning into shitholes terorist strikes rapes crime so called refugees are army age men here to do nothign but live off our working class backs

  27. …When you look @ it There seems to be a Sinister Agenda ! All these WARS in Arabic countries have created this immigrant crisis!The economy in US.& EUROPE tanks…so it seems the Solution: Create wars!! Immigrants will flood the stable "peaceful Western countries" whereby Conglomerate Co.'s, landlords,businesses can exploit them,for lower wages, hi rents,so the 3 per cent can enrich themselves.Even Gov't wins since the economy of the host country improves!
    …but what about the poor, destabilized Arabic,Poland,some African countries left behind!!
    It is no secret, that Europe UNDERDEVELOPED AFRICA…Before the African Slave slave trade, the MOORS Lived in certain Euro countties,SPAIN,on of them & elevated standards of living, health Architecure Spain,until they were forced out & 1492 EUROPE began the horrific SLAVE TRADE with the plan to EXPLOIT AFRICA & make it THEIR BREAD BASKET!!…Numerous Nations,have invaded Egypt over the centuries from Ancient Egyptian times…pushing the TRUE EGYPIANS out of THEIR HOMELAND so they were forced to scatter further into other African countries…being bombarded, country after country,Persians(modern day Iranians) Italy & more! The Ancient Pharoahs fought Back many times to preserve their HOMELAND,& IN MANY Instances preserved peace for centuries, attacks on Egypt were relentless when these outsiders saw the GOLD,, envied the hi standard of life of Egyptians.Outsiders even went to Ancient African Universities to become educated!!
    The EVIL INTENT of the Europeans to destabilize AFRICA continued with the Slave Trade in 1492..basic Factor in Underdevelopment of Africa,Technical Stagnation
    Consider the Portuguese!Portugal boasted Angola,Guinea& Mozambique have been their possessions for 500 YEARS!!..claiming their Civilizing mission!!but had not trained one single African doctor in Mozambique! & the expectantcy,in eastern Angola was 30 yrs!!
    The old Capitalism in Africa was not equal…the Bulk of social services went to whites!
    African miners were being underpaid,not enough to eat properly…In 1930 hundreds of miners in Tanganyika died due to scurvy & other epidemics due to poor health services to them.
    ….So here we are TODAY!!..people,the remains of exploitation,…being lied too,the EVIL ANTI-CHRIST,who wants to enrich his pockets,leave you dumbfounded,stripped of your Greatness!!(They have tried to hide your Great History of Black people!Burned our Ancient libraries.Even today 2/11/18 In Bronx school,A White Principal told a teacher not to teach students about Harlem Renaissance, Fredrick Douglas in a school where 95 per cent of Students are Black & Hispanic!!! In protest, 75 per cent of schools students responded by wearing all black the next day….& this is Black Hx. Month!!!
    All these WARS!!..If we weren't LIED TO we would not have had the GULF WAR,…THE TERRORIST RETALIATION (when will it end?)
    Loss & maiming of Soldiers @ WAR,….& Immigration Crisis!!
    There are 18 black women:1 black man!..result of war, incarceration,racism.
    Globally,alot of people have to reduce their family size, cause the powers that be, make the cost of living so hi !…In China, a woman is permitted to have 2!! children now, since their population is aging & people realize more youth needed to care for the elderly.

  28. Migrants move for better prospects, refugees move because where they are isn't safe. Mixing up the terms is just increasing the confusion. We don't have a migration crisis, we have a refugee crisis

  29. The "refugee crisis" has been artifically created by George Soros and the USA through their proxy wars / destabilization actions targeted against the entire EU. They've done this multiple times in the past and continue to do it today. Syria is full of fossile fuels, same with the Krim part of the Ukraine. These actions are supposed to allow access to those riches by toppling the current government and implementing a pro-US leader. Same old modus operandi in basically every matter of geostrategy. Shame on all people responsible for this.

  30. They have to be fed, clothed, and have a place to sleep. That cost money. They are not professionals. You are doomed Europe !!

  31. PLEASE consider signing the petition to the UK government (if you are a UK subject) for a full inquiry into child grooming and rape gangs:

  32. Only 2% of them are actual refugees so stop misinforming people!!! This is a UN/EU Soros move to erase all national identities to be ruled by one government. The narrator of TDC is an uninformed or well conditioned Soros lackey!!!!!

  33. Why Arab countries did not take any refugees? Because they knew what West did not know.

    Look at Sweden and Germany now…What a joke. Muslims should not be allowed anywhere in Europe. They are not Europeans, never will be no matter what passport they hold.

  34. Now its 2018 . Europe is on the verge of CIVIL WAR because of mass immigration .
    Major citys have turned into 3rd World Ghettos with No Go areas the Police wont go .
    Mass Grooming / Pedophilia carried out by MUSLIM gangs .
    A RAPE Epidemic all over Europe . .I could go on and on and on as these are FACTS.

  35. EU – beggers can't be choosers. We need immigrants to solve demographic time bomb
    US/Canada – we can afford to be picky; our demography is healthy and we get plenty of better educated immigrants with skillz/capita
    Far East Asia – we have demographic problems too but we'll try to solve it by importing our own Asians instead

    EU is just salty because it is forced to take the leftover after the good ones are taken by US/CANADA LOLZ

  36. USA wants oil from Syria like with Irak. Russia is the only who wants to stop this colonial robbery. Europe is just taking refugees and say nothing. Its clear for everyone who is not a stupid one.

  37. They want to live in peace??? then why are they killing, raping, and stealing??? I say they can drown in the Mediterranean Sea.

  38. Europe colonized the world. Take part in the USA destabilizing the globe. Then people cry when refugees from exploited nations want a life that was taken from them. Irony

  39. Many thousands of migrants HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN BLOWN UP WITH BOMBS, placed by the traffickers, to explode by mobile phones once the migrants are out of reach from Libya on the way to MALTA+the reason 'blood' is taken whilst these migrants are in Libya, is so that the selected migrants, (to be harvested for illegal organ harvesting), those migrants are separated and transported safely to sicily, onto to where they will get their organs taken out, knocked off, than their organs are sold off for thousands, hence many so called 'migrant medics' are now extremely rich, as helicopters are always awaiting the arrival of these selected migrants with the RIGHT BLOOD TYPE, in order to quickly deliver the harvested organs to the rich paying organ receivers! THAT'S LIFE!

  40. Saudia Arabia accepted zero? These are their people. Same race and religion. They should be the ones helping them.

  41. I hate how these migrants rape and kill white women and kill christians and live off of those who were killed by taking their- and other citizen’s tax money as welfare, and The mentally impaired people in charge of the EU keep asking for more and saying more is a good thing, lovely isn’t it, just lovely

  42. Well 2 yaers later Sweden became the rape capital of Europe
    Crime rate in Sweden went up by 300% , from not even 300 rape cases a year it went up 3000 which is not even the real number because women are afraid to report it to the police
    About 12 major terrorist attacks in 2 years , the economy of Germany , France The UK and Sweeden has been going down steadily.
    And where are we not seeing this problems ?
    That’s right Eastern Europe because even though corrupt our leaders care at least a bit about Europe , our culture and religion
    Angela Merkel doesn’t seem to give a crap about Europe though :/
    And that will be the end of Western Europe as we know it

  43. Why is Europe the target of these refugees? There are other rich Muslim countries that they can go such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE. These are the countries where the people share their culture and Islamic religion. Why Europe only?

  44. If the US/UN actually gave one f*ck about Africa and the mid east , they wouldn’t have Blown Up the Great Man Made River project in Libya, which took 30 f*cking Years and was near completion and would have brought fresh, clean water to the whole of north Africa in a total unprecedented way including a great food bowl for the peoples. FFS…. Oh and no Mass Migration into Europe.
    Lybian people DID NOT kill Gaddafi the western backed and paid Alqada mercenaries did.
    Libya before 2011 NATO bombing Free education, Free healthcare, Homes are a right in Lybia, (no homeless people), No interest on Bank Loans, No Electricity Bill, The Oil revenues shared with the people, Free equipment for farmers(land, livestock, etc), 50% off all vehicle purchases(government pays 50%), Price of oil is 14 cents per lt, and the country had no debt, whatsoever. That's the utopia we've been looking for, but we killed it

  45. I'm from poland but I living in germany. Germany is exporting weapons to the Kurdish peshmerga and other organizations but why not to the people of Syria or other people from other countries. The whole young mans which are here in germany why they are not defending their country,family and house against ISIS or other terrorist groups

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