Explained! EU Roaming Regulation: What it all means

Welcome to the summer of mobile love! We all love using our mobile phones but from the 15th of June 2017 the way we use roaming abroad is going to change drastically… In opposition to what some
journalists have said roaming is not free this summer but from 15th June 2017
Roaming in EU does not occur additional Roaming charges… They call it Roam like at Home and what it means is that if you’re on a tariff
that supports roaming the same tariff conditions that you have at home will
apply while roaming abroad at no extra charge Every EU Roaming Supplier must
offer these tariffs. The price of your home tariff should not increase because it includes Roam like at Home However if you feel that for some reason your Roaming Supplier
is raising your tariff costs, speak up! If you’re going on an extended trip
your Roaming Supplier may limit your usage by charging a fair use policy this
is allowed and they should notify you of this in advance… While Europe has 50 states
the regulation only applies to the 28 EU member states plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and
Norway… Some EU countries have territories outside of Europe which are also
included in Roam like at Home Following Brexit and the UK’s departure
from the EU the UK may be impacted with Roaming charges again, but let’s see what
2019 brings Speak with your Roaming supplier and ask them for a Roam like at Home tariff that supports Roaming at no extra cost Check to be sure the special
tariff applies to a country that you’re travelling to… So when traveling this summer or throughout the year
switch on data roaming on your phone and have the feeling of Roaming like at Home,
wherever you are in the EU!

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