100 comments on “Family Survives Getting Struck By Lightning In Sequoia National Forest

  1. What should you do if you are outside during a thunderstorm because everybody in the comment section sound smart and my dumb ass would've probably got under the tree too😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♀️

  2. When I got struck it hurt bad but not as bad as the thunder storm's that come out of my ass when I take a dump…😖😖.lol true story

  3. What a stupid parent!! you went under a tree WITH YOUR KIDS when is a thunderstorm?!!O hell nah.. And he was FILMING too.. with a phone….

  4. whats the difference between lightning ans eletricity?
    i think that eletricity is man made lightning and lightning is nature's natural eleticity….that is what I think. I dont really know if what i said was nonsence or not but please answer the question.

  5. This is a way to survive

    When there’s a thunderstorm ⛈ and the hairs on ur hand stands up straight lightning 🌩 is about to strike u so go some that’s really safe

    It’s TRUE it happened to me before but I survived

    Your welcome

  6. For people saying why they went under a tree during a thunderstorm, when your in a forest or when your hiking where else could you possibly go ?? Stand in the rain ? Heck no, shelter some of the rain under a tree that we all do

  7. Boyscout first rule in lightning storm walk away from tall objects and PONDS of water but yea he got a badass scar from it.

  8. Rule #1 according to physics:
    1.- Never stand under a tree during a lightning storm.
    I could explain the math and physics behind, but I ain't have the time, just listen to this advice.

  9. I actually feel blessed to have a dad that taught me to never go by an open field or under a tree during a storm. His words "better get yourself the hell out there"
    I'm glad they're okay!

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