First Microsoft cloud regions in Middle East now available

The cloud presents an
opportunity for every organization to embrace digital transformation. By delivering
cloud services from new data centers in Dubai, and Abu
Dhabi, Microsoft is bringing technology closer to local
businesses and organizations. Majid Al Futtaim is a leading
lifestyle conglomerate here in the Middle East. Digital is
important in every facet of our life today. People do not go
online, people live online. If we’re not participating in that,
we’re no longer fulfilling our mission. Mashreq Bank is present
in 14 countries and we are spread all the way from Hong Kong in
the East to New York in the West. We have data on over half a
billion interactions with customers and we’ve been
investing significantly in scrubbing and collating that
data into a common set. The bank has committed itself
to evolve and introduce digital transformation. Office 365 is
constantly enriching and enhancing itself with new
capabilities, new features, new products. I believe that we
today have tools that actually allow our people to unleash
their full potential. We can better understand our customers
to improve customer journey and come up with new products. In less than 3 months time, the
transformation has been dramatic The productivity of our sales teams
is up by at least 60%. Microsoft has been a game
changer for us. Microsoft Cloud. Cloud for the Middle East
Cloud for all.

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