Five kids relive the time of their lives in Madrid | Champions of Europe

Five kids relive the time of their lives in Madrid | Champions of Europe

Can you believe it?! YES! The Champions League final, in Madrid. Pass it! Alfie, here you go! Down the line! It comes to Divock Origi – he’s won
the European Cup for Liverpool! We all went to Madrid and we had
the best time of our lives. The Friday night was the best part for me, when we were roaming
the streets and everything. ♫ We are loyal supporters! ♫ And we come from Liverpool! ♫ Allez, allez, allez… ♫ FANS SING ‘ALLEZ, ALLEZ, ALLEZ’
IN THE DISTANCE Tottenham were just not on our level.
Van Dijk’s too good for them. Matip was good as well. When I was in Kiev and me
and my dad were crying, my dad said to me, “We’ll win next year.” All the down times, Liverpool just, like,
come back and win. It’s boss going the game,
it’s just the best feeling ever when you get into the ground,
and when we score it’s just buzzing. You know when we hear
You’ll Never Walk Alone, it’s emotional. It’s our song. ♫ Walk on, walk on… ♫ What’s your favourite song? Now? “We are the champions,
the champions of Europe.” ♫ We are the champions,
the champions of Europe! ♫ Or maybe the Firmino one. ♫ Si senor ♫ Give the ball to Bobby and he will score… ♫ Andy Robbo, he’s just something special. He’s fast… ..strong… I just think he’s solid. Van Dijk’s just so fast,
he can catch up with anyone. He’s just a nightmare
for a striker to play against. He’s like a wall. I saw Van Dijk the other day and I asked him,
“How are you that tall?” And he said, “Eat your vegetables,
then you’ll grow like me.” Jürgen Klopp’s just one of
the sickest managers ever. I think Klopp’s better than Pep by a mile. Every press conference
and every interview he’s laughing. You need to make the most of him
while he’s here, don’t you? Yeah. Barcelona, led by Lionel Messi,
the greatest player of a generation, 3-0 up. Can Jürgen’s men rise
against every obstacle? The players were just amazing,
they never gave up. Trent’s corner I didn’t even know about. When Origi scored it was just mad. It was just the best moment I ever had. We’ve witnessed, like,
one of the best games in history. Against one of the best teams in the world. Madrid was the best though, weren’t it? When he came on,
I just knew he was gonna score. Matip just knocks it on to him. I was thinking,
“Why’s he shooting? Just play it.” And he puts it in the bottom right corner. We all went berserk. There were this old man, he got really emotional and at the end
was crying his eyes out. Maybe cos they’ve been watching it for years
and waiting for this moment to come true. What was Hendo doing
when he was going like that? Just mad thinking that you’re supporting
the best team in the world. To me, that badge, it is just, like,
unbelievable when you look at it. Over there. The best football club in the world.

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  1. 1:50 Ian Rush said, if I don't drink lots of milk, I'll only be good enough to play for Accrington Stanley…
    'Accrington Stanley?…who are they?"

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  3. This film makes me consider what the greatest ever all scouse Liverpool team…and subs …would be.
    What about….

    1. Tommy Lawrence..
    2. Tommy Smith..
    3. Trent Alexander.
    4. Phil Thompson.
    5. Jamie Carragher.
    6. Jimmy Case.
    7. Ian Callaghan.
    8. Steven Gerrard.
    9. John Aldridge.
    10. Terry McDermott.
    11. Robbie Fowler.

    12. Dave Fairclough.
    13. David Johnson.
    14. Steve McMahon.
    15 Steve McManaman.
    16. Chris Lawler.
    17. Joey Jones.

    Anyone come up with a bettet line-up then this.???
    I Doubt It!

  4. Hopefully one if not all these kids get to play for Liverpool and lift the European cup one day. Then look back at this video👍👍👍.

  5. I’m a united fan but Liverpool are a lot more supportive of there fans than Man Utd and the only thing I hate about Liverpool is the accent it’s so annoying and the 99 treble is still better against Bayern other than the accent I think Liverpool is great 👍

  6. I'm a Spurs fan and I went to Madrid I was gutted and still am but well done even though it wasn't a good game we all bossed and conquered Madrid as England with a brilliant atmosphere

  7. Winning is good but sportsmanship is better u sayed totenham is too bad for us we have van dijk you shouldn’t say that it’s am really sure that and rude be nice

  8. It will always be a never forgettable moment for me. I cried when you guys won the last champions league, because I've been waiting for long time to see you lift a big trophy once more. Never give up guys! You'll never walk alone.

  9. Facts: my uncle the ceo of Zoek the job finding company had dinner with klop and got him to sign me a football so they are good mates

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