Gavin Harrison Drum Kit – Sonor & Zildjian

[Music] hi I’m Gavin Harrison and I’m going to show you around this fabulous sona made in Germany drum set this is the first tribal blue finished drum kit that they ever made and we experimented with a few different shades of blue and eventually came up with this one this is a real wood veneer this isn’t a plastic kind of wrap it’s a special kind of man-made veneer actually made in Italy by an Italian furniture maker so this is all maple drums this is eight seven ten by eight 12 by 9 15 13 and 18 15 the bass drum is 20 to 15 there’s a lot of 15s in this drum kit and I’m 15 years old thank you now this snare drum is one of the new protein snare drums which I designed together with Sona this particular one is 12 by 5 there is another one which is 14 by 5 and 1/4 the snare drums as you may already know are made of birch they have hybrid bearing edges which is round on the top sharp on the bottom they have hybrid hoops s hoop on the top and the cut triple flange on the bottom which allows you to take advantage of the SONA dual glide snare strainer which means that you can change three snare is three different snare wires that come with this drum and you can quickly change one to the other the cymbals are all Zildjian cymbals these are 13 inch K high hats here are five mini Bell custom symbols that I designed this is a 16 oriental china trash and one of the new 18 thin crash a’s these have just come these are the the revamped a line and this is a 17 inch crash of the same series the new a line with the large Bell like the 18 this is a 7 inch custom bell symbol this is a Zildjian sound lab prototype 20 inch K custom complex ride this is normally this is a 12 inch oriental trash but at the moment it’s a custom Z 12 inch crash trip China I mean this is an 18 inch no 19 inch custom dark crash in the K range beautiful symbol one of the old Z 18s and another custom bell which has a particular pitch to it which I need for just one song and I’ll play you a little bit of that in a second the skins are all Remo skins I use vintage Emperor’s on the tops of the drums and clear ambassadors on the resonating sides of the tom-toms the snare drum comes with a CS reverse dot and the bass drum has a power stroke three okay so I’ll play a little bit you can hear what it sounds like [Music] [Music] okay thank you very much you’ve been a great audience [Music] [Music] you

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