100 comments on “Ghorot Xumai Thaak | Heavy Budget

  1. Kenny …we r with the process…let's fight together…bhal kariso video to bonai…Amar mokkel burey nubujey nohooe

  2. Please do read this comment. Bro. Bohut useful video dila. Actually ai WhatsApp University virus tu sobotke bhoyonkor. Tar uporot ata bonua. And aru ata kotha. Police'e nijor uniformr faida uthai bohut manuhok pitise and kisumanr hat bhoriu bhangi dise. This is injustice to the society. Tar uporot kiba ata kora. Mane ata video bonua. Monot rakhiba j powert thaka manuh ajone jatya nijor power misuse kore ba power use nokore, tetia he society r khoti hoi. Tumalukok manuhe bhal pai/follow kore. So it also is your duty to do whatever you can to spread knowledge about Justice.

  3. ঘৰতে সোমাই থাক 😍 সঠিক সময়ত সুন্দৰ ভিডিঅ' সুন্দৰ বাৰ্তা প্ৰেৰণ কঁকাইসকল ☺️

  4. Excellent creative way to raise awareness through comedy 😂❤❤Stay Home, Stay Safe #HeavyBudget always favorite❤👍👍

  5. Kenny Da u r too good.
    And this Montu da 😄😂😂 (bhulot a humalu tumalkr ghrt) epic.
    Thanks for ur concern to the people.

  6. Good news in this video… I am also a healthcare worker… I work in Apollo Guwahati…thanks for your support…

  7. Thank you so much sir.. For your motivational speech for the Health workers and keep supporting so that this pandemic gets over without causing calamities.

  8. Tony "Janta Curfew" r dina news t ulaisil… restaurant/delivery service (in his home I guess) khuli rakha r krne. 🤣

  9. https://youtu.be/itSxaS02rro
    বন্ধ দিন Part 1
    Heavy Budget moza👍👍

  10. ঘৰত সোমাই থাক😆
    যদি পিঠিত ফুল বচাবলৈ মন নাই😉
    গতিকে ২১ দিন ঘৰত থাক।

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