Global economy ‘sinking’ as Trade wars seems to increase

Global economy ‘sinking’ as Trade wars seems to increase

last week on hopes for Federal Reserve
rate cut Easy money your reported it but they lost over
two million jobs in a short be less than the Illegal subsidies
in the first place and for the government the tariff
income is probably going to subsidies received then neither
company is getting an advantage on both end up to be fairly weighted
based on the value of calling upon the US to engage on
this If the WTO finds imposed will continue to see how we can
solve that issue and we’re countries as well to do that and
in the meantime, of course, we concluded an agreement with Canada
and talking to other unfortunate that he is trying to
find Solutions, we have December, the upper body sees to
function that is very optimistic for for the time being
So it might be so that in mid process to try to find a solution
that looks not very used totally United to work in Geneva
with the So-called Walker not improved. We will continue from
the EU side and here at the situation there is is worrying the
uplift body situation has winning of course we discuss that
links at that w till the these micro corporations by government
is hard to see who is manufactures facing tourists to
the other subsidy section of expected to stem from kids so with
those major aircraft us government in the coming months
which similarly tower and experienced recording this subsidy
section of going by the plans beginning on october eighteen
t w two is suppose to rule announced once they will impose
at ten percent duty on air bus Europe’s desire to slap tariffs
on boarding planes the tariff subsidies Soon It’s expected to
offer a similar verdict on levy tariffs on Airbus planes in
response to illegal government gonna move across that network The
W T O authorized the US to Communist party to be able to steal
all the information that’s maybe a telecommunications network
because you want your over the real estate or you’re showing
up to provide maybe a loan Knowing that it is likely that
you will foreclose and take product is being offered for political
interests that is your with a facially commercial product
but it turns out that that sovereign countries have a responsibility
They have a through this that only this it is
also the case. The nation’s work product Greek gracious smart
He all will figure a way finished it in six months later
No one would stand behind the and there you see it it’s halfway
finished or better still I nothing they showed up and said
they wanted to build a bridge out. They built a big energy project
and it produces nearly Nations that I’ve talked to who
have said. You know what turns Chinese show up with cheap money
I will tell you the number of deal looks too good to be true it
turns out it is and with the actions can also backfire to harmful
effect Sometimes when a EU but as the tip for tap measures
taken by Beijing show such beneficiaries of the recent trade
increment with japan agriculture features coming And
the disputes with China and the the presidency in twenty sixteen
will be the biggest for supporters farmers from american
states the health you win purposes the effect attention will
trying to make economic goes democracy to impeachment right disputes
conveniently suppose year he is looking for destruction
from effort by opposition consumed with winning a second presidential
term elections next economies companies and people will
beat the front trump is October eighteenth politics is being
put before common friends Airbus and Boeing with the US pledging
to apply levies by on a long running dispute involving
the aircraft manufacturers ahead after a landmark ruling by
the World Trade Organization billion dollars of imports from
Europe He has been given the go though as he prepares to impose
tariffs on US seven point five President Donald Trump seems oblivious
to the implications would be more damaging than the
one raging with China US WTO rules a trade war The United
States and European Union firmly defend our interests if and
when necessary in line with to pursue a positive trade agenda
with the US but ready to relations with start facing turbulent
times We are determined Had a comprehensive discussion on
the transatlantic trade spending the us is our is the main
trading partner of the today break through with with immediately
please second business make progress to all straight peace
expectations and love for a officials schedule to make this
weekend washington to try to point eight percent the good news
is not us and chinese for the fourth quarter compared
with an early full cost of one costing modules dongri did on friday
to one point three percent economy is dimming the New York
Federal Reserve stf group for Chief global market strategist at
Invesco The outlook for the persists the greater damage it does
to the US economy said economy needs a resolution to the
trade war the longer this alone won’t solve the underlying
problem Trade uncertainty The growth could use a jump start while
stocks rallied sharply late economy but not one that’s close
to collapsing either way to slow taken together Figures paint
the picture of a slowing 50 year low a remarkable feet private
payroll growth continues in three years and although the
unemployment rate tumbled to a larger portion of the modern economy
grew at its weakest pace sector suffered its worst month
since June 2009 services The the U S China trade war hurting
the economy The manufacturing week, showing how tariffs in the
Boston certainty surrounding because all those jobs are loosing
your probably and now close but they definitely wanna make a
deal New evidence emerged last period of time and they want to
make We’ll see what happens, manipulation also their pouring
water money into the country economy is sinking china exceeding
the terms because of manager already there by or cell into the
chinese markets as a global business in china have adopted the
already strategies depending on october fifteen unit is they
moved the nationals they do responsibility to make sure that
that when a country shows up with a potential there standing
round of new tariff step take

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  1. This is a lie China does not want to make any deals they've already said they don't I don't get why our government has to lie about these things we are past the point of no return they should have done deals months ago and they didn't in China has no plans for dealing with America at this time

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  3. The British people wont allow GMOs from USA or chickens dipped in bleach or hormone filled beef!! So what's left for the USA to export to Britain?? not foodstuffs will ever be acceptable from the USA!! The British people are used to top quality British beef and lamb with chickens being the main buy for families in Britain today!! We British people will never buy anything grown in USA as they use GMOs that cause cancerous turmors which has been proven in research on lab rats!! So Mr Trump and you Boris Johnson don't try to do any deals with GMOs!!

  4. The trade arrangements that worked to the disadvantage of the United States impacting its workers, tax collections, businesses at a net cost of nearly a trillion dollars a year is no longer acceptable. There's no going back no matter what the consequences. The Era of globalization is over. Get used to it world. This is just the start. If your prosperity was at America's expense you'll have to find another way. America is putting its own interests ahead of everyone else.

  5. This is all Roman bread and circus……being done on purpose to push WW-3. This isn't about good deals, it is truly about dividing the world and pissing us all off at each other. These wack jobs will not feel the shit end of this stick, it will be ALL people no in governments that will be shafted……….and look at you all in the comments, already pointing fingers and wanting to off each other!
    Get over yourselves and stop blaming parties or countries, it is ALL OUR LEADERS!! They are all in on this together, wake your @$$ up and stand together!

    5 %,
    5 %
    WE HATE,,,,,​YOU..

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