Hiking in a jungle in Europe – South Moravia, The Czech Republic (Buchlovice – Smraďavka)

Hiking in a jungle in Europe –  South Moravia, The Czech Republic (Buchlovice – Smraďavka)

From Adam’s house now I am going to explore this place Don’t have any fixed destination in mind, just going to see how the area is I like the way houses are located in this area Remotely located, away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities It is raining The view is mesmerising Now I have entered inside the Jungle Looking for a way to go somewhere I do not have GPS navigation device, Compass or mobile network.. The Only thing I have is.. Belief.. Belief .. on the people & the information provided by them ..also I believe on these paths, which will take me somewhere I am just going to follow them Usually, I don’t go alone in a Jungle.. but due to certain reasons, I could dare to come alone Firstmost reason was – I was informed that there are no wild animals here Secondly – There is no fear of anti-social elements like thief or robbers. This gave me strength to come here alone Third reason – I saw the local map before starting, so now I have a fair idea about the directions Adam also gave me an idea of the route.. and the biggest reason which helped me to decide to come alone in the Jungle was… .. the habitation in this area There are homes inside the Jungle. So I can get help when needed. The way looks like this.. it is getting more tougher ahead I am going to use an offline mobile application to check where I am right now according to it.. There is a road nearby.. 100-150 meters away I’ll go in this direction now I saw a house from a distance. I thought there must be a road nearby .. but I could’t reach there because of the wild bushes So, I am going back I am back .. will follow this way .. Yes! I can see the road 🙂 This area looks beautiful Now I am walking on a proper road But the most surprising thing for me is.. .. I haven’t spot any person till now Had this been India, I am sure someone would have asked about my whereabouts but I think Europe is little different I have reached this place…. Now I can see people, cars and other signs of life 😉 This seems to be a cafe The place looks beautiful Today is Sunday and people have come here to spend weekend with their family forgot the name of this place again… People have come in their caravans. After a short break in this yellow coloured building (cafe), I am back on the road It is not raining now. The time is 4:15 pm. May get dark in some time, thats why I should go back The world is really beautiful Just met a wonderful couple We had a brief chat They live in Brno The second largest city of The Czech Republic They have got a cottage at this place in the middle of this jungle They keep visiting here to spend weekend at their cottage even their family or friends keep visiting on the weekends I told them that I have come here from India They were surprised to know what was I doing alone in this jungle and why I chose such an offbeat place to visit They not only guided me the proper way to go back but also taught me to use the offline map properly They told me that the paths marked in Black are actually the hiking trails I could have used this app while coming to this place This app shows the hiking as well as the biking trails so now, I am going to use the app to go back to Adam’s house Suddenly I got scared ! There was some unusual sound .. quite loud.. like someone was cutting firewood I got scared I think I have reached the top Yes, I have reached This is the same house which I saw yesterday This is special to me, because.. my grandmother’s house was almost like this one .. .. In Narwana (Haryana, India) Likewise, many people in Rural India make their homes in the same manner Earth homes, made up of mud or clay slurry, cow dung mix reinforced with straw The owner of this house also makes Eco-homes for others The pipe seems to harvest the rain water I like such Eco-friendly homes Now, I’m right back where I started and that is Adam’s house

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  1. Really wonderful camera and music…like professional cinema. You have real guts to go into the forest alone …. regular follower of your channel. Keep it up

  2. Free ki stay karoge to pasina toh chchutegahi!!! 😹😹😹 Europe k cities ko chhurke ap hume jungle dikha raheho???

  3. बास दुनिया घूम लिए परंतु देव भूमि uttrakhand भूल गए कोइ गलती हो गयी है क्या हम से ?

  4. जंगल मे घूमते समय जो म्यूजिक चल रही है।रोमांच भरने वाली है।वैसी म्यूजिक हॉरर मूवी में चलती है।

  5. Bhaiya Aap ghar mei ghus jaaya kro seedha….movies mei dikhaate hain na…ki aese gharoo mei ghusne pr acchaa achaa kuch mil jaata hai…

  6. This video was really scary….
    You really dare to dream…..
    but please take care of your safety too…
    it looked like deep jungle… there can be wild animals…

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