How is the Community Investment Fund Impacting York Region Residents?

We do see these students develop themselves in
many different ways I know coming out of this program, I’m more
confident They all leave with something special and
they are all better off It’s like starting a new life It’s a whole new demeanor when they leave the program. We’re building towards a better life for someone I know that I’m a lot better off then where I was going We really look at empowering the individual Two or three weeks into the program, I was
able to find an internship We provide opportunities for students to go back into the industry and apply the skills that they have In many cases, it’s their very first work experience in Canada They are exuding confidence that can then get them a job They are leaving here with tangible certificates and experience and training You’re investing in an individual to help that person grow at different stages in their lives The support is really important. We could not do our jobs without it We won’t do anything without them actually A lot of times the funders actually hire back
our students You are facilitating an environment where
people can save their own lives With the Community Investment funding that
we receive, we really can respond to the local needs They are actually here to try to help you to improve the community and improve the people
around the community and to build a better future for everyone It’s so exciting to be in the York Region and really work with York Region youth as well They take control over their own lives. That’s the ultimate goal and that’s what
we achieve My life is starting to take shape again They leave here with skills, experience and the support where they can get the jobs but not only get jobs but keep the jobs My future…I’m very very excited about The gratitude that I have says it all

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