since I started working with Iain, we
developed a unique scoring system where every hole I would I would mark my
routine out of ten so actually a maximum total of 180 per round and
this year I’ve set the benchmark at 152 which is a target and all I do
now is go there and try and beat on a golf course there’s actually times out there
where I’ve forgotten what score I’m on and around and what position I’m on in
the tournament and I’ve been so engrossed in the fact that I want to
beat my OSVEA score I set a 152 target at Oakland
qualifying and the day after speaking speaking to Iain and getting some fresh vibes
from him and I managed to qualify for the Open Championship II like I said
earlier for me now it’s just the case of beating that score and that really is
something I bought into and the the outcome goal of shooting for score is really in
the back of my mind and and the forefront is just OSVEA
last week I played in the European tour and in the Czech Republic in the fourth round
I finally broke my record and posted an OSVEA of 155 which actually
was a 3 under par 6 to 9 and moved me up the leaderboard my games progressed from a four time
Europe pro winner into into a good China tour player competing he had the
top on them and playing played seven European tour events which is really a dream come true and I don’t think I would have been able to do that it wasn’t from from
the work I put in with Iain and the preparation we’ve done on my game

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