How To Save More Money Using Qapital App Review

How To Save More Money Using Qapital App Review

– I think we all know that the
smartest way to buy something is when we can actually afford it. But to afford that particular thing we need to save up for it, right? Most of us don’t have
an extra 8 to $10,000 laying around to buy our next car. Most don’t even have
an extra $1000 on hand to buy their next smartphone,
or else the majority of people wouldn’t be taking on
monthly payments to have it. The trouble is that it’s
really not easy to save money sometimes, especially on
things we know we should. This could be because we have mortgages, car loans to pay, and our past mistakes still lingering from
things like college debt. Look, it’s easy to set a savings goal, but executing the goal and
making it to the very end is where it can get a
little bit squirrely. This is usually the case
with those longer term goals. In this video I’m going to show you the ultimate solution to
your money savings problem with one of my absolute favorite apps. If we need a little help with
saving money, then why not use technology to help
crush those savings goals? I should also mention that
you’ll get a free five dollars for completing your first
deposit with this free service. Who doesn’t like free money? Hey, I’m Jarred from Debt Free Blueprint, where I show intelligent people like you how to get out of debt and create freedom through your finances using
the Debt Free Blueprint. Don’t forget to smash
that thumbs up button, and leave a comment down
below to let me know what you’re trying to save up for. If you want more personal
finance videos like this, then hit that subscribe
button and the notification so YouTube knows to deliver them to you. To give you an overall
idea of how this video will be structured I’ll walk you through setting up an account,
show you how to set up a savings goal, and the types
of goals that you can set up. Show you how to fund those goals
with rules that you choose, which is probably the coolest feature. Share with you a goal that I’m saving for, and the process of what things look like from withdrawing the
money from your account. I’ll also answer some comment questions towards the end of the video. Drum roll please, the
app that will teach you how to save money is called Qapital. Yes, I said Qapital with a capital Q. Qapital is a way to create a goal to save up for something specific and choose exactly how
you save for that goal based on rules that you
set up for yourself. There’s a lot of apps out
there to help you save money. The thing that sets Qapital apart from the rest is how you save the money. The process of setting up a new account is super, super easy. It shouldn’t take you
any more than 10 minutes. You want to use the
link in the description of this video to get a free five dollars. You’ll receive this once you
complete your first deposit from the goal that you set up. Once you create an account you
will link your bank account. You will do this by logging
in through the username and password you use for
your normal online banking. Qapital works with all
major national banks, and even a ton of smaller
regional ones as well. Once you create an account Qapital will create a checking account for you, so it has somewhere to deposit the money that you set aside for
different savings goals. Let’s take a look at my account so I can walk you through
some of these things. So, let me walk you through how
to set up a goal in Qapital. Find the app right there,
and I have mine set up to where I can use my fingerprint. And once you log in you
have this plus sign up here to the top right, so
go ahead and hit that. We’ll create a goal just for fun. They have some preset
goals just naming-wise, that’s pretty much all it is. I like to go with something else, just so I can start from scratch. And then, from here the goal and the name is what you’re gonna choose. Let’s say we want to call this, we want to buy donuts, I love donuts. We’re gonna save up for some donuts. Donuts, probably the most expensive donuts you’ve ever seen in your
life, but that’s okay. Next, what’s cool is
when you create a goal you can create a cover photo, just as kind of visual motivation if you will. So, we’ll go ahead and search
the web for some donuts. All right, already have it typed in there. Let’s pick this one, a little
variety I like it, I like it. Now, how much do we need to save for this donut, or donuts,
we’ll call it $100. The most expensive donuts
this side of the Mississippi, but they’re delicious,
they are so delicious. So, we put in our amount there. Next, this is another feature I want to mention real quick is savers. This is a cool feature that Qapital has. Say that you and a
couple of friends decide that you want to take
a vacation in a year. A friend-cation we’ll call it, and you each need to save up $1000. Well, you can add different
savers to different goals. So, say you, Jimmy, and Sally
want to save up $1000 each. Well, you can all keep track of everyone’s progress by
adding different savers. So, say you’re three months
out from the friend-cation, and Jimmy hasn’t saved up anything at all. You can say, Jimmy,
get your stuff together or else guess what, you are
not going on the trip with us. So we are not adding anyone
for this little donut goal. Now, what sets Qapital apart
from the other, I guess, kind of savings apps is
this, the active rules. The rules that you decide to use when saving up for each goal. This is basically deciding how
you’re going to save it up. Now, you can do different preset options that are already right
here, which is if you want to take 10% of your income
every time you get paid, set it, and forget it a dollar a day. Or they have so many different options for different rules that you can do. Once again, that’s set it and forget. You can save X-amount of
dollars per day or per week, whatever timeframe you want to choose, which is a really cool feature. And you get to choose the bank account that you are funding this goal with. Then, let’s see some other
ones, you know, round up rule. So if you spend $1.50,
then you tell the app for this rule I want you to
round up to every dollar. So every time you spend
money it would round up to the nearest dollar, and it
would save that difference. Guilty pleasure, but
the coolest one I think is this right here,
the customizable rules. Now, this is more fun than anything. They have a whole bunch of
different preset options that you can choose
that will help you save under different circumstances. For example, save every time you post a photo to your feed on Instagram. You link your Instagram account and then it just starts saving, it’s pretty awesome,
same thing with tweeting. And then there’s even more
down here with this IFTT. Now, if you’re not sure what IFTT logic is it basically stands for if this then that. If it snows outside, then you
save that, that amount, right? So you get to choose the different type. And this is a lot of fun actually. For example, if I wanted to set up a rule for this video you’re watching right now to save every time I get a particular like on a YouTube video,
then I can do that. It’s just another way to
kind of gamify savings. Now, let me show you what
my savings goal looks like, one that I’m saving up for right now. So, I’m very into physical fitness as some of you know, and
I need another kettlebell, a new kettlebell to workout with. A heavier one because
I’ve kind of outgrown the ones that I have right now. Now, I could afford this
new kettlebell outright because I’m debt free at this point. But I still like to flex my little savings muscle if you will. I want to save every single month, and I wanted to test this
Qapital app out as well. So I created a goal, don’t make fun of me, for a Star Wars kettlebell. And I put $100 in there for now. I think it might be a little bit more, but just to get started
I wanted to save $100. At this point I have my rules set up to save one
dollar every single day. And this is kind of what it looks like. Right now I’m at 10% of that goal, it gives me a little reminder. And it also gives me some recent activity of the different transfers
of money that I’m getting. Now, in this case what happens is every day it will save up one dollar. It will pull one dollar
from my checking account, and it will transfer it into this side account that
Qapital has created, it’s a checking account essentially. And then every day around the same time I actually get a notification
from Qapital on my phone. Let me show you an example of some of the notifications
that I get to remind me, hey, you’re saving for this, this goal. See, I constantly get one every day around the same time telling me, hey, you saved a dollar
today towards your goal, a dollar towards your goal. Which is pretty cool, it kind of gives you that visual motivation
and reminds you like, hey, you’re doing something really good. In this case this notification, whoops, said that I, oh, shoot it went away. It said that I was at 10% of my goal, so I don’t have to technically log into the app to see how much I’ve saved because I’m constantly
getting those notifications. Now, you can turn those notifications off no problem, it’s not a big deal. But this is definitely one of my favorite ways to kind of save. And I think this is really going to help every single one of you
when it comes to saving up for things and having
a lot more fun with it. Now, let me answer a few common questions that I had that you might have as well. This sounds a little too good
to be true, so are there fees? There are no fees to use this app, and there are no fees to
withdraw your money at all. Another cool feature of Qapital is that you can request a Visa
debit card for the account that Qapital sets up to
store all of your goal money. So you’ll have complete
access to it at all times. Is your money safe, it’s as safe as any other regular bank
where you put your money. If you have any more questions,
then feel free to leave them in the comments below, and
I’ll answer them for you. As difficult as saving money
in the present might be, it’s going to make things
even more difficult for us in the future if
we don’t start today. If there’s one benefit
I’ve noticed from learning how to save on a regular basis, it’s that it gives my future self more power and options in
every aspect of my life. I encourage you to even start small, open up a Qapital
account, and create a goal to save one dollar per day. For the cost of a coffee
a day you can start setting aside money for a new set of tires that you’ll need in the
next couple of years, holiday gifts in December, your debts, and any other expenses
you’ll have in the future. If you need more help
with managing your money, then sign up to get on the
money management course waiting list, where you’ll
learn how to take control of your money, link is in the description. Make sure to smash that thumbs up button. And pick up your free copy of
the Debt Free Prep Workbook. Hit that subscribe button
and the notification bell to get more personal finance videos just like this, so we
can start getting you to a point you’re financially free. I’ll see you in the
next one friends, adios.

32 comments on “How To Save More Money Using Qapital App Review

  1. Hey Jarrod! I’m trying to save money for my Emergency Fund and to buy a newer used car. I also have 2 rainy day funds in case anything happens.

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  3. Hey jarrad quick question. Although i link my personal bank account to the qapital app, does that mean i will no longer have access to my peraonal bank afterwards???? Just want to make sure i can still use my personal banking institution in case their are any mistakes or mishaps down the road. Small concern of mines before i actually commit to this savings app. Thanks for your time

  4. All my sinking funds I need to use for the year are programed in Qapital. I have about 9. I also deposit onto the spending card my monthly spending money every month… groceries, gas, etc… when I need the money in one of my sinking funds… lets say I want to pay my yearly oil bill, I transfer the money to the spending card and pay for it using the card. I like that my credit cards and bank cards arent being used, primarily for internet safety reasons.

  5. So, is this kind of like a bank account but with compartmentalized savings ? If I move from the savings in Qapital to my main bank account, will my savings goal go down or will it remain the same? For instance, if my goal is $1000, I have $500 saved but move it to my main account, will Qapital still say I saved $500 or will it go down to $0?

  6. If I wanted to have separate accounts for separate subscriptions do the subscriptions charge directly to each goal I have set up for them?

  7. I understand the separate sinking funds you can create but is the card fund different? Does using the card come directly out of one sinking account or is it separate. Also, must you have the debit card?

  8. So your savings is in a qapital account instead of my own bank? No thanks. As sketchy as customer service can be with apps, having to rely on customer service to get my money back sounds scary

  9. I see you have PNC, which is also my bank account. For some reason, the app will not let me link my bank account! It keeps telling me my account is not yet authorized for online use. I’ve already confirmed my account, and when I log in, it tells me the last step to setting up my account is to link my bank account! This is maddening! Lol I’m excited to use the app, but I can’t get it working! Any idea what’s going on?

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  11. I don't know if someone asked this already, but would I be able to use my regular bank debit card to make purchases? Also, how would I pay for things once they are in the app?

  12. Jarrad – does Qapital give users options for withdrawals? …or does withdrawal always come in the form of a card? One of my goals is to pay back my parents for a loan they gave me, but they don't want a card.

    Thanks for making videos – I think they are great!

  13. This is the best review and I will use this app what funny is that I just did Digit app but this one is much better. Thanks man

  14. Ok.. so I'm probably the only person having an issue trying to use the app.

    Does the app support
    Forum Credit Union ?

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