How will the Coronavirus change global politics? | DW Analysis

How will the Coronavirus change global politics? | DW Analysis

The Coronavirus is sweeping around the world.
“We have a simple message to all countries – test, test, test.” It’s a global emergency like we’ve never
seen before. I’ve been following events from here in
Brussels. And Europe really is at the absolute epicentre of this crisis right now. In many
countries around the continent, the number of cases and the number of deaths is increasing
by 30% every single day. Think about it. That means, every three days, the number doubles. Italy is ground zero, and its healthcare system
is buckling under the pressure. Scenes like this could come soon in Spain, France and
Germany too. And European leaders are warning it could
get much, much worse “With the virus here and not yet any immunity
in the population and no vaccine or treatment available, then a high percentage of the population
will become infected — experts say 60-70%, as long as that remains the case.” And the US isn’t far behind…. although
the president insists he is on top of things. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate
your response to this crisis? “I’d rate it a 10” But the markets don’t seem to agree. The
economy is heading for a huge recession. Back in China, where it all began, the worst
SEEMS to be over — at least for now. Infections are down dramatically from their
peak and president Xi Jinping has been to visit healthcare workers in the city of Wuhan,
which is CHINA’s ground zero. “We are certain to win this battle. Wuhan
is sure to win, Hubei is sure to win, and China is sure to win.” Some have even said China’s response is
a model for the world… An extreme lockdown that helped to slow the virus’s spread…
a makeshift hospital built in a matter of days… all made possible by an authoritarian
regime that is able to act quickly and decisively. Is that true? Do you need to be a dictatorship
to handle a killer virus? Are Europe and the US at a fatal disadvantage in tackling this
intense crisis? “We need to become aware that Europe can do
many things but it cannot handle as a risk manager a pandemic response. And obviously
this looks like a very manifest weakness we have.” “I think people are very worried that we may
have lost valuable time and that means that the curve will be more severe than has needed
to be.” “A lot of people are kind of almost looking
at China with envy, saying, wow, I guess authoritarianism kind of works because they were able to just
shut things down. And now the virus is contained in China.” We’re going to compare these three big players
— China, where it all began, Europe, now at the centre of the pandemic, and the US,
where infections are spreading fast. We’re going to discuss what’s going wrong,
what’s going right, and what global politics might look like after this crisis. Now before we jump in, I want to stress a
couple of things. First, it’s obviously going to be a long
time before we can draw any really solid conclusions about this. Probably at least a couple of
years before the dust has really settled on this crisis. So… Think of this as an early
real-time snapshot of how things are going at an EARLY stage in a crisis like this. And secondly what this video is not — it
is not about the science. If you want some content about the science of the Coronavirus,
there’s lots of it right here on DW News. Right now we want to talk about politics Europe’s politicians are in overdrive right
now…. Over the past couple of weeks, every leader around the European Union has announced
measures they probably never could have imagined outside of a war. They’ve been jolted into
action by the crisis in northern Italy, where an explosive outbreak has stunned the
country and left thousands of people dead. Per head of population, it’s already much
worse than it was in China. Europe’s open internal borders and highly integrated economy
meant it would not be long before the virus was everywhere. Many countries around Europe have been responding
with all sorts of measures kind of lifted right from that Chinese playbook. They’ve
been imposing tighter and tighter restrictions on movement right up to national police-enforced
curfews. And they’ve been imposing controls on many of those internal European borders. “I am about to sign a decree that we can
describe as ‘I stay at home’.” “Starting tomorrow at noon, and for at least
15 days, our movement would be extremely limited.” “It is serious. Take it seriously. Not since
German reunification, no, not since the Second World War has there been a challenge to our
country that so much depends on our shared solidarity.” Right here in Brussels almost everyone is
mostly working from home because of a tightening curfew. These streets are usually packed with
EU workers. I’ve mostly been working from home, too.
So you’ll see the interviews up next were all filmed on Skype in my little apartment
here. It’s not exactly studio quality but it is quite fitting… because all the experts
I spoke to were having to work from home, too. EU law professor Alberto Allemano joined
me from home curfew in Paris. He told me the problem with all that action
from European countries — is that each has been going it alone. “We are in a situation in which today Germans
can still walk freely in their cities but Italians and Spaniards there they cannot their
home complied. A situation in which British kids or kids in Northern Ireland are still
going to school. But most of their peers across Europe they cannot go to school shops are
open in Sweden right now.” The EU’s top officials have been trying
in recent days to coordinate — with video conferences among all the national leaders. Sometimes they’ve rushed to patch up problems
with measures like unilateral border controls, which have been blamed for damaging hold-ups
to essential goods. “Our healthcare system is under huge pressure.
Therefore member states have taken strong measures to slow down the spread of the virus.
These measures are effective only when they are coordinated… In this moment of crisis,
it is of utmost importance to keep our internal market going. In general, measures taken at
national level can only be effective if they are coordinated with neighbouring countries,
in particular in border regions.” “Bottom line is that the European Union
as such cannot lock down cities, cannot close schools, cannot stop sports matches. Those
are competences that belong to the member states of the Union. So we need to become
aware that Europe can do many things, but it cannot handle as a risk manager a pandemic
response. And obviously this looks like a very manifest weakness we have.” Plus many have been shocked by the lack of
solidarity among EU member states. Just as Italy was desperate for protective gear, countries
like Germany were banning their exports. “When Italy and the Italian government ask
for help by leveraging on one of the emergency help mechanisms that there’s been recently
created, no European country has actually responded to that particular call. And this
was certainly a bit of a shock for many Europeans who would have expected countries, regardless
of the competence of the European Union to what you could actually do what health matters,
to show some solidarity for those countries are most effective in a particular moment.
That’s basically what European the European integration project is about. It should be
about solidarity.” So to sum up that message from Alberto… It seems that the European Union is too integrated
for each individual country to go it alone. And yet it’s not integrated ENOUGH to come
up with a coherent response that serves everyone’s interests. So perhaps no wonder it’s struggling. But what about the US? For many Americans, cruise ships like the
Grand Princess have come to symbolise the early stages of the outbreak. Hundreds of
infections have taken place on ships in various parts of the world. But the disease is spreading on land too,
and the outbreak is lagging not far behind Europe. Despite this, for weeks Donald Trump downplayed
the threat posed by the virus. “So far, we have lost nobody to Coronavirus
in the United States. Nobody. And it doesn’t mean we won’t, and we are totally prepared,
it doesn’t mean we won’t. But think of it. You hear 35 or 40 thousand people, and
we’ve lost nobody….” And as recently as March 9th, Trump implied
in a tweet that major disruption to the economy wouldn’t be necessary.
“My fellow Americans….” An address to the nation just two days later
was meant to signal a shift in tone. But Trump’s main announcement — a European travel ban
— took allies in Europe by surprise. And that lack of coordination frightened the
markets. The very next day, US stocks crashed by around 10% — their biggest drop in decades.
And there were more falls to come. Trump started appearing at coronavirus briefings
more often — but he didn’t always manage to inspire confidence. “We have an invisible enemy. We have a problem
that a month ago nobody ever thought about. Nobody in the — you know, I’ve read about
it. I read about — many years ago, 1917, 1918. I’ve seen all of the different — the
different problems similar to this that we’ve had. This is a bad one. This is a very bad
one. This is bad in the sense that it’s so contagious. It’s just so contagious.
Sort of, record-setting-type contagion. And the good part is the young people are — they
do very well. And healthy people do very well. Very, very bad for older people, especially
older people with problems. My focus is really on getting rid of this problem — this virus
problem. Once we do that, everything else is going to fall into place.” “Well I think he’s just completely ill equipped
to deal with something like this. You know he’s maybe not… No one ever thought he would
do well in a crisis. This is one of the most complex sort of difficult crises he could
be faced with. It’s not something that he would sort of recognize or sort of fully understand.
He himself I think just thought it was just like the flu. You know he hasn’t really kept
up with these things. And it’s also a complex problem that requires sort of discipline and
focus — focused attention to deal with it. None of those are his strong points either.” Trump still insists that he is on top of the
crisis, stressing moves like a travel ban on China in tune with his populist instincts. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate
your response to this crisis? I’d rate it a 10. I think we’ve done a
great job. And it started with the fact that we kept a very highly infected country — despite
all of the — even the professionals saying, “No, it’s too early to do that.” We
were very, very, early with respect to China. And we would have a whole different situation
in this country if we didn’t do that.” But the administration has fallen far short
of its OWN goals on basic essentials like expanding testing capacity, meaning that the
outbreak could already be much bigger than it seems. Tom Wright says the administration’s
performance shows that populism fails to measure up to the challenge. “I do wonder if this will be the end of
populism as a governing method. You know I think you know one could see how a populist
would be winning because of you know travel bans and feeling like this virus is coming
from overseas and blaming the other — and that’s all true. But I think ultimately people
will recognize that to deal with this, you need expertise. You need to believe in an
objective reality. You know you need to believe in science. You need to cooperate with other
countries.” So to sum up those thoughts from Tom Wright…
It seems that populist leadership and a really complex, fast-moving, highly technical crisis,
are not necessarily the best mix. So what about authoritarian leadership? Let’s turn
to China. With infections down dramatically, China is
beginning to relax the intense lockdown measures that were imposed in the heat of the crisis.
Consumers are venturing back out to the shops. And president Xi Jinping has been thanking
medical teams in Wuhan, the city where it all began. “As you are all wearing protective suits and
masks, I cannot see your faces. But you are the most admirable people in my mind. So on
behalf of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, I’d like to express sincere greetings
and highest esteem to you.” Long-time China watcher Melissa Chan is based
between the US and Germany. “You have this early victory sort of lap
by Xi Jinping going to Wuhan, which seems to indicate that the government there has
confidence that they’ve managed to contain the virus. And the numbers are down every
day.” But go back to the early stages of the crisis
and China’s response looks more problematic. A lack of information — and even suppression
— meant crucial time was lost at the very beginning of the outbreak. A doctor who rang the alarm bell at the end
of last YEAR ultimately caught the disease and died. And any delays in the initial response may
turn out to have had grave consequences for the whole world. “People acknowledge that initially there
was a cover up. And at the local level, people are afraid to report negative news to the
central government. And of course, that is a major reason why the virus exploded. A lot
of people continue to point the blame at China, saying that the world, whether it’s Italy,
Germany or the United States, wouldn’t be in the situation it is in now if it hadn’t
been for the fact that the Chinese government was on it from the very beginning. And they
covered it up for weeks, essentially.” Plus without a free media, there is no way
of CHECKING the data coming out of China. And that problem could now get even worse
— after Beijing announced that it was kicking out many American journalists. There are questions, I think, moving forward
about the accuracy of China’s numbers. And don’t forget that President Xi Jinping did
do his semi-victory lap in Wuhan. And so if the numbers actually start going up in China
with Coronavirus, I think there’s every incentive for the government not to want to report it.
So, again, China is a country that’s still one to watch.” So even if China might have had an advantage
in imposing those draconian measures when and where it wanted to — that lack of free
access to credible information may have had a crippling effect in the early stages of
the crisis. And as Melissa Chan points out, another place in Asia may be doing best of
all. “I want to look at Taiwan. I mean, it’s
just been incredible example. They have multiple flights between mainland China and Taiwan
every day. And they’re their numbers are so low that when people show graphs comparing
countries in terms of their ability to, you know, bring down the curve, as everyone is
saying now, that’s become such a common sort of lexicon that Taiwan doesn’t even show up
on the graph because the numbers are so low.” And why is that? Well, at least in part, Taiwan
is benefiting from its experience with the Sars outbreak back in 2003. It was a very
similar virus to the one we now face — and required a similar response. “They’ve just had very, very good measures
in place in terms of people coming from certain destinations, landing at the airport and having
medical staff essentially, you know, sort of disinfect everything and check people.
And of course, they have a very renowned universal health care system. So I think that, you know,
a lot of people are kind of almost looking at China with envy, saying, wow, I guess authoritarianism
kind of works because they were able to just shut things down. And now the virus is contained
in China. But look at Taiwan. It’s democracy and they’ve managed to do the same.” So let’s get back to that question from
the very start. Do you have to be a dictatorship to handle a killer virus? I think it’s pretty
clear at this stage that the answer is no. But all three systems — the US, China and
Europe — are being put through an incredible stress test right now. What could be the long
term consequences for the political landscape be? There could be a serious impact on the US-China
relationship. Just in January, President Trump signed an “phase one deal” to ease the
tense and long-running trade war. Now things could take a major turn for the worse — with
a blame game about the origins of the virus. “Where does this phase one trade deal stand?
Is China going to commit to buying all these agricultural products from the United States?
Like they said they would. China has had a very tough time. However way you see it, the
Corona virus has impacted the economy there. And they’re not in a place necessarily to
want to or even have the capacity to buy soybeans from the United States. That’s not the primary
concern of that state right now. So the phase one trade deal is is, I think, in question.
And second of all, of course, you have this acrimony with President Trump calling this
a Chinese virus. The president has decided to call this Chinese
a Chinese virus, knowing, of course… that the Chinese government is on a massive
propaganda campaign, both domestically and overseas, that this is a virus that is not
from China. Believe it or not. And that this is because of the U.S. Army. That kind of
conspiracy theory is a very serious accusation that the US is responding to. This is not
a good sign that the two world leaders are sort of pointing fingers at each other about
the origin of the virus. When, frankly, both of them still have a very serious domestic
problem on their hands that they should focus on and they should both be focusing on the
health of their citizens.” But in the US, Donald Trump has another thing
on his mind — his election campaign. Tom Wright says the crisis throws his chances
this November into doubt. “I do think you know I think it poses a
real problem for him politically. You know as people realize that there is an objective
reality and that he’s gotten this fundamentally wrong and that he’s struggling to cope with
it. I think I do think some of the supporters will finally have second thoughts about him
actually.” And what about back here in Europe? Alberto
thinks we could be in for big change. “What is even more I would say paradoxical
is that in this particular moment not only a growing number of Europeans are looking
at the European Union as a potential savior of the situation but also many sceptics. Also
many euroskeptics people who usually argue that the European Union should do less should
not even exist. But now suddenly they realize that Europe because of its pan-European dimension
because of the inherent transnational dimension of his own operation could actually provide
credible solutions that no single state could actually provide. And obviously this carries
incredible political implications because nationalists and the far right in this particular
moment have very little to say besides being a bit racist towards China and other populations
affected. Because it’s pretty clear that no national solution today can be optimal. Rather
the opposite.” Whether you agree with that or now — wherever
you stand on everything we’ve been talking about… there’s one thing that everyone
can agree on. Whenever you move around, whenever you do have to go to work — keep washing
those hands.

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    Do not trust the establishments where ever you are whether you are in Super rich Norway , Corrupted UK or Authoritatrian China.

  45. Anything to pick on China. They built a 2500 bed hospital in like 10 days. By your logic, "the West" being democratic hindered itself… How? By holding a vote to build a hospital? Campaigning whether to build a hospital? Setting out bids for construction work?
    You people are the worst… There is no word to describe the flilth that you are made from.

  46. South Korea: democracy handling this just fine. Don't need a 'dictatorship' to fight this virus. Same with Taiwan and Singapore.

  47. Haha this program is joke. China didn't respond perfectly on time at the early stage but now almost controlled then answer is no. And even don't give the audience the chance to judge itself but direly gives the no answer. At the same time, European countries and America almost totally failed and the answer is the small weakness. Hah Keep brainwashing ur people as they are dying every day.

  48. Ironically China is helping the so called democratic countries. Where are the democratic flagship countries such as US and UK?😂 In China we only believe in the truth and result. We don't judge the system we judge the governance. Western politicians can never be on power because they are only good at speeching instead of doing thkngs.

  49. What I saw in Berlin today, on Prenzlauer Allee:
    1 Open guitar shop
    1 open betting shop
    1 open art gallery
    1 open shop for morrocan pottery…
    And again groups of people, young and old sitting close to each other, chatting, laughing as if there's nothing to worry about. Bavaria is already closing some areas including Munich but Berlin probably first needs some thousands of dead people until they take any action!

  50. All this nonsense about the suppression of news in China delaying the response. Yes of course it did. But in Europe and USA where the news was not suppressed we just stood by when the number went way beyond what they were in Wuhan and Hubei!

  51. Putin is greedily counting on this mass hysteria to take eyes off him….He’s voted himself in office for life…

  52. I am a liberal but I am offended at the implication that Trump's crass manner is anything equal to the Chinese government's inhumane behavior regarding the virus and its own people, especially. It is either disingenuous of this woman or she's an evil liar. NOTHING equal about anything the USA did to what that POS of a government did to the Chinese citizens or the world.

  53. Yes, we need to become an oppressive state because tyrants want to treat us like cattle to be CONtrolled or disposed of. Like China, the ruling elites' favorite model for the world to follow, they made world war one and two happen and they have agendas to fulfil, let's give them tha power and have EVERYTHING taken away from us!

  54. The virus is contained in China, you got to be shitting me? And unicorns are real and so are the reported Covid-19 numbers in India.
    How much money did the CCP pay you ?


    When it comes to China all western media are the same. Contrasting Taiwan and China on the Covid-19 crisis is ridiculous. China did alert Taiwan and encouraged it to move fast to prevent the virus from spreading. So Taiwan's success is in fact China's success. The comparison that should be made is not between authoritarianism and democracy, because all governments, ultimately, are authoritarian machines. That is why they exercise full control over the instruments of coercion. In short, government is simply 'ruling class dictatorship'. Elections, regular or not, are vehicles for recycling the core ruling class. The real difference between China's approach and that of most western countries to the covid-19 is the disposition of their respective ruling classes to capital. In China, the Communist party saw its first duty in the tackling of the covid-19 to the people and not local capital. In the west, the first reaction was to seek to protect capital and see how it can profit from the situation. Dastardly options like "herd immunity" were considered because they were thought of as less costly ways to contain the virus, despite obvious mass death that will result from this approach. Thus, the real difference we should note, in addition to both sides attitude towards capital, is between a social system that upholds solidarity (China) and one that promotes individualism (the old west). Between these two systems, clearly, solidarity trumps individualism in addressing covid-19. Reason: solidarity is a necessity in managing and treating a deadly pandemic like the novel coronavirus. To impose market mentality, competition and profit seeking behaviour on a mass scale in dealing with the virus crisis is to invite needless death on a horrendous scale, which is precisely what ordinary peoples across the world want to avoid. Notice how quickly efforts are made to pass on life saving information online. People are doing their level best to help each other across boundaries, while their governments are struggling over whose big pharma should first come up with and profit from any new vaccine or drugs to treat covid-19. We saw the US and Germany waging this war; and Italy not getting the right kind of medical support from EU states- all distancing themselves from each other, instead of coming together and coordinating efforts to fight the virus. None of the MSM in the west is so far bold enough to admit that China has broken out of the covid-19 crisis (so far). Cuba and Venezuela have also made impressive progress, suggesting that solidarity is the way forward, not rugged individualism, pfofiteering and blind greed. In moments like this we need each other. To do otherwise is to invite our common ruin. Let's learn from 'best practice', irrespective of where it emanates from. For now, at least, it has come from China, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, South Korea, and Singapore. The poor practices have so far appeared in Italy, the UK, the US, France, and Germany. These "herd immunity" initiates signed the death warrants of many innocent souls. They seem to be retracing their steps, but not fast enough. India's Modi's initiative ought to be given a more serious consideration down the road. "We are the world", are we not?

  56. Never forget this. This is China's fault. Don't ever let them change the narrative on the origins of this virus and place the blame on western countries.

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