Illinois team wins 2009 regional Rube Goldberg contest

Illinois team wins 2009 regional Rube Goldberg contest

>>The 2009 Regional Rube
Goldberg competition reigning national champions against a
field dominated by rookies. The goal was to create
a laboriously contrived complicated invention to
perform a simple operation. This year replace an
incandescent light bulb with a more energy
efficient design. The Purdue Society of Professional Engineers
concocted a Vegas themed machine that featured its
usual lengthy battery of tightly engineered
steps, highlighted this year by a risky catapult of a
car over the Grand Canyon.>>If you look at any of the
videos you just see we’re up here have a great time. We’re laughing, we’re
having fun. Most of us all enjoy
just building stuff.>>The machine required just 1
human intervention during its 2 official runs.>>Our machines mostly worked. We had a few hiccups
on the transport here. We actually had to take off I
think it was about 10-12 steps that we had to take
off once we got here because we had a malfunction
in one of our water veils so it wasn’t spraying
and then another one of our steps malfunctioned
cause a piece broke so we just had to bypass those>>But the effort was not enough
to derail the surprise entry from a first year University of Illinois team comprised
largely of freshmen. The clue themed machine
performed flawlessly twice to claim the title.>>Besides myself there were 2
other members that had did this in high school so they have
a little bit of experience in how it works and some of the
tricks to work on with that, then we just had a lot of people
are dedicated to put in the time and just help out
with everything.>>Illinois was the
first non Purdue team to ever take the regional title.>>It’s so much fun like
I mean it’s just a great like stress release
from the classroom. You just get to go sit in a room
with your buddies for 2-3 hours like talk about stuff,
just mess around. We get to like play with
weights and all this crazy stuff and it’s a lot of fun.>>Illinois also won the
People’s Choice Award.>>Its also great team working
ability, great leadership and just gets you ready for
anything you’ll encounter.>>Surprisingly the reigning
champs were also edged out by a first year
unaffiliated, unsponsored team from Purdue called
the Garage Junkies, the mechanic themed machine made
largely of old car parts emerged as a contender after
a flawless first run.>>It’s kind of completely against the whole
engineering philosophy of designing something
that works efficiently. It’s completely opposite which
is actually harder sometimes. You have to completely
rethink everything about what you’ve learned, what
I’ve learned these past 4 years, which sometimes hard to do
but it pays off in the end.>>Illinois now moves to the
national championship held at Purdue on March 28th. The dethroned champs who
invested $1000 and 1000s of man hours are already
plotting their return to the winners circle next year.>>No we’re not in a rut
we’ll be back next year. We’ll be kickin. We just we have step list that
you know we just keep adding to and as we use em we cross
them off, but it’s always nice to get fresh ideas, and so
that’s why you know we try and bring in some
freshman every year.>>At Purdue University
I’m Jim Shank.

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  1. MICKEY and all who worked on that AWESOME MACHINE. GOOD LUCK at the finals and we all look forward to seeing you on LETTERMAN !!!!!!


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