INTERFLIX Flixbus Bus Pass Review 2019 – How to travel in Europe low cost [Tips and advice]

INTERFLIX Flixbus Bus Pass Review 2019 – How to travel in Europe low cost [Tips and advice]

hi guys and welcome back to my channel
in today’s video I’m going to answer a question that some people have asked me
several times on Instagram how do you visit so many European cities and
museums? in the summer of 2017 I started to publish some pictures of me in front
of many artworks around the museums in Europe. In a month or enough on the road
in fact I visited the Paris Munich Prague Budapest Dubrovnik and many other
cities. In this video I’m gonna tell you how planned my journey and how I
fell in love with the adventure so that I decided to do the same the following
summer choosing new destinations. this video is not sponsored by flixbus but
I wanted to share with you my honest experience so if you want to follow my
art adventures subscribe to the channel and activate the bell. My trip on
the road started by accident I just spent my first month here in London and
I was figuring out whether to spend the rest of the summer here. So looking for
cities to visit I discovered the interflix and I booked it without thinking
twice. The idea is similar to the interail but by bus the interflix in fact
is an offer of the flixbus company that allows you to buy 5 tickets for 99
euros. I knew I had about 5 weeks and I absolutely wanted to discover some
European capitals so I made a list of the places I would like to visit and try
to evaluate the best route for my time and my budget. There are a couple of
limitations that needs to be considered before booking first only direct
connections can be booked and second the same route
cannot be booked at as a return journey. Once you understand the mechanism you
just have to choose wherever you want to go so it’s super easy. My journey started
in July from London and as a first stop I chose to go to Paris. I already knew I
wanted to visit it but then I wanted to understand also how much time to spend
in each city so the actual plan of the journey
required a little bit of patience. I decided to always travel at night and to
spend at least 3 days in each city so I spent one night traveling to move
from one city to another and about 2 nights
in hotel, Airbnb or hostels. Those days in Paris were amazing and they gave me the
energy to continue the trip to Munich the only city where I spent only one day.
I plan it to go there on the first Sunday of the month and we were able to
visit the museum only for one euro each. However this forces me to spend two
consecutive nights on the bus and it is something that I will never suggest to
anyone else. My next stop was Prague for four days so I decided to go around and
visit the city but also to rest. Some places like the dancing house or the old
town where of course included in the itinerary and what I love the most about
this city is the unique atmosphere that you can find there and everywhere which
cannot be confused with any other city in Europe. To be able to stay within the
budget I recommend choosing a mix of expensive and cheaper cities this is why
the next stop for me was Budapest. In this case the journey was short and
I arrived immediately ready for a tour of the Parliament, castle and Margaret
Island. Another must in the organisation of my trip was the sea so from Budapest
the next stop with a direct route was Dubrovnik in Croatia this one was the
longest journey from 4 p.m. to 6 a.m. in the morning but being able to put in the
bag the pullover and wear the swimsuit was the best moment of the entire
journey. So I ended up using the 5 tickets for 99 euros but I knew from the
very beginning that I had to come back here in London so I decided to cross
Croatia by local transport via Zadar Sibenik and Split arriving to Italy in
Trieste and from there I started again with other 5 tickets for 99 euros. As I
told you before it was the 2017 so it was the year of the Art Biennale in
Venice so I spent a couple of days in Trieste between San Giusto and the
Molo Audace but next stop was Venice just for one day just in time to enjoy the
city with a lot of artworks amazing artworks. To be honest with you in my
opinion this is what makes the interflix the same as
Interail the ideal vacation for those who love to move. It gives you the
flexibility to go around choosing the destination and being able
to fall asleep in Venice and just wake up in Barcelona. Here there was no lack
of Picasso and Miro and there were many tours of the Rambla and the Gothic
quarter. After Venice Barcelona was also my last stop with the sun and the sea
because after that we went back to Paris for a couple of days and the journey
ended with two cities full of museums. The first one was Berlin a warm but
slightly cloudy Berlin with its museum quarter and the second one was Amsterdam
doing the slalom between bicycles and tulips but also with the possibility to
visit so many museums and to see so amazing masterpieces for example by Van Gogh. Coming back to London after five weeks
was a little bit of a trauma for me but we enjoyed the experience so much that
despite our full-time jobs we decided to book another interflix for two weeks
the following year in the 2018. This time we travelled around Spain and Portugal. We moved from Paris to Madrid Lisbon Porto and Bilbao. For this summer we
haven’t decided yet if we will make this experience again but given the fact that
buying five tickets for 99 euros you only have to wait for the activation
time it’s easy to organise even without much planning. To book you can visit the
interflix website purchase one or more packages according to your needs
and from then on you have just to wait for the activation of the five coupons
that will be sent via email. Once activated you can put in the cart any direct bus journey and enter your discount code at the checkout. The amount due goes immediately to zero. Now all you need to do is to find an hotel, Airbnb or hostel where you want to sleep I hope you enjoyed the story of my
trip it made me want to live and go again on the road I understand that it’s
not a holiday that can appeal everyone but open ups many possibilities and allow you to visit different cities in a few
weeks. Thank you so much for watching and if you want to stay up to date on what’s
going on around here subscribe to the channel and activate the bell! Thank you

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  1. Great !! thx for the tips..
    about the return journey which a real issue for me since i'm short on time.. can I like hack it by doing another city in the middle of the return journey ?? for example i wanna do
    Barcelona – Paris
    Paris – Amsterdam
    Amsterdam – Brussels (hacking the return journey so it's not the same)
    Brussels – Paris
    Paris – Barcelona

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