Interrail or Eurail: Choosing a Rail Pass for Traveling Europe

hello everyone and thank you for tuning into this video we’re going to talk about rail passes for Europe guys if you’re thinking about traveling in Europe the train is a great option but there’s lots of options I know to be overwhelming so we’re going to talk about that today so if you’re going to Europe I personally went on a backpacking trip for one month across Europe it was epic and I used a rail pass now if you are a European citizen if you are a citizen of one of the countries in Europe and you are eligible for the inter rail pass now if you are outside of Europe then you are eligible for the EU Rail Pass now they both offer the same options there’s just different price points because one has a discount for European citizens versus non-european citizens so I’m going to talk about them generically so there are three things you got to know when you’re trying to look at picking the correct to rail pass first you guys consider how long is your vacation second you got to consider how many of those days are you planning to actually travel and then third go look at how close the different places are that you’re trying to get so a lot of the rail passes are either you have a full period that the passes that the past is valid for and then you have a certain number of days that the pass is valid for for travel so for example you could have a past that is valid for one month but only seven days of travel within that month so that means you can travel on seven different days so say you’re going from Paris to Italy and it only takes half a day that still counts as your whole day that counts as one of your days now say you went from Amsterdam all the way down to the southern part of Italy and I took you two days to travel that’s an account for two days of your seven now what’s really important to note is that you can get everything from 13 days to five days seven days to you can actually get a one month continuous pass which is what i did in which is what i recommend for anybody looking to backpack across europe for extended period of time because it lets you get on to almost any train there are some exceptions but there’s always a train that you can find that can get you where you want to go you want to do a couple connections but you can always find your way and so that global pass lets you help on any train any time for a whole month from the data use choose to select that start to the very end so that’s what I did so I slept on the train really benefit from that so that’s another option now one of the other things you have to consider is I said the location of the different place that you’re going because there are some passes that let you go to a certain number of countries so for example there’s three country passes 50 entry passes for country passes things like that that are all four countries that are connected to each other now interrail and your oil they’ve already decided these country passes that they offer so you can’t just select any for so you have to go on the website and look at the different options that they have but what it is is that there’s like say three countries that are connected so maybe Brussels France and Switzerland those are three pairs like there’s a different special pass for that too lets you go to those three places in a certain number of time so that’s pretty much the breakdown of rail passes they can get a lot more complicated if you’re having any trouble picking the right rail pass feel free to reach out to me I would love to help you get the right one I look at them all investigate them all very much before when I watch it but i recommend you know long travel definitely the global pass I think you’re doing the shorter travel there’s lots of different options so I hope you pick the right one or you can go online and you can even call them they’re really helpful people I personally love in terrell now I also want to throw in the fact that you can get insurance on your past which I highly recommend because i lost my task and it allowed me to get a refund afterwards it doesn’t help you during the problems like i only got through half of my rail pass and then I lost my past so they weren’t able to help me with the rest of my travels I would have to buy a new path but they did refund me the portion of my past that I didn’t use which was great and then something else you guys want to consider with the rail pass is that you have to make sure that if you’re outside the United States you leave yourself plenty of time from descended to it’s going to take time to come in the mail overseas so just keep that in mind other than that you guys have any comments or questions maybe you’ve already used a rail pass before you can leave comments below or if you have any questions I would love to answer them then in the meantime I hope that you guys this is really beneficial if it was please subscribe and share with somebody else who you think might feel the benefit from it because my goal is to reach as many people as I can tell some have awesome travel adventures every travel adventures like I did so it’s only by the power of you sharing that I can do that so if you could please do that for me I’d really appreciate it and then until next time high five 20

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