Islam In Europe

Islam In Europe

recent events in Brussels have confirmed for us in Europe what we’ve long suspected that we’re governed by unprincipled vote whoring cultural apologists who can’t wait to dismantle our heritage in order to show how culturally sensitive they are and who’d be quite happy to see us all living under Sharia law as long as it keeps them in office as a result we’ve got a situation now in Europe whether it’s halal meat for Danish schoolchildren or German judges quoting Sharia law polygamy legalized in Germany now for Muslim men only of course or an Italian Court allowing a Muslim to brutally beat his daughter when anybody else would be imprisoned Islamic values are now being imported wholesale into Europe and are being imposed on a population to whom they’re about as welcome as a melanoma no other religion gets these privileges and some people in Europe are so angry at this creeping Islamization of their culture that they’re starting to protest against it when they’re allowed to only on September the 11th this year in Brussels they won’t be allowed to because a peaceful demonstration intending to mark the anniversary with a minute’s silence outside the European Parliament has been banned by the mayor of Brussels in case certain members of the religion of peace react violently after all we wouldn’t want to offend people who were dancing in the streets on September the 11th that would be disrespectful and before somebody decides to call me racist or Islamophobic yet again you can save your breath Islamophobia is not the label of shame it might have been had it been a more honest word thanks to radical Islam and it’s open hatred of everything we stand for calling somebody in Europe Islamophobic is now more likely to be taken as a compliment than it is as an insult and our politicians have only got themselves to blame for that because what they need to realize is that we in Europe we reject Sharia totally not because it’s different but because it’s barbaric we once also employed mutilation and gruesome death in the name of religious justice we called it the Inquisition but then we came to our senses dare I say we became more civilised and before somebody reminds me that Islam preserved ancient scientific which when Europe are still going through the dark ages well yes that’s very commendable but you get the impression that Islam wouldn’t do that now because modern Islam if you’ll pardon the expression seems to be more about bulldozing ancient statues than preserving ancient texts apart from its own ancient texts of course and the results of that are there for all to see in any country where Islam has control notably in the leading Sunni state Saudi Arabia or the leading Shia state Iran both barbaric regimes with brutal iron age values and we don’t want that in Europe anymore I’m sorry to be so racist and Islamophobic and everything but we’ve seen how every concession to Islam is the thin end of an even bigger wedge and we don’t want religious police patrolling our streets not anywhere for anyone we don’t want legalized rape amputation stoning beheading or any of the other niceties of Islamic jurisprudence where a man’s word is worth twice that of a woman as long as he doesn’t let on that he’s secretly gay of course that would be a fly in the ointment and what a dilemma for the judge he wouldn’t know who to stone to death first what I’d like to know from our European politicians if they can spare a couple of seconds to step down off the gravy train is when will it be time to stop showing respect for Islam will it be when they take away your wine and your beer because they disapprove of it would that do it for you or perhaps when your wife is beaten up for showing her face in public or maybe you’ll wait until your daughter is raped and then punished for it would you show less respect then or will you continue to be culturally sensitive and suck it up like you’re sucking it up now because if that’s the case then my advice for the future people of Europe is don’t be a woman and don’t even think about being gay I wonder how long it will be before the first European is actually stoned to death for adultery if that catches on there’ll be hardly anyone left in France although that’s not strictly true is it because according to current birth rate projections France will be a majority Muslim country anyway in about 50 years but something tells me that nobody will be breaking out any champagne our friends in a mirror have their critics here in Europe as we know but I get a lot of emails from Americans who think that Europeans are spineless and I think they’re right yes we confronted Hitler but only after a lot of hand-wringing we could see it coming a mile off but we only acted when we no longer had any choice and by then it was too late to make matters worse most people living in Europe nowadays have never actually had to fight for the freedom they enjoy and so I think we’ve forgotten its true value and this is precisely why our politicians feel that they can trade it away so cheaply for the sake of their own miserable careers so I say cultural sensitivity be damned some things are more important peaceful protest and free speech are not negotiable and anyone who’s offended by that can damn well stay offended personal faith should stay personal it has no place in other people’s lives centuries ago religion may have had a role to play in maintaining social order but now it’s a threat to social order it’s a threat to world peace quite frankly and I think its role should be seriously reassessed in all civilized countries we need to devalue faith as a currency especially here in Europe if were to survive we need to put a stop to all religious appeasement so let’s prove the Americans wrong and show them that we do have a spine we can set them an example of how to get the cancer of religion out of public life for good because they could certainly use one piece to everyone especially to the mayor of Brussels and his Muslim constituents who keep him in office for the time being

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  1. Pat, agree with you almost all the time and when I don't agree with you, probably you are right.  On this one you hit the nail right in the head.  Why Europeans were killing each other in two world wars, only to agree to die out now?  The birthrate is minus in many European countries while the muslims are multiplying like a rabit.

  2. Muslims are hypocrites. They want muslim civil code for everything except for punishments. This is the case in India too. Irony is both Jewish and Islamic religions originated in Jerusalem and Mecca were started by disgraced Hindus called Namboodiri Brahmins from present day India (Kerala, south India). Of course, Hindu/vedic people migrated to other parts of the world before 7500 BC and the whole world was under Hindu/vedic culture until 3000 BC. Descendants of HIndu/vedic people (Druids/celts) in Europe were called as so called Pagans with a diluted hindu vedic philosophy. Mayans in south America, Pharaoh in Egypt – all with distorted hindu vedic philosophies. This distortion over the centuries led to weakening of society, formation of new fake religions or cults (Jewish,  Christianity and Islam) and mass conversions by the descendants of Hindu/vedic people who lost touch with Hindu/vedic philosophies.

    Every civilization was founded by HIndu/vedic people or their descendants
    Every religion is an offshoot of Hinduism (Remember Christianity is just 20 centuries old, Islam is just 14 centuries old but Hinduism is 120 centuries old)
    Every language is an offshoot of Hindu/vedic divine language Sanskrit
    Every body is a descendant of Hindu/vedic people
    Every science (0 to calculus to Rhinoplasty to invention of high grade steel and the list goes on and on) originated in present day India until 18th century and it is because of impeccable philosophical direction of Hindu/vedic people.

    Jewish flag's six pointed star can be seen in an ancient Hindu temple (7500 BC) in Kerala, south India. According to Plato who studied in Hindu civilization (present day India), jews originated from Kerala, South India. 
    Prophet muhammad was born in a Namboodiri Brahmin family in mecca.(Google capt: Ajith vadakayil) and the idol in mecca is nothing but Hindu god Shiva.
    In Europe statues with trident weapon is nothing but Hindu god Shiva's weapon – also called as Trishul in India.
    Muslims 786 number is nothing but Bismillahu-Rahimanu-Rahim ! it was ripped off from Hindu OM symbol which is made up of devanigiri numbers 786. We all know the current numbers 0 to 9 came from Hindus of India.
    Jesus learnt meditation and philosophies in India.

    A strong society which has an impeccable philosophical direction cannot be converted by force or deception. In the west scientists called HIndu/vedic philosophies as quantum physics after coming across it in present day India in the 18th century. This led to inferiority complex of British/German looters in India, especially coming after 1500 yrs of dark ages.. So they created a fake theory called Aryan/Dravidian theory saying that vedas was written in 1500 BC (to fit their short christian time line) and it was brought in to India by blonde haired, blue eyed white men LOL – Yeah right. Aryan/dravidian fake theory was nothing but a figment of Max Mueller's (German) imagination, an employee of British east India company owned then by Jewish bankers or Rothschild. The truth is Hindu/vedic people (The true Aryans) migrated outside India before 7500 BC spread their culture and started civilizations without fighting a single war. Hindu vedic people won people with wisdom and knowledge unlike morons who came later in the form of Abrahamic OUR GOD IS SUPERIOR religions.

    1. Europe was converted to Christianity in just 50 yrs by force and mass killings from so called Paganism (so called pagans- were nothing but – descendants of Hindu/vedic people (Druids/celts) with a diluted philosophy and diluted language Sanskrit)
    So called Pagans followed a diluted version of Hindu/vedic philosophy – It is the reason why they were converted to Christiantiy in just 50 yrs time

    2. Persians followed zorastrianism and converted to Islam in 17 yrs because of distorted philosophy of Hindu/vedic people

    3. Egyptians/Babylonians/Mesopotamians – all converted to Islam for the lack of strong philosophy

    BUT Indian/Hindu civilization was ruled by Islam for 500 yrs and by British looters and their evangelists for 200 yrs who planted fake theories (Aryan/Dravidian -planted by British east India company's ex owners -Rothschild), fake gods (millions), fake kings (Ashoka), fake sects, fake mutts (kanchi) to divide and rule and make Hindus self loath. But still after 1000 yrs of foreign rule, India is still 80% Hindus. This is because of impeccable philosophical direction and wisdom of Hindus, even though there is left over products of British colonialism and muslim rule in India now, in the form of self loathing pseudo-secularists, communists (created by ex owners of British east India company, Rothschild), media and politicians.

    But in Europe I see the problem. Whites don't breed as much as Muslims.  This can be a problem. Muslims could breed their way through. Moreover Christianity is pretty much dead in Europe and in America, it is artificially held together by politicians..

  3. I am iranian, i grow up in iran, in muslim family, i was muslim myself and now im not. I must say what Pat Condell says are pure truths, islam is even worser than what he says. It is the most barbaric religion in the world and it must be ban or we will have very bad future for us and our children.

  4. Mohammad was a champion of women?

    bedded a 9 yr old girl 
    took the wife of a slain opponent as concubine the same day she was widowed
    pronounced the worth of a womans testimony only 1/3 that of a mans……WHAT A ABSOLUTE FUCKIN MESS OF A MAN MUHAMMAD WAS!!!!!!!!

  5. vote ukip 2015.. pat tells it like it is, farage WILL do something about it. islam is on a downward slope into the nearest gutter, an if that makes me racist too, then so be it. islamic scum.. fuck off to the sewer, your not welcome in the UK society.  

  6. ehm , there are … so many wrong stuff with that video :

    I understand that you are annoyed to see Muslims migrating to Europe, I mean , your continent is originally Christian … kind of. but trust me, whoever gives you your info about Islam is way too ignorant. Sir, Islam IS the religion of freedom and peace !! if you find that hard to believe, well, it makes sense cuz they don't want you to believe so. who are " they" ? your own governments; they won't tell you what Islam really is. and speaking about terrorism  and other brutal and unacceptable stuff, sir, these are WRONG. Islam itself said it is wrong. It's not Islam's fault that some people want to stigmatize Islam!!! it's not Islam's fault that some people don't get what Islam is really about!! the first word in Qur'aan is " eqra' " meaning " read" literally and " seek knowledge" if you want what it really means. 

    Trust me, Europe would be MUCH better with Islam , the TRUE Islam I mean; with all my deepest respect to your Christian nature. 
    and if i may add, European governments should definitely do something about those who made bad deeds like raping or killing or robbing etc guess what, Islam says something needs to be done about them _ 

  7. You fools. Sharia is not yours. Sharia is not the law of Europe. Why you hating it. Why you are fighting it and It's not even yours. Look in the mirror . Sharia in fact is used in one or two Muslim Countries. Not in Saudi Arabia as you indicated. Saudi is a dictator ship born and raised and protected by you. Their laws are the laws of the royal family to protect their regime. pick and choose. They have nothing to do with Sharia laws . You are full of hate to Islam with Sharia or not. You just a hater of any thing  and every thing not white. 

  8. Yeah spineless European liberal apologists will be responsible for the doom of the western world, instead of progressing it now goes backwards, thanks to Islamic culture

  9. Shut the fuck up Pat Condell,Why you so bloody so jealous of Muslims?? About time you found inner peace and accepted Islam….I honestly think that is your one and only true inner gripe/yearning

  10. Thank you so much Pat, for the truth and awakening.
    God bless you, even if you don't believe in him, he does believe in you, he is in you.
    Too bad you're bashing those who have faith, with or without a religion.

  11. On 11/9 young muslims danced for joy in the streets of Veenendaal, Netherlands, a typical rural (formerly 1900-1965 peasant) city. Mr Condell, don't expect anything from the Courts in England and Europe. They all agree with you and embrace the principles from the French revolution (though this does not mean that you  embrace them). Evidence and truth are different values and truth is is a fictional issue, related to evidence.

  12. Us Muslims don't want Fuk all we just want piece wat Eva country we live in obide by their laws that's the way it should be Fuk all this sharia law crap
    The governments that pass it should know better

  13. He is a racist a big clever RACIST look and listen to which and how context of speech is applied in his vocabulary in Evey video about islam.

  14. Why do you say you sorry for being RACIST and ISLAMOPHOBIC and everything, you are not racist and islamophobic by defending your culture and way of life it is called survival. You know they are the one that immigrated in our country and they are the one that are racist, go to there country and try to do what they do in ours country and you will be dead in a fraction, they use the word racist like a weapon, wen we are just trying to save ours culture and way of life. I am from Belgium and yes ours politics are the most fuck up the only thing they want is to keep there sit and they do everything to keep there sit like give the right to vote to the immigrant then give them what they want like mosque, no more christmas tree, not to offend them and so on, they are a bunch of traitor. Islam is a fascist doctrine but what make it so ( i don 't get the word ) is it have religion in it. Anyway we are not RACIST OR ISLAMOPHOBIC BY DEFENDING ARE WAY OF LIFE AND OUR CULTURE AND THE HONOR OF ARE FALLEN SOLDIER OF THE PASS TIME.

    ps : sorry for my English

  15. PREACH IT. I see this was posted 8 years ago but it's even truer now. We are now in the insane situation where the EU is being used to force a new Islamic invasion on the peoples of Europe.

  16. Anyone with a thinking educated mind knows for sure what is taking place in Sweden and in much of Europe, and that is that these Evil Muslims, many of them given sanctuary in the kind and generous countries they now live in, are taking over and biting the hand that fed them and helped them when their own vile Islamic countries would not help them, how ungrateful of them, how selfish and damn well disrespectful of the culture that they are not part of, a culture that is having to change its own people, all in the name of Multiculturalism, all in the name if evil Islam. When I talk about this it is not Racism on my part, but I know I will be accused of it. You politicians in Sweden better wake up out of your sleep, and you'd better get back to saving your own people, the real native people of Sweden, and not pandering like cowards to the Sharia loving idiots of Islam that are in your midst. Unless you take your country back from these clowns that care little, if at all, for Sweden, then your grandchildren will be used as whores and be used by the Muslims that seek to destroy you and your Swedish way of life. You will be lost. Sweden for Fuck sake, wake up! And rise up against the Muslims, NOW! BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

  17. What I find odd to say the least is that you can't draw a cartoon of Mohamed, but you can name your male child 'Mohamed' 🙂

    so, let me get this straight…a silly little 'cartoon' is more important than an actual life-long name???

    That's F**ked up !

  18. western and European peoples with the money and ability to seriously effect change are to comfortable in their lifestyles. The poorer lower classes that would gladly raise a weapon against the evil of radical Muslims haven't the resources. These Muslims will continue to change our way of life and it sickens me!

  19. What do you think about yourself you people are involved in almost most all the heinous crimes like Incest, adultery, Idolatry the Pagans of Roman Empire, child fornication, child sexualization, child fornication, beastiality, homosexuality is legal, the pedophile priests, everything is going on in the twenty-first century, judge your own before you point your dirty finger on others, the society on bastards will tell us what is good and what bad, the evil genius, the bottom line is that you are morally bankrupt.

  20. What do you think about yourself you people are involved in almost most all the heinous crimes like Incest, adultery, Idolatry the Pagans of Roman Empire, child fornication, child sexualization, child fornication, beastiality, homosexuality is legal, the pedophile priests, everything is going on in the twenty-first century, judge your own before you point your dirty finger on others, the society on bastards will tell us what is good and what bad, the evil genius, the bottom line is that you are morally bankrupt.

  21. "Islamophobia" is not even right. It is like inventing a word like "wicked phobia" a self evident, a redundant compound word. Islam will suffice.

  22. Very good what you say, means you have a good sense for reality. But very sad that you generalize religion. Our freedom, liberty and wealth was given to us by the blessings of worshipping the God of our fathers, the God of the Bible.(by the way NOT the catholic one!)

  23. What is disconcerting is that it appears that they are a protected class. This is an anathema to free speech.

  24. Vote-whoring??? Not really, nobody ever demonstrated in the West clamouring for more muslims in our countries???? they do it in spite of the voters' wishes…for Angela Merkel is was downright electoral suicide.

  25. People keep trying to excuse islam by saying that the religion comes from a different time;
    1. I don't give a shit when their religion came about, today is today and they should adapt to it or fuck off.
    2. A culture being ancient doesn't give it an excuse to be as vile as islam, for example a lot of European pagans such as the celts or the picts here in Scotland actually had quite an advanced moral system and they are over a thousand years older than islam.

  26. mate ,,, the dumb bastards never had their own version of the reformation and the subsequent separation of church and state . They have one book that governs their entire existences. They are little more than stone age cretins who claim to be pious . Islam is not a religion its a cult

  27. Frankly it shocks me that in islam Alcohol is banned but Polygamy isn't

    When you are fed up with the wife's nagging what else can you do but go to the pub?

    Now imagine having 4 wives nagging and (not to mention 4 mothers in law) and you are too lazy to find a stick to beat them with and no pub to go to to get away from them…… no wonder they blow themselves up

  28. İ really like what you do Pat.
    But i should remind you that sunna and shia etc. are different religions than İslam. They flowed their ancient barbaric beliefs into islam via hadith ( whichs is considered as words of prophet muhammed) Those hadith books has been written 250-300 years later after death of prophet Muhammed. Compare Quran and hadith books. İt is comletely contradictory. There is no circumcision, stone to death for adultery , covering your body in hijabs, killing for blasphemy or homosexuality. They knew they would not be able to change the book but corrupted islam by their slander to prophet. İt consists of six books( kutub-u sitte). That is why i would want you to chose words like sunna or shia religion which is completely different than islam that told in Quran. For sure, using these terms will make them more angrier as you will be keeping them in a position that out of islam.

  29. İ will give you some examples from Kuran and please compare them with the hadith. Sunna and shia religions has nothing to do with islam.

    God revealed the Quran to Muhammad, His messenger and last prophet (27:6).
    The only book that the messenger delivered to the world is the Quran (6:19).
    The sole mission of the messenger is to deliver the message (16:35).
    We must obey God’s messengers (3:31-32; 24:56). Anyone who disobeys God and His messenger is a disbeliever (72:23).
    We have been commanded to follow the Quran alone (7:2-3; 17:46).
    The Quran contains everything that we need for guidance (16:89).
    God did not leave anything out of the Quran (6:38).
    Wisdom (hikmah) is in God’s Quran; not necessarily in men’s hadith (17:39; 36:2).
    Anything that is not commanded in the Quran, God left it up to our minds and intelligence to decide (5:101).
    The Prophet Abraham was the founder of Islam and a good example for us (22:78; 2:135; 60:4).
    Muhammad was the follower of Abraham (3:68; 16:123).
    All religious practices; daily prayers, obligatory charity, fasting, and pilgrimage come through Abraham (21:73; 2:43,127-128; 2:183; 3:43; 19:31-59; 20:14).
    We should not follow any hadith besides the Quran as the source of God’s religion (45:6).
    There are those who use vain hadith to mislead people, without knowledge (31:6).
    We do not need fabricated hadith, because the Quran is fully detailed (12:111).
    The best hadith is the Quran (39:23).
    The only sunnah (law) is God’s sunnah (33:38,62; 35:43).
    Those who decree religious laws never authorized by God, and their followers, are idol worshipers (42:21).
    The Quran is fully detailed, not vague (30:28; 41:3).
    Quran has been explained and detailed by God Himself (11:1; 75:19).
    God is the teacher of the Quran (55:1).
    The Quran is easy to understand for believers; while it is impossible for idol worshipers (54:17,22,32,40; 17:46; 18:57).
    The Prophet Muhammad, as a good example, did not accept and follow any other source besides the Quran (5:48-49; 6:114; 10:15).
    God guaranteed the preservation of the Quran, not the hadith (15:9; 36:69; 38:87; 41:42; 43:4; 56:78).
    God’s word is perfect (6:115). Those who follow conjecture are diverted (6:112).
    God does not forget (19:64).
    God does not run out of words (18:109).
    Those who are not certain about the hereafter, are not satisfied with the Quran, they want to amend it with other books (10:15).
    Those who divide their religion into sects are not followers of Muhammad (6:159).
    The complaint of the messenger in the hereafter will be about the desertion of the Quran, not hadith (25:30).

  30. Am I going to go to prison for 15 years for watching this? I do worry for having an opinion sometimes these days. I do believe we are being fucked royally in the UK .Peace brothers and sisters of all colours we are all in this together . Let us live in peace.

  31. White people's civilizations are becoming more and more degenerate, sick, and white people blame the Muslims for the decline of white skin.

  32. Well Pat it is now July 2018. Eleven years later. It appears nothing has Changed.
    Your country keeps voting in the same traitors, so why do you expect any change?
    Just a little older and deeper in the shit. Still tied to the EU despite voting to leave.

  33. I read somewhere that under sharia law if a man wants to get a Divorce all as he as to do is say " I divorce you" 3 times and the marriage is over that's good cause I have just got a divorce and it's taken 2 n half years and 6 fucking grand to get rid of the old bag 💼 😪

  34. The dste!!!! 2007… and 10yrs later now and its just as he says… wow I'm sorry I didn't know this.. I just found you and may good fortune come to your true speech of the word.

  35. 2018- nothing you said is untrue. Islam is a cultural cancer that our leaders let slip into our European lives. Our cultural marxist leaders have accepted this cultural disease on bended knees.

  36. According to Bill Warner the Muslims in the past preserved the aspects of Ancient civilization that they could use and destroyed much of the rest. So they were only to a limited degree preservers of our culture. Furthermore, according to Bill Warner, the Muslims were behind the Dark Ages, by conquering the Mediterranean and cutting off the trade rountes by ship, and for conquering North Africa and Spain. So they do not deserve so much praise, as Pat Condell says.


  38. Noticed more flies about this year, which is good, did islamics bring them in on their assholes? Well the flys can stay

  39. The European people the voted for shit government.
    VOTE for shit get shit.
    Alas the time for the moonshine pagans is also at an end

  40. There is a video made by a white hating Arab. In the video, he says laughingly that a Black African went up to what he believed was a German and thanked him for all the free shit!
    The person answered that he was Iranian!
    Well he went to person after person thanking them, only to hear that they were either Albanian, Syrian, Arabic and etc.
    Finally the black man took a step back and asked where all the Germans had gone to? Someone looked at their watch and said they are at work
    Now the white hating Arab was not laughing with us, but at us! You can see by his laugh that he hates white people and believes they are so freaking stupid

  41. If you went to go visit a tiny Italian village, and they were all Italian there, happy as could be, would you want to force diversity on them?

  42. Omg pat if it wasn't so serious it would be a joke, but sadly it's not.ha try taking me and my mate's beer away they wouldn't know what hit them, 😡😠😠😠

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