Jeff Bezos accuses National Enquirer publisher of extortion and blackmail

Jeff Bezos accuses National Enquirer publisher of extortion and blackmail

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos accusing the
National Inquirer of blackmail and extortion it is a shocking a deeply
personal post just published online went to it went to the to post it
could have done anything anywhere but that is where Bezos chose to do this in
this nine page stunning stunning document writing that the national
Enquirer’s parent company has been threatening him with embarrassing
pictures I which are detailed here in great detail he puts it all out there
and he says that they will quote publish the personal photos unless I make the
specific false public statement to the press that quote and this is in an email
from the general counsel of the National Enquirer the Bezos would need to say
quote he has no knowledge or basis for suggesting but am i eyes coverage was
politically motivated or influenced by political forces so that’s in an email
that we won’t publish the pictures as long as you say this Jeff now Bezos says
he will not agree to that statement because it is a lie and he references
president Trump in this of course is a longtime personal friend with the
founder of am i a founder who is now cooperating in the broader Russian
investigation senior media reporter Oliver Darcy is out front and and Oliver
this this post is extraordinary right I mean it is an extraordinary set of
information he has put it all out there you’re not gonna blackmail me because
I’m gonna put it out there what more are we learning well like you said this this
is explosive and I think we need to take people back so what happened here is the
National Enquirer recently published that big expose showing that Mister
Bezos was having a romantic relationship with Lauren Sanchez a TV anchor and they
published this investigation and they have obtained in the investigation they
obtained text messages and so Bezos naturally wonders how his tax messages
got out there how did they become public and so he starts this investigation
personally he funds it into how these messages became into the possession of
the National Enquirer and so what you’re seeing here is the lawyers I guess for
the National Enquirer or the parent company am i reaching out to mr.
baseless and saying that if he does not stop his investigation into how these
these messages came to light they will make more of the material they have
public riskier pictures and things that Mister Bezos probably doesn’t want out
they’re they’ll make them public and basis is saying in this medium post that
he’s not going to sit back and allow himself to be blackmailed by AMI and he
like you said two-tailed everything this shocking really medium post and and and
look III just want to make a point here right you’re talking about the National
Enquirer owned you know that the person in charge there’s David Packer longtime
associate of Donald Trump’s Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post which the
president regularly pillories for its coverage and says he wants to stop this
is these are all the strands that could be coming together here the Bezos is a
legend could be coming together here you know it and he specifically says certain
powerful people who experience Washington Post news coverage will
wrongly conclude I am their enemy President Trump is one of those people
obvious by as many tweets also the posts essential and unrelenting coverage of
the murder of its columnist Jamal khashoggi is undoubtedly unpopular in
certain circles obviously the national Enquirer’s gotten
a lot of money from the Saudi government the national Enquirer’s publisher David
pecker was a longtime ally ally of Trump Bezos is naming a trump personally in
this post right this is a very complex web of characters here and so mr. pecker
who owns AMI and and and it has been a long ally of Trump for years and years
and the campaign in 2016 we saw them run stories that wore favorable to Trump and
he would go after the political opponents of Trump and so they’ve had
this long relationship now recently that seems to have fallen out and the
magazine hasn’t really been publishing proton stores anymore as they’ve been
cooperating with authorities but there has been the suspicion that you know
that they are close and so them targeting Bezos who obviously the
president is not much of a fan of raised a lot of eyebrows now that said the
National Enquirer has adamantly denied for a long time that they are were
influenced by you know at Trump or political forces in their coverage and
in their silent tonight and so I reached out it haven’t heard anything back from
mr. Howard who wrote the story or anyone else from National Enquirer all right
thank you very much Oliver and I and I want to make the point here as Oliver
references you know David pecker is cooperating right now an investigation
the the Southern District of New York invest
into Michael Cohen right and all these catch and kill they would get the
stories that were bad about Trump and pay off the people and then I published
them right that is that is he’s not cooperating in that Alf right now Stu is
a qiyam former SVP of corporate communications for American media Bill
Kristol longtime editor of The Weekly Standard and Harry sandack former
assistant US attorney for the Southern District of New York so as to let me
just start out very basically here you read this you see these emails from
general counsel I mean it’s stunning I mean it is like a list let’s just go
through here I’m not I’m not going to share what the list is people can read
it themselves a list of disgusting and inappropriate pictures and that they are
going to publish if if there is not a statement put out as I said that says
you have no knowledge or basis for suggesting Am’s coverage was politically
motivated or influenced by political forces are you shocked to see something
like this I’m not shocked at all to see it’s part of their tactics right if they
attack they attack with Europe of a subject of their investigation or they
attack to protect themselves so they come out and threaten him like that is
it’s not unusual because that’s what they’re used to doing that’s how to
usually get their way so way actually doing it I think it’s at
least for me I’m not a lawyer but just looking at it as a citizen and someone
read it in a magazine is pretty is amazing and two things leap out to me
they freaked out about this investigation it’s not like am I is
routinely in a million legal squabbles they get they domesticate other people
they get investigated they’re used to that and they can do it this as basis
correctly says this statement by the lawyer of a my is extraordinary it’s
just seemed pretty close to extortion it does see you know they desperately want
the investigation called off right that’s what they would agree
to do why are they so scared of the investigation where do they discover
that my takes money from the Saudis we know that that ami is a kind of sleazy
operation I think maybe what are they gonna discover about we’re all in the
second point therefore is what is basic what is what is the proposed ami
statement say there was no political motivation for this so you put those
three things together inside you in my mind I wonder whether bezos’s
investigators are getting close to discovering a Trump Packer connection
that would be pretty explosive becquer would certainly want to cover that up he
would want their busy but what if Trump call pecker two weeks ago and said we
got to do something about who investigators recovering on that but
that is nothing else would explain them going so crazy at am i this is this is
going to be a crucial question hearing this is why I bring up a longtime
relationship and then personal between President Trump and David pecker right
who is obviously that the publisher of ami David Packard now cooperating with
the Southern District of New York investigation into Michael Cohen and
these payments yeah and Jeff Bezos mentioning Donald Trump
by name very explicitly right saying one person who would have have an interest
and it’s made it clear that they don’t like the Washington Post coverage and I
own the Washington Post is President Trump
yep and the people at am I better be very very fortunate in their dealings
with the Southern District US Attorney’s Office because there is a term in their
non-prosecution agreement that says you may not commit any other crimes that
list of crimes could include extortion if somebody views this as being
extortion it’s certainly not a normal business negotiation or if there were
crimes committed in the way in which they obtained the information about
visas that could lead the Southern District to decide to tear up their
non-prosecution agreement and charge them with whatever crimes they may have
committed so to let me ask you because when we go back to the timing here you
have David Packard starts cooperating with the Southern District of New York
last fall and obviously all of this imbroglio with Jeff Bezos has come to
light since then is it possible that he’s still talking to Trump
well I wouldn’t say Trump or or you know trying to take Jeff Bezos down cuz Bezos
is Washington Post is slamming Trump well I would say that I am not knowing
what firsthand but I couldn’t imagine how they’re not still in touch even when
this story first broke Trump actually applauded the Enquirer if you remember
the coverage of that yeah so knowing how Trump welcomes people back into his home
after he’s thrown them away pecker does the same thing and it still hasn’t a
nice relationship for both of them look we’re talking about tonight and one
thing is speculating of course that the investigators could have been stumbling
out or getting very close to not stumbling they’re pretty good
investigators but getting pretty close to right it’s tough the would have
called into question there I suppose a.m. eyes compliance with this Agreement
right wouldn’t that be something you would get very worried about if you were
corporation or if you were mr. pecker and suddenly they’re discovering wool
they’re not really cooperating fully I’m just guessing yeah look what happened to
Paul man afford with the special counsel when it was found that he was violating
the terms of his cooperation agreement there’s nothing the government hates
more than a cooperator or in this case a non-prosecution agreement they didn’t
even make am i take a guilty plea as an entity in the cone investigation into
campaign finance fraud and the reward for it is continuing to engage in
misconduct no good so on Twitter Jeff Bezos is right the president routinely
slams the Washington Post he slammed Bezos linked to the Washington Post and
he’s called him Geoff Bowes always easy his relished coverage of this this you
know affair you know Jeff bozo right now listen to him when he’s asked about
Bezos divorce well I wish him luck I wish him luck
it’s gonna be a beauty okay can I just rush you a question here if president
Trump’s hands and anyway end up linked to this and we have no you know when you
compare some Jeff Bezos is obviously making it clear that he thinks they
could be what does that mean it depends on the precise linkage but there could
be all sorts of things is he part of an extortion scheme involving these emails
is he trying to use the photos to try to obtain more favorable coverage from the
Washington Post does he and are these emails extortion
in your view listing I mean it’s a beer again very detailed list and then but I
won’t publish them unless you if you say this it doesn’t look like a normal
business negotiation which is what the usual defense is when someone says his
extortion you say no no this was just business we wanted something they wanted
something but that’s not how normal business is conducted did the president
play any part in obtaining the images did they come to him maybe from a
supporter who somehow is connected to the woman who’s having the affair with
him I’m I don’t want to this is all speculation right the question

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  12. CNN and MSNBC are both implying POTUS was involved in Bezos' outing with no corroborating evidence. Possible Defamation and slander lawsuits

  13. I used to buy the Enquirer before flying — the short articles were funny even when pretending to be true. I knew if was all fake news. But not everyone can tell the difference.

    Unfortunately, the Enquirer is right in the checkout line of sight and that fake news is eagerly gobbled up by tinfoil hat wearers. If only the rag were not so easy to find! Maybe next time I grab one to scope out, I might return it to the rack, backwards (or in the wrong place or, you decide).

    I would suggest we boycott but where would I get my laughs? Oh yeah, weekly world news! Ok, boycott the Enquirer!

  14. 45 is upset and trying to bring down Bezos because he is an acutal Billionare, unlike agent orange who is probably bankrupt and owing the govt. taxes.


  16. Jeff you get to the bottom of this. For all those before you that have been harassed, exploited and maligned by the National Enquirer we wish you justice. Godspeed Jeff.

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  18. Fund a "Me too" movement against AMI ! I'm sure a lot of victims who could not afford to speak would finally come out ! It's high time !

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    It's clear guys..
    Washington post's coverage of the murder victim journalist Jamal

    Trump and Mohammed bin Salman both are behind this stupid stunt.

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  23. Burnett The Talking Heart Attack should just shut up and ask Bezos why the CIA gave him 650 million dollars to buy WaPo?
    CNN complaining about the National Enquirer is like El Chapo complaining about Yosemite Sam.

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    photos to her girlfriends. One or more of them then sold the texts and naked photos to the Enquirer. By claiming blackmail and extortion, it is just an attempt to set up the Enquirer. Bezoz is a cheating Bozo. And stupid at that and has been played by a gold digger.

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    Pecker has not done this alone and could not have done so without the help of a supportive or complicit Board and AMI leadership. All are culpable. There are many witnesses and surely many 'victims'. Again we ask…what are the common denominators? trump again…no kidding, Saudis, Murdock? The Southern District, The DoJ Investigations, Congress, and likely some International Investigative agencies will dig into all of it. They have Our collective 'back'.

  29. It looks like a public smear campaign, being conducted by a public figure with a few dollars in their bank account to fund it as usual. silly people.

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  31. As well as YouTube CNN
    I was blackmailed
    Because it published news about the killing of a journalist at the consulate
    Now do not cover the subject and download clips of stories related to the story
    sound :
    Terrorism and Money
    blackmailed Many

    God bless Jesus

  32. David Parker is Trump's poodle. Trump is Putin's poodle. Trump is the president that blackmails public servants, congressmen, whores and billionaires alike… this is what totalitarianism looks like…Saudi and Putin's style is all over this… even at trolls "comments" here…

  33. Pecker would not have stuck his neck out that far with this if he didn’t fear something worst either from trump or MSB. The strange angle on this, is it might lead Mueller to a high crimes and misdemeanor impeachable crime, at trump’s feet. Something that would be very difficult for the corrupt GOP to ignore, because unlike the Russian treasonous corruption and money that they’re all tied to and therefore give them a reason to fight that tooth and nail, this the treasonous bought off GOP have no money or criminal activity connecting them to it. So it will be more difficult for them to run away from. Because it will look to blatantly obvious to the American people that the GOP is being nothing more than corrupt partisanship.
    Trump may have just drop his pants and put a big crimes and misdemeanors “pecker” up his ass.
    THANK YOU Mr. Bezos for being the person to say enough is enough. You may be the voice that ends this nightmare of corrupt traitorous money whore sell outs, undermining and milking our nation to pay off their family’s debts (trump/Russia) and political shitheads placing their self interest above our nation and their sworn duty to serve and protect

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  37. If Bezos wasn't relishing the prospect of flashing the world, his lawyers would've quietly made this go away. Bezos wanted the Enquirer to gobble the story up so he could tie the exposure to Drumpf and draw attention away from the fact that Amazon got millions for providing spyware to the CIA that enables them to record, file, and trade images of everyone's most private moments.

  38. One of the best tactical moves I've ever seen. A victory snatched from the jaws of ignominy. Bezos has taken the dark arts to a whole new level. American law is at best confusing ( to us outsiders) but I really don't see how anyone is walking anything back at this stage. A Master class, pure genius…

  39. So can Bezo’s be held for liable for falsely accusing the President and Saudi government for leaking the revelation of his affair w Mrs. Sanchez? Can and should CNN be held liable, since they profess to be a news organization? Interesting questions for those with a conscience left.

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