Jezioro Songköl | #88 Rowerem do Azji Centralnej

Jezioro Songköl | #88 Rowerem do Azji Centralnej

To Central Asia by Bicycle Lake Song-Köl Hello. It’s another beautiful morning. It’s not too early anymore, it’s 9.40 already. We’re in a village with our friends Ulan and Ainash. Our tents were on this field here cause their house is small and the family is big so it was better to sleep outside. We already ate breakfast. Dorenda is still brushing her teeth and thn we’ll leave. Eating supper, drinking tea. And more tea and still more tea. How many times did you pee last night? Twice.
– And I trice. Once before sleeping and twice during the night. The same for me. All that tea accumulates and when you
are drinking, you don’t need to pee but later you suddenly have to. And this is Ulan’s son. Say hello. Today we’ll have to climb again. Every day there’s a pass. Today we have to climb to 3350 m
in order to descend from there to Lake Song-Köl. We’re now at 1700 m or so. So it’s going to be hard. Uphill. We’ll see. I don’t feel like climbing very day anymore and I’d like to ride on a flat road for a few days with some small hills and asphalt. And not on gravel all the time. It’s just very exhausting. The part we were riding the day before yesterday
was going up and down all the time, and pretty steep. There were stones, we were bumping. The wheels were slipping. Terrible. And this heat. But anyway, still one pass before Lake Song-Köl and then another one after the lake and then it should be a bit better, when we’ll
be riding along the shore of Lake Issyk-Köl. We reached an intersection. We’re going that way to Lake Song-Köl. On this side, the main road is crossing a bridge which is being repaired at the moment. It’s closed for trucks and the passenger
cars are still standing there and as they are waiting, I suppose
they will be let through soon. If we’d want to go to Naryn,
we’d have to cross that bridge and then turn left.
I don’t know if there’s asphalt there. I think there’s asphalt starting from the bridge. In any case, we want to go via lake Song-Köl,
so we’re riding towards those mountains and across a pass at 3300 meters and then down to the lake. Until the lake it’s about 50 km. The Kirgiz put an information sign here. How to get from here to Song-Köl and which
attractions there are on the way. I’ll show you what I discovered. Look. An old Polish Jawa. In pitiful state. But the frame is still there. The rest is a wreck. It doesn’t have wheels. The fuel tank is still intact. I think here is the mileage,
but I don’t know how to read it. 30.328 km That’s how much it drove. A good Polish motorbike. Still from Soviet times. It’s a pity to see it in such a state. We have to go to the other shop,
cause here they had nothing but carrots. They didn’t even have ice creams, even though
on the window it says they have them. This is a touristic attraction. According to the information sign, at least. We’ll see what it is. It looks like very old tombs. They even built a roof over it,
which is already falling apart, unfortunately. Now you can see. We’ve been cycling on a terrible road all day. There is nothing pleasant about riding like this. It’s from the 17th-18th century. Some knight on a horse. With a coat of arms with a panther and a lion. Can you go inside? This is what it looks like. I think this tomb collapsed a bit. Maybe the roof collapsed. These are just walls without a roof. Here you can see it. But since there is a door… I guess it’s here. Probably he’s lying somewhere in the middle here. So there was no roof here, or the roof
collapsed and we’re steanding on it now. That would be possible. Tomorrow we’ll have to climb 1000 meters to a pass. I’m fed up climbing those passes all the time. Another pass every day. I’d like to ride on an even, straight,
nice road for a week and not passes all the time. Somewhere behind those mountains is the lake. The water level is still 900 m higher. Just imagine how high. Up there on the mountains there’s forest. But it’s high already over there. We’re entering this valley. And after that there will be hairpin
bends untill the pass. We chose a nice place to sleep. I’ll show it better. I want to walk around a bit here. There’s a river here. It’s flowing through this valley. The road we’re following is over here. We took a small side road. This is the main road to Song-Köl. Just now some Kyrgyz on horses came by.
They said they have a house a bit futher. If we want, we can camp there. But I told them we have everything we need here. We’re staying here for the night,
more or less where Dorenda is lying now. I’m testing if this is a good spot. And is it good?
– There are lot’s of small flies. But at night they will probably stop flying. There are no mosquitos. We won’t pitch the tent cause it’s not going to rain. The sky is clear. We are at 2200 m altitude here so the temperature shouldn’t go below 0 at night. We have warm sleeping bags,
we won’t freeze. The sun is about to set. I think the wind will also subside.
Now there’s still a bit of wind. We’ll light the stove and cook dinner
and make tea, as usual. After that, watch at the sky for an hour cause in the last 2-3 days we observed
all kinds of strange things in the sky. And then we’ll fall asleep,
and in the morning we’ll wake up and we’ll do the same as today,
only tomorrow. Only it will be more uphill. There will be a lot uphill and a little downhill. We’ll climb the pass, then ride down a bit,
and then there will be a big lake. You’ll see it tomorrow. Our food today is carrots, bell pepper and onion. This is frying already, we’ll add a bell pepper soon. And then we’ll have rice with that
with a mushroom-chicken sauce. Yes, something like that. Here’s the rice. Only there is no chicken. There should have been chicken with this sauce. We’ll mix the rice with the rest,
we won’t cook it in this bag. And in the mean time we also prepared a campfire. The campfire will be here. But we’ll light it only when it gets dark. And then we’ll sleep somewhere here,
where this dung is. We have the first snow of this summer. We completely didn’t expect this cause yesterday we still slept in the open air. Without tents. But in the meantime it started snowing on the pass. It cooled down.
Down there it’s raining. Here it’s snowing. We’re at the Moldo-Ashuu Pass. 3346 m above sea level. We came from that side. A nice road with hundreds… well, that may
be exaggerated… with many hairpin bends. It probably won’t be visible cause it’s foggy here. But I’ll try to reach the edge. We’ll soon descend to Lake Song-Köl. The plan was that we’d reach Song-Köl today and we would go swimming and wash ourselves and do the laundry… But it looks like when we reach the lake we’ll pitch the tents as quick
as possible and hide in it. We rode this road. There’s more than 1000 m hight difference
with the place where we slept. The circumstances aren’t too optimistic so we have to descend those 300 or 200 meters. Maybe it will be sunny at the lake. Let’s hope so. It’s another 10 km riding
from here to the lake. This is what the pass looks like. The Moldo-Ashuu Pass. But it’s energizing. Such things you have to experience so you can tell about them later. Cause there is something to tell. Cold? Yes, the wind is very cold. I went to the toilet over there, and there was no wind. Then it’s fine. It’s clearing up a bit. You’ll always see, when you get dressed
the weather improves. Maybe in half an hour, the sun will
be shining and it will be warm. Then we’ll undress again. What did they say? When you visit Song-Köl for the
first time, you have to bathe in it naked? Yes. With this blizzard nobody will see it. Apparently they have this habit. But I don’t really believe it. When you visit Song-Köl for the first time,
you have to bathe naked. I’m here for the third time. Dorenda for the first time. The camera battery is full. So there will be some nice scenes. Finally. Finally. In the 20th episode. Everybody’s been
waiting for it since the first episode. The weather improved a lot. From snow to warm weather, and the wind subsiced. Just now there was still wind. But it’s not warm enough yet to undress. Not that warm yet. But look, here’s the lake. We arrived at the lake. And what I wanted to show this is a yurt settlement for tourists. Yurt Camp Song-Köl. That’s there. Over there, there are more. Here’s a big one, with Inturist buses. We saw them on the road, yesterday. And more over there. We’ll camp here, cause here the
road gets close to the lake. Later we’ll continue that way. Near that sign, we see a pass and probbly we’ll cross it and then descend
to the main asphalt civilised road. Here behind us are also yurts. I once slept here, and then I
went to the shop somewhere there. We chose a spot. This is where we’ll camp tonight. We’ll pitch the tents close to the lake. Close to a yurt and close to a yurt hotel. There’s a lot of space here. You can ren, scream, do whatever you want. We can rest. Rest and cook food. It’s 8 past 1. So today, we’ll relax and maybe we’ll take a swim.

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  1. Jak często w tych wioskach robi się zakupy? "1:47" taki zapas papieru toaletowego… Miejscowi są bardzo zaopatrzeni 🙂

  2. Trzeba mieć zdrowie do takiej eskapady, zmian klimatu, załamań pogody a już o chandrze i hormonach nie wspominając.

  3. Czechosłowackie jawy były popularne ale MZ były chyba lepiej cenione aczkolwiek głowy nie dam sobie urwać w razie pomyłki 🙂

  4. Witam, aż łza się w oku kręci jak to się wszystko zmieniło. Dobrze, że można chociaż rowerem jeżdzić. Na trasę z sakwami to chyba nie ale dniówkę wokoło to pewnie tak. Jutro cieplej to jadę, jakieś 40-45 km. Jeszcze bardziej będzie się doceniać wolność na rowerze. Niedługo i wy wsiądziecie na rowery, pozdrawiam.

  5. W końcu odcineczek 😉 piękne widoki, kawał dobrej roboty, podziwiam Was. Czekam na kolejne odcinki bo już zaczęłam od początki oglądać😌 pozdrawiam serdecznie

  6. Zo, dat was even een verschil in temperatuur. Zo slaap je in de buitenlucht en zo zit je in de sneeuw. En als je dan weer lager/beneden komt is het weer heerlijk weer om te zwemmen. En dat allemaal op één dag?

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