Job Roles For DATA ENTRY OPERATOR – Entry Level,DataBase,Arts,Science,WPM, Data Management

Job Roles For DATA ENTRY OPERATOR – Entry Level,DataBase,Arts,Science,WPM, Data Management

Hello All, This is Apoorva from Welcome to our video channel on Jobs and Careers Today I will be talking to you about the Job role of a DATA ENTRY OPERATOR Now should you really take up this as your career ? one must be wondering Lets find out the answer for all your questions No matter what your educational background
is, data entry operator jobs are available for all fresh candidates. People usually do
not seek this position thinking that this is a low-level job. As a matter of fact, it
is not lower than any other entry level position in corporate world. The main job of a data
entry operator is to update, add and maintain data in a system or managing databases.
Job description The data entry operator is expected to insert
or add data related to the company (both text and numerical) from a source file provided
by the company. The candidate should also verify and sort the information as per given
instruction. Other operational work includes generating routine reports and filing documents
related to their work. Candidate requirement
Mostly, freshers with bachelor degree in arts and science are sought for this position.
Even diploma candidates are opted for this position by many companies. Usually, candidates
with professional degree, master degree or doctorate would not be sought for this position.
They are plenty of basic requirements they are extremely important Knowledge and savvy in computer operation
Expertise in MS-Office and other related software
High typing speed – minimum market requirement is 40 WPM with 95% accuracy.
Basic communication skills in English Usually, the candidates with good computer
skill would be sought without regards to their educational background. Rotational shifts
are rare and both male and female are sought. This job is also available in working-from-home
option in some companies. There are short terms courses with certification for data
entry offered by many institutions. Though it is not an essential certification, it would
give a competitive edge over other candidates. Those who have working knowledge of Tally
are sought for accountancy related data entry with a slightly higher pay. The same goes
for those with commerce related educational background.
Scope of Data entry skill With an increase in growth of BPO industry
in India, there is a very high demand for data entry specialists. With one to three
years experience in data entry, one can apply for jobs related to data management, document
imaging, data mining, data processing and other related fields.
If you want to grow in the same field, with three or more years of experience in data
entry job, you can apply for senior data entry position or data analyzer positions. With
more experience, you can apply for managerial positions like transaction processor, document
processor and many others. Your scope is not restricted to back office
operations. Candidates with a few years of experience in data entry can take up operational
related jobs in KPO and customer service department. Yet, they would be considered as fresher in
the new department. This job is for those who do not have a fancy
degree and yet, want to take up corporate job. With this job, entry into corporate world
becomes easy for all kinds of candidates. The academic excellence is not an important
qualification for this job. Thus, candidates with backlog and those with moderate communication
skill can apply for this position if, their typing skill is excellent. For further information on Jobs and Careers, Please log on to our website The No.1 Job Site for Freshers in India We will be back with more such videos so stay connected with us

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